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< ps3-sales! posted something on TruckOSaurus's wall:

*queue epic troll fighting theme music*


My pleasure!

1 day ago

I actually just noticed he left 5 comments on my late night Tales from Borderlands thread too. Gotta admit he's determined.

1 day ago

5 alts, more than a 100 posts, he is determined indeed. Sad, but determined.

1 day ago

< noname2200 posted something on TruckOSaurus's wall:

Damn Mafia players, signing up and then not playing. >=(

Hopefully, it's only because people don't know what to do on Day One and the short deadline will help bring some activity.

BTW, I'm totally signing you up as potential replacement.

3 days ago

As long as the "potential" part sticks, sounds good!

3 days ago

< Conegamer posted something on TruckOSaurus's wall:

Come now Trucks! How can you stop there? Such a tease, aren't we.

< Ultrashroomz posted something on TruckOSaurus's wall:

I recognize that art style.

Dorkly comics, right?

That's right!

on 01 October 2015

< Ka-pi96 posted something on TruckOSaurus's wall:

Is that a self portrait of you?

Not me but it's how I see many VGC users though.

on 30 September 2015

:o Hopefully not me

on 30 September 2015

You're generally upbeat so not you.

on 30 September 2015

Yay, I'm one of the upbeat doods *high fives trucko*

on 30 September 2015

Hopefully, you get what my reply to you in the Chrono Trigger thread was all about.

on 30 September 2015

I'm assuming you were agreeing?

on 30 September 2015

I am disappointed... I was quoting Squall (and disagreeing too)

on 30 September 2015

Squall is awesome!

on 30 September 2015

Disagreeing? Well now I'm disappointed :p

on 30 September 2015

Sorry, FF8 has a ton of flaws both in plot and gameplay that made it rank lower on my favorite Final Fantasy list. To give you an idea, my favorite part of FF8 is Triple Triad.

on 30 September 2015

I don't see a problem with that. Arguably, Triple Triad is the greatest minigame ever conceived.

on 30 September 2015

Yes but if the main game is upstaged by the mini-game then you know there's a problem with it.

on 30 September 2015

Well there's also a problem in that Tetra Master>Triple Triad :P
So Trucks, which is your favourite FF game?

on 01 October 2015

Final Fantasy VII which is 7th on my Top 50 list (with VI so very close at position #12).

on 01 October 2015

Final Fantasy 7 is 7th on your list? Coincidence? Or something more than that? :p

on 01 October 2015

A happy coincidence!

on 01 October 2015

Looking forward to the remake?

on 01 October 2015

I'm apprehensive about it. I really really don't want Square to touch the gameplay and they seem to be heading in that direction. It's possible they do it right and improve the experience but my faith in Square ain't what it used to be.

on 01 October 2015

huh, I largely share your thoughts on it. I miss the times when a game with Square on it was guaranteed to be good. :(

on 01 October 2015

Yep during the SNES-PS1 era almost everything Squaresoft put out was gold.

on 01 October 2015


4 days ago

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Write 25

The fall of The Daily Show

in Politics Discussion 1 day ago

I haven't seen it yet since he took over but it will be very hard to replace Jon Stewart....

Write 68

Who Is Buying A Playstation 4 Now?

in Sony Discussion 1 day ago

No. I already have one. (This should be an option in the poll)...

Write 28

A Metal Gear "small" rant *Saga spoilers inside*

in Gaming Discussion 1 day ago

Wright said: TruckOSaurus said: Big Boss gets haunted by the ghosts of the soldiers he kills in MSG3.   But that wasn't Big Boss. That was Nice Guy Naked Snake.   EDIT: A fair point, nonetheless. Naked Snake is Big Boss unless Kojima screwed everything up with MGSV...


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