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    < ZahaDoom posted something on Mr Puggsly's wall:


    < darkenergy posted something on Mr Puggsly's wall:

    Lol people won't accept that Rise of the Tomb Raider won

    What if TR on ps4 ends up winning? Guess it's just par of the course these days :D

    on 23 May 2016

    Seriously Kerotan, you gotta ease up with the anti Xbox stuff. Even your response to darkenergy on my wall shows it.

    RotTR was the underdog in my prediction and it came out on top. That should be the end of the discussion but your bias can't let it be.

    on 23 May 2016

    He's on here goading about Ps4 fans. You should address him. Well done on your prediction but in the grand scheme of things I don't think the ps4 fans who were bothered will care that much. They win 99% of the battles anyway

    on 23 May 2016

    LMAO I am talking about the 10 week battle between ROTTR and SFV, I don't know how PS4 fans have anything to do with this.

    on 23 May 2016

    I know what you were talking about and I was referring to that thread lmao. It was mainly ps4 fans in there arguing with x1 fans.

    on 23 May 2016

    He didn't say anything about PS4 fans per se, the people that won't back off happen to be avid PS4 fans and complain about Xbox a lot. Much like yourself.

    You compare it to all "battles" but this was just a comparison of those two titles. You dragged all your anti Xbox baggage into that thread and this is pretty much why you were permabanned in the past. Why you were unbanned is beyond me because you're the same.

    on 23 May 2016

    Just like in the thread you are wrong again. The reason I was perma banned was to fool people like you. But even after I return and tell people that you still think it was legit. Lol.

    You keep saying my xbox bias but I had no anti Xbox bias in that thread. Just fair and valid points that you actually agreed with but twisted just for the sake of disagreeing.

    Darkenergy was obviously talking about ps4 fans. He didn't say it for obvious reasons but let's not beat around the bush

    on 23 May 2016

    Well the fact is you were banned multiple times for trolling Xbox. But hey, maybe you'll tell me that was all a joke as well.

    Anyway, your bias is evident in many posts regardless of what you think.

    on 23 May 2016

    It seems to me Kerotan is that you are really into console wars.

    on 24 May 2016

    Worst of all, he's all over Xbox threads and walls with no interest in Xbox other than trashing it. I get the impression he visits my profile pretty often as well.

    on 24 May 2016

    Lol darkenergy and Puggsly you're xbox fans I'm a ps fan. I want ps4 to win, you'd prefer the x1 to win. I'm happy with the results, you're not. It's no different than an arsenal fan vs a Chelsea fan. Nothing to be ashamed of.

    On my bans in 2016 and 2015 I've been banned for trolling xbox twice. Out of 7k posts. Go figure. You're argument isn't based on reality.

    on 24 May 2016

    And there you go, you just proved you're childish about this console war crap.

    I dont care that Playstation is in the lead, MS made some bad moves and it cost them sales. Kinda like PS3. I enjoy both Playstation and Xbox so I buy both and want to see both thrive.

    Sony and MS are only great with competition. They get lazy with notable content and prices otherwise.

    on 24 May 2016

    Again with the console wars BS, not surprise in the slightest.

    on 25 May 2016

    @darkenergy you really really really want xbox to win over Playstation. Don't be pretending you don't now lol. again as I said nothing wrong with console wars. no different to supporting a sports team.

    And it makes this site interesting. Not as fun now since the xbox lost so badly and most of its fan left the site

    on 25 May 2016

    X1 is doing ok, no reason there shouldn't be any disappointments.

    on 25 May 2016

    You're disappointed it's doing just ok rather than beasting.

    on 25 May 2016

    Thats the thingyou just dont get kerotan, we dont care about the console war crap as much as you. You argue what us thinking we do though. Hence, youre being competitive about stupid shit.

    on 25 May 2016

    I never said you cared as much as me. But you both still care to a degree. Darkenergy cares more than you for sure.

