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    < Immersiveunreality posted something on curl-6's wall:

    For a few months i have been having signs of cancer on my body;in the next few weeks i will be making an appointment to determine my fears.I have been absorbing information for a long time now and it absolutely scares me,i do not really care about myself but i'm scared about hurting those that do not want to lose me.

    < curl-6 updated his status:

    Well, this sucks, but nothing to do but stay positive and push on

    Have things to do,i assume just playing games works decent?
    Since you love witcher3 you can try to plat it,or watch the witcher series on netflix,heard it is semigood and Henry Cavill is a cool dude :p

    on 25 December 2019

    If you are into books,there are some great series to get invested in,liike the witcher books or check the fantasy books from Joe Abercrombie,those can be compared to George rr martins song of fire and ice series.

    on 25 December 2019

    Yeah I'm up the Isle of Mists in Witcher 3 and stuck into Archer and Star Trek next gen on Netflix haha

    on 25 December 2019

    I bingewatched Rick and Morty's latest season today,so lazy and proud and it has an episode about slutty dragons that can be considered pretty unique :p Also new season of finale space is here,those two shows are good to just space out while watching and clear the mind for a bit ;)

    on 25 December 2019

    < curl-6 updated his status:

    Witcher 3 is fucking amazing. One of my top 10 games of the decade I reckon.

    I'm really enjoying it as well.

    on 18 December 2019

    < farlaff posted something on curl-6's wall:

    Hi there. Any news? How are you doing?

    Well I hope.

    on 18 December 2019

    I've had my biopsy done, waiting on the results. Nerve wracking to say the least. Thanks for asking.

    on 18 December 2019

    Stay strong! Face this head on, chin up, chest out.

    on 19 December 2019

    < Mnementh posted something on curl-6's wall:

    Hello. As the year comes to the end VGC holds annually it's greatest game event. In this event every participant posts his personal top 50 of greatest games of all time at the last 50 days of the year - one game each day. On November 12th the game #50 and at December 31st the game #1. Do you wanna join this year? Sign-up thread is here: http://gamrconnect.vgchartz.com/thread.php?id=241130

    < curl-6 updated his status:

    Bit disappointed in Shin'en's latest, would've preferred something less simplistic

    Simplistic as in like the type of game it is? :o

    on 11 September 2019

    nah I don't mind that, i just really dislike the blocky art style

    on 11 September 2019

    You interested in Astral Chain at all? :eyes:

    Not to play, but I do hope it sells well. My little brother is getting it so I'll get to see him play through it haha

    on 11 August 2019

    I don't have much hopes in terms of it's sales, unfortunately, I could definitely see it selling a max of say, 1.5 million, but even then I'm not so sure. I think 1-1.3 million is the most probable.

    it also looks graphically great, imo.

    on 11 August 2019

    I think 1.5 million would actually be a pretty good turnout for a game like this, Platinum's games often fail to break even 1 million.

    Graphically... I dunno I find it hard to see passed the art style which just really isn't my cup of tea.

    on 11 August 2019

    < Ganoncrotch posted something on curl-6's wall:

    Thank you kindly for the add on here! Find it shocking that you make so many posts but I don't think I've read one that has made me question my faith in humanity like a lot of people on the internets!

    Haha cheers man, I do try not to post rubbish, though I'm unsure if I always succeed, I don't think I've ever read one of yours that made me despair either.
    I actually thought for ages that I'd already added you but apparently I just thought I did.

    on 05 August 2019

    I'm not sure if I've ever added people on here myself, while I love to dive into threads and drop posts which don't always go down so well with everyone! (one made in the last few hours being deemed the dumbest thing on here ever by someone, hurrah) but yeah when it comes to the social media side of things on here I just kinda do my own thing and stick to myself.

    Same goes for facebook... I think I've got about 50 friends on there because the people I've added are all people who I've shared meals with in real life, there are some of my relatives who have hundreds and thousands of friends... some of whom they've never even said anything to, I find it nuts but it's the 2019 norm.... maybe it's me that's nuts!

    on 05 August 2019

    < Mar1217 posted something on curl-6's wall:

    Bizarre, I thought I already had you on my friend list ... heh, better late than ever. Thanks !

    Yeah same haha

    on 03 August 2019

    < curl-6 updated his status:

    I swear 12-year-old me was a better gamer than I am now due to being forged in the fires of the 4th gen

    Hey, I'm not saying this to be a dick but, remember when we were discussing earlier this year whether Yoshi would come out before Fire Emblem or not? And you thought it wouldn't because of New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe, and how Nintendo would want to space Yoshi out from that? Well, not only did Yoshi come out first, but we ended up getting ANOTHER 2D platformer just a few months after, let alone another 2D Mario game! Haha!

