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    < Baalzamon updated his status:


    < Baalzamon updated his status:

    Can somebody give me one valid reason why I should ever buy a PS3 game again when Playstation Plus continues getting better and better exponentially.

    Your wallet is too fat and it won't fit in your back pocket anymore?

    on 18 June 2012

    < Kresnik posted something on Baalzamon's wall:

    As a fellow Spyro-avatar, I just had to say hello to you. Hello!

    Hi :)

    on 02 June 2012

    Looking through your games library, I must add you have pretty impeccable taste in games. Bravo.

    on 02 June 2012

    I haven't updated that for a long time lol...I probably should do that sometime soon :P

    on 02 June 2012

    Well, Sims 3 and LoL could well have lasted you a full year if you wanted them to! :P

    on 02 June 2012

    I don't even play Sims 3 too terribly much, its more of an urge thing on occasion that I will play for a day or two. League of Legends has provided hundreds (yes hundreds) of hours of fun and horribleness though.

    on 02 June 2012

    Out of interest, what did you think of Sims 3? I played all of the first and second games (and expansions) but haven't had any desire to try S3 just yet.

    on 02 June 2012

    Sorry for never seeing your comment, I don't recall getting a notification.

    I like Sims 3 a lot compared to previous ones. The no loading once you are in the game is marvelous.

    on 18 June 2012

    < hatmoza posted something on Baalzamon's wall:

    Mr Kittttteeeh!


    < sweetlove900 posted something on Baalzamon's wall:

    Hello Friend,

    How are you today and how about your health,hope you are fine and good.Any well after going through your profile in this site i became interested in you.I will like to have you as my good friend whom i will like to share my life experience with.Your sex, age, race nor distance does not matter to me rather what matters most in a relationship is the maturity,truth and honest that exist between friends.So i will like you to contact me back through my private mail address (maryjones0116@yahoo.com)So that i can tell you more about my self and send to you my photo.

    Yours Sincerely,reply me here (maryjones0116@yahoo.com)


    Mr. Popular!

    on 04 May 2012

    < gloria54 posted something on Baalzamon's wall:


    Hi Dear !

    How are you doing today,hope fine, my name is gloria and i am a girl. I saw your profile today at http://gamrconnect.vgchartz.com and decided to extend my greetings to you.

    I will be very glad if you can contact me thorough my email address,so that i can send you my pictures and tell you more about myself here is my adress(gloria_weah@yahoo.com)

    Remember the distance,color or age does not matter but love matters a lot in alife

    Have a nice day and remain Blessed.

    gloria mpka.

    < Baalzamon updated his status:

    I would have been crazy to expect Shinedown's new album Amaryllis to live up to the Sound of Madness Album.

    Through some crazy magic that has not been revealed to the world, they have created yet another masterpiece of an album.


    < spurgeonryan posted something on Baalzamon's wall:

    Finger nails on desk. clickety clack, clickety clack, clickety clack.

    How have you been? You in the middle of college or something?

    Yea man, I had a research project and 4 tests in the last week...things should be calmed down again for a bit.

    on 29 February 2012

    Good to hear! I am working on a 6 pager right now for my Master's class. But once you get this high up, papers are a cinch. I am sure you have noticed that as well. Second year in college for you?

    on 29 February 2012

    No sir, I currently have 88 credits, and am taking 16 more, so I am just barely away from a senior. I need to complete 150 credits in order to sit for the CPA exam though.

    on 29 February 2012


    on 01 March 2012

    Yuppers! I switched my major from statistics to accounting this semester. I have thoroughly enjoyed the accounting classes I took before, and the ones I am taking this semester are AWESOME.

    The best thing yet is the first half of this semester has literally been potentially the fastest 2 months of my life...I do not know where all the time has went. I think it is because I'm not taking anymore stupid math classes lol.

    on 01 March 2012

    I took a few math classes for my other degree, I mean accounting. Remember nothing from it sadly.

    on 01 March 2012

    I'm talking higher level math courses, like Probability (which is just crazy Calculus that makes no sense), multivariable calculus and stuff like that.

    on 01 March 2012

    Good job with that! Totally beyond me. Wow!

    on 01 March 2012

    Yea, well, I hated those classes though, which is why I switched to accounting, LOL

    on 01 March 2012

    < trashleg posted something on Baalzamon's wall:

    I'll need to make sure I remember you love statistics.. o__0

    Uh oh. I have bad news for ya. I switched majors to Accounting.

    Lets just say Probability was one of the stupidest classes I have ever taken...are you taking a stats class now?

    on 28 January 2012

    Nope, I did that last year - did ok in the class test but totally bombed the reports. I'm doing my Honours project this semester though, and I need to use MiniTab (statistical analysis software, I don't know if you're familiar). Shitting bricks o__0

    on 03 February 2012

    Oh, I've used minitab before.

    on 03 February 2012

    < Baalzamon updated his status:

    Current making what I hope to be an epic sales thread, get ready guys.

    Looking forward to it. :)

    on 19 February 2012

    Oh, it has been put on hiatus for the time being. It is more of a research thing I want to do than anything, and I just really don't have time for it at the moment.

    on 19 February 2012

    < janeyluv posted something on Baalzamon's wall:

    Write on his wall...


    how are you today, hope fine, I have begun to pick interest on your profile, I feel it might be better than friends and to establish reliable and strong relationships, my name is Genevieve.

    With love and trust that I will build a solid foundation for our relationship if you feel the same to answer me


    (Geneveivefaye@yahoo.com) so I can send my pictures and tell you more about my self


    Your Genevieve

    OMG, I have finally had a cootie girl contact me on teh chartz.

    I'm in LOVE!!!

    on 06 January 2012

    < Seece posted something on Baalzamon's wall:

    http://gamrconnect.vgchartz.com/thread.php?id=138357 Predict!

    < Baalzamon updated his status:

    Finished Infamous, Assassins Creed 2, and Spyro (120%) so far this break. Getting so much done, but have so much to go still

    < Mordred11 posted something on Baalzamon's wall:

    Merry Christmas!

    < Baalzamon updated his status:

    Infamous=Pretty Sweet

    My biggest complaint? The background music was often too loud to be able to hear what was being said for missions. No option to even turn it down.

    Uh, I think so, Brain! But where will we find a duck and a hose at this hour?


    on 02 December 2011

    < Baalzamon updated his status:

    Guess I'm not finishing that probability assignment...the instructor apparently just thinks he can give us 33 problems instead of the normal 20, a majority of the problems obviously taking longer than past ones. I'll just stop at 20 done. Not like it is worth 5% of my grade or anything...

    < theprof00 posted something on Baalzamon's wall:

    Where are the awards?!?? Refer to the uncharted round for great awards.

    Forgot about doing awards :-O

    I will take a look back at that round, and see if I can get some figured out. It likely won't be til later tonight or tomorrow morning though, I have a test and a several hour hw assignment I gotta do tonight.

    on 29 November 2011

    < hatmoza posted something on Baalzamon's wall:

    dead thread dead thread dead thread!

    < Baalzamon updated his status:

    Attempting to update stuff for mafia and vgchartz is being...slow...GRRRRR

    hope you fill better soon. put some brandy, lemons, mint, and honey in a boiling pot of hot water and all should be well.

    on 07 November 2011

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