    And like I said it's no more stupid than supporting a football team. Embrace who you are, stop pretending you're something else.

    on 25 May 2016

    Treating gaming like a sports team is stupid, thats basically saying I'm gonna avoid great games because they arent on my favorite plastic box.

    You and I are just different. I seek out notable games regardless of platform.

    on 25 May 2016

    I'll still watch and enjoying teams I don't support playing in sport so no its not different.

    I have a Playstation and steam on my pc. If the x1 justified purchasing I'd buy it. I doesn't for me.

    on 25 May 2016

    Well I can assure you playing a X1 is much more enjoyable than the hours you spend talking about it.

    Also, I'm sure it has numerous titles you would play if they were on PS4.

    on 26 May 2016

    Name these titles? Because I assure there are not. I can think of 1 and it's not worth buying a comsole for a single game.

    And the time I spend talking about it? what's that even mean lol. I'm only on here when I'm out of my house and therefore can't play my ps4 lol

    on 26 May 2016

    Okay, discussion over.

    on 26 May 2016

    < LudicrousSpeed posted something on Mr Puggsly's wall:

    It's really sad when a genuine thread like that with real discussion is locked because others can't get over console warz.

    Well its our fault for using other games as examples of Uncharted being so derivitive for 5 games. I guess we have to make that point with no examples.

    on 13 May 2016

    Lols cheer up guys

    on 20 May 2016

    < QUAKECore89 posted something on Mr Puggsly's wall:

    < Veknoid_Outcast posted something on Mr Puggsly's wall:

    Hey man, I'm Veknoid Outcast on XBL if you ever want to get in some Gears multiplayer :)

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    Phill Spencer Denies Rumors of Xbox Brand Leaving the Console Market!

    in Microsoft Discussion 50 minutes ago

    KungKras said: Mr Puggsly said: Here's the real question, do you think they're going to make a TV media device? That's what Xbox really is, its their successful way into the living room. Five years from now I anticipate a newer Xbox One. Remember that the Xbox was a reaction to Ken Kutaragis plan to take over the living room with the Playstation platform and eventually...

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    So I've tried SteamOS on my PC...

    in Gaming Discussion 1 hour ago

    Chazore said: Mr Puggsly said: Doesent matter if casual outnumbers the core market on Android. The core audience on Android is viable and growing. Is Linux gaming growing? Its not significant according to Steam. My concern isnt what people will use hundreds of years from now. At some point Windows may go free to maintain its marketshare. Growth is still growth, to you,...

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    Bethesda treats console gamers likes second class citizens, dont buy Skyrim Remastered

    in Gaming Discussion 19 hours ago

    Ruler said: Mr Puggsly said: No, the value is decided by consumers and many Playstation exclusives are easy to find in the bargin bin. Nintendo exclusives tend to hold more value. You didn't have to pay $40 for Last of Us on PS3, it was on the used market for less. The God of War 3 Remaster felt gross to me. $40 for a single game, no significant replay value and the only notable...


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    Proteus for Vita (1/5) -
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    Ninja Gaiden Σ 2 + for Vita (4/5) -
    Ninja Gaiden Σ + for Vita (4/5) -
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    Resistance: Burning Skies for Vita (3/5) -
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    DmC for PC (3/5) -
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    Too Human for 360 (2/5) -
    50 Cent:BotS for 360 (3/5) -
    Prince of Persia (2008) for 360 (3/5) -
    Destiny for X1 (3/5) -
    Diablo III: UEE for 360 (4/5) -
    Bioshock: Infinite - BaS DLC for PC (3/5) -
    The Walking Dead: Season Two for 360 (4/5) -
    Wolf Among Us for 360 (4/5) -
    King Kong for 360 (2/5) -
    Killer is Dead for 360 (3/5) -
    Def Jam: Icon for 360 (2/5) -
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    Bastion for 360 (4/5) -
    Mark of the Ninja for 360 (3/5) -
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