    To be fair, your reasoning was understandable. It's honestly crazy Nintendo did that, haha. I wonder if they're basically just replacing NSMB with Mario Maker now lol.

    I was definitely surprised the way they decided to play it, but I guess by now I should learn to expect the unexpected when it comes to Nintendo, they do the darndest things haha. Hey, it meant I go to play Yoshi sooner so I ain't complaining!

    Now i just can't wait to get my greasy paws on Luigi's Mansion 3, Doom Eternal, and Witcher 3

    on 23 July 2019

    < RolStoppable posted something on curl-6's wall:

    I have to inform you that quickrick is in your thread.

    I should have guessed. When I first clashed with him I considered asking a mod to check if he was an alt, but held off as I didn't think I could report any of his posts for breaking the rules.

    on 03 June 2019

    So, since you still play 360 games, have you played Dead Rising?

    I played the Wii version back in like 2015, wasn't really my cup of tea. I did just pick up Evil; Within though. Skipped it on release cos people told me it was very difficult and I am easily frustrated, but it reminds me so much of RE4, my fav game ever, that I finally caved haha

    on 07 April 2019

    Hm, too bad, I really enjoyed it. The Wii version of Dead Rising is actually based on RE4 iirc, even reuses Leon's gun animations I think. The 360/PC version are much different, practically a different game, doesn't mean you'd like it mind you just kind of interesting. The game was basically remade just for the Wii haha.

    I still need to play a RE one of these days. I own Remake 1 and RE4 on Steam.

    I'm surprised The Evil Within hasn't seen a Switch release yet. Where'd you get it on?

    on 07 April 2019

    Found EW on Xbox 360 on clearance at EB Games for $8 so grabbed it on impulse. I figure even if it's just okay, it's only $8, and who knows, maybe I'll love it.

    on 07 April 2019

    < curl-6 updated his status:

    So apparently I've managed 2 years without a ban. I must be losing my edge

    < curl-6 updated his status:

    Changed my mind, FC3 is shit. Enemies hitting you 500m away through 10 layers of bushes = broken.

    < curl-6 updated his status:

    Far Cry 3 is a good game but crikey it runs like a stoned tortoise on console

    < Cobretti2 posted something on curl-6's wall:

    How did the Friday dating event go?

    Well I didn't pick up, but I did have fun. Kissed a girl on the dancefloor (first kiss since 2014) but realized shortly afterwards that she was super super drunk, so I had to pass her on to one of the security guards who was luckily able to find her friends to look after her. Still, got some social practice, got a confidence boost by getting attention/praise for my dancing, and at least I tried

    on 11 January 2019

    Well one step at a time. At least you trying, Drunk or not girls generally don't just kiss a guy anyway unless they want to. So def keep that as a positive confidence booster.

    Only thing I would do next time is maybe try to find her friends first with her, that way you get some browny points that you area nice guy with her friends. That way if they see you in that place next time they may remember you and approach.

    PS - the only time I ever danced was at my wedding haha. So you one step up here on me. I never really got into dancing just no rhythm lol.

    on 11 January 2019

    Oh I have no rhythm either haha, my "dancing" is basically an adaption of my autistic "stimming" where I just spaz out to the music but it generally gets a good response as it gets people's attention and people paise you for being confident enough to go so nuts haha

    on 11 January 2019

    Well i didn't know what stimming was, so had to google it.

    I do that hand movement sometimes when I get excited. I just thought it was a gwerk lol. Done it since I could move my hands lol.

    Well whatever you call the dance at least you have the courage to go out there.I never did cause to me I had no rhythm and didn't want to look like an akward tree standing there lol

    on 15 January 2019

    < Cobretti2 posted something on curl-6's wall:

    If you haven't caught up with that girl yet, take her here. Little nerdy but all the younger people at work rave about it lol. SO perhaps hipster enough for younger people shrug.


    Thanks man, I actually have been there before, it's really good. Unfortunately, it turns out she's taken haha

    on 06 January 2019

    Yer it is cool. But i fear no place lol, so not sure what the younger people consider normal.


    on 06 January 2019

    Yeah bit bummed to be honest, but oh well, nothing to be done but continue the search.

    on 06 January 2019

    < curl-6 updated his status:

    Never order anything from Asendia, good grief they're awful. Promised delivery in 1-2 weeks, it's been more than 3 and nothing

    Gotten Smash yet?

    Honestly Smash isn't my cup of tea, I've just never really found fighting games that compelling.

    on 16 December 2018

    Shame. Would have been fun to battle :/

    on 19 December 2018

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