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< TruckOSaurus Winter sucks!
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< Cloudman posted something on TruckOSaurus's wall:

From your Truck Stop thread, is that why you are called TruckOSaurus? I wondered for awhile, haha...

Not really, I pick the name from an episode of The Simpsons. I did get the name wrong though since the car crunching robot is actually called TruckASaurus but I like TruckOSaurus better anyway.

1 day ago

Oh, thanks for the story! I wouldn't have guessed that's where it came from. TruckOSaurus does sound cool, haha.

1 day ago

< Wright posted something on TruckOSaurus's wall:

But for the record, I'm trying to get a Ps3, so your suggestion is actually very nice! It's just that it is weird owning the precious FFVIII and not play it on the console it was destined to be :P

On an unrelated note, how's that Evil Within going on?

It got eclipsed by Diablo III's Season 2 last weekend so it hasn't progressed yet. I'll get back into it this week or next weekend I think.

2 days ago

< Ka-pi96 posted something on TruckOSaurus's wall:

'The thread you're trying to post in is currently locked.'

You actually did it! Kinda makes me a little sad though

It's the first thing I did actually. What thread were you trying to post in, you bad boy? ;-)

3 days ago

I miss it already. And... umm... it was a friend that had that message not me *nervously looks away*

3 days ago

Kapi pls. Stop trying to pin it on someone else :D

3 days ago

< Seece posted something on TruckOSaurus's wall:

Sort of a 1 (maybe 2) hit wonder but I like her, she's just resurfaced on the voice UK

< Wright posted something on TruckOSaurus's wall:

I made a huge mistake. It is for the second half of Chapter 10 that you need to save a lot of ammo.

I think I might be there, I encountered two fish hook guys at the same time! That was fun!

on 18 February 2015

... >:)

on 18 February 2015

I like that the story is starting to unfold now, it was very obscure for the first chapters but Chapter 9 fleshed out the backstory nicely.

on 18 February 2015

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Study shows why current-gen console owners chose a specific gaming device

in Gaming Discussion 8 hours ago

I get the impression that people answering "Better graphics" were lumped into "Better resolution". I mean if you check InFamous 2 vs InFamous: Second Son, the main draw isn't the better resolution, it's how fucking gorgeous that game looks....

Write 35

Resolution Top Reason For People Buying PS4/ Brand Loyalty XB1/ Fun Factor WiiU

in Gaming Discussion 9 hours ago

Oops duplicate!...

Write 35

Resolution Top Reason For People Buying PS4/ Brand Loyalty XB1/ Fun Factor WiiU

in Gaming Discussion 9 hours ago

cutzman25 said:Joke of the day: Faster Processing Power for the X1 Looking at the first question, the survey focuses on the jump from 7th to 8th gen so the XBO does have faster processing power than the 360....


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