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< darkenergy posted something on Mr Puggsly's wall:

I wish more Xbox users are more active like you, in both threads and wall posts.

Thanks, frankly I'd be happy if more people would acknowledge X1 is actually a pretty cool good console with notable games.

6 days ago

I think the problem with that is, most xbox users cant be bothered with the drama, its different for puggles coz hes a clearly a masochist :3

6 days ago

Heh, its not that bad on this site thanks to mods. Some of the worst trolls jave been permabanned.

5 days ago

< Wright posted something on Mr Puggsly's wall:

Merry Christmas and be sure to have a happy new year!

< Sprash posted something on Mr Puggsly's wall:

"Cool, I remember Sony fans downplaying X1 for doing this. But clearly people want this feature. Up next, BC!"

can you show me those comments from sony fans? just curious.

Do a Google search on articles discussing streaming X1 on Windows 10. Read the comments. You will inevitably find Sony fans downplaying it.

However, you'll mostly see PC gamers mocking it. But some of those people seem to think everybody has a powerful gaming PC.

on 29 November 2015

so no one did this on this site? That's good, shows you how there almost zero sony fans downplaying the xbox one here.
But I do have to wonder why you would bring some sony fans from somewhere in the internet to this site?
I mean, should I mention crapgamer everytime a news comes out for xbox one? or if someone makes a thread regarding something about the xbox one?

on 30 November 2015

People here did, I just don't want to find the threads.

Go look it up yourself and prove me wrong.

on 30 November 2015

< XanderXT posted something on Mr Puggsly's wall:

Who is that in your about me?

Jean Claude Van Damme. He had some great movies in the late 80s and early 90s. Still does work here and there.

on 10 September 2015

Should have known it was him. I just remembered he played Guile.

on 10 September 2015

< HonestGamer posted something on Mr Puggsly's wall:

Witcher 3 for example sold 600k+ units on GOG. Life is Strange has sold more on PC than on consoles, etc.

Yeah, I can believe it. Witcher 3 is doing amazing for that style of RPG on consoles.

on 04 September 2015

Just wanted to let you know that Steam is not the only place to buy PC games bruh.

on 04 September 2015

I know bruh, I simply compared X1 and Steam. While PS4 alone crushed Steam and GoG. Financially that game was more important on consoles than PC. I wasnt expecting that.

on 04 September 2015

Well on PS4 there are not many games so when a new one comes out people are literally forced to buy them to justify their PS4 purchase.

on 04 September 2015

Well I bet a lot more people are playing this game on PC but they are pirated copies. Since the developers actually wanted to make money consoles needed to be a focus. I think you can agree to that sad truth.

on 04 September 2015

Well when you can get it for free can't resist.

on 05 September 2015

Again, just pointing out this game was financially more important on consoles than PC. Many PC gamers were upset consoles were becoming a priority for this series. It was clearly justified.

on 05 September 2015

Only PS4. Xbox One version barely sold 700k.

on 06 September 2015

Well its more like 760K physical on X1, could have a good number of sales from digital as well. But obviously PS4 is where most of the money was made. Either way, consoles was more worthwhile than PC.

on 06 September 2015

Not really. Steam for example only takes 30% from the sales. So I don't honestly believe you.

on 08 September 2015

You don't know how much MS and Sony get for each unit sold and you aren't taking their digital sales into consideration.

Based on the numbers we know console numbers probably account for over 2.5x the sales of PC alone.

But don't worry, I'm sure Witcher 3 made plenty of money on PC. It just made more money on consoles. Also, a lot of people are playing it on PC via piracy.

on 08 September 2015


>developer sends the files to Steam
>30% cut
>big companies can negotiate lower
>that's it


>disc printing and shipping
>you pay platform royalties to Microsoft/Sony to have your game on the console
>big retailers can take 50% since they hold so much power when it comes to console sales

on 10 September 2015

You're doing a lot of speculating and neglecting console digital sales.

I agree the profit margins are higher on PC for each unit sold. But the consoles combined moved significantly more units.

on 10 September 2015

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Write 21

Trophies are a pointless waste of ones time and money and used to sell crappy games.

in Gaming Discussion 10 hours ago

Nope. As you can see in my sig, I rather spend my time playing many games versus doing everything in a few games....

Write 81

GameTrailers shuts down today

in Gaming Discussion 10 hours ago

Aj_habfan said: That's too bad, never realized how badly some these sites are hurting. Quite frankly, we just don't need many of these gaming sites. For news we have so many different sites and YouTube is one of the best resources for previews/reviews. Its just the industry changing. Less opportunites to be a games journalist for a major website, but we see many people doing well on...

Write 81

GameTrailers shuts down today

in Gaming Discussion 10 hours ago

Slimebeast said: It was about time. I don't even remember the reason but I started boycotting GT about 3 years ago. Boycotting? What did they do that got you upset? I'm not that familar with the site but I was a visitor in the past....


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