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< TalonMan posted something on kirby007's wall:

Alright - decided to break open Horizon, upon your previous response... ...I'm about 10 minutes into this game, and I'm already in love with it!!! And I can also tell (based upon my passion for trying to get every trophy possible in any given game), this game is going to suck me in for the next month or so...

...the story has me entranced, too. Again - I know I've just barely started, but that opening scene as a little kid and watching how everybody shuns her?!?!? I don't usually get emotional over games, but that truly got to me and I'm forever pulled into this game!!!

Which is good and bad - good, because this is the EXACT kind of game I love!! But bad, because now the queue of games I have and want to play, is going to grow even longer by MILES by the time I'm done with this!!


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These days it so hard to discuss something. People throw their ass in the crib and are unable to view fron different perspectives

Ass in the crib. ....Do you even realize how much potential attention you've attracted from international law enforcement agencies via their predictive algorithms?

on 14 May 2019


on 14 May 2019

< Serious_frusting posted something on kirby007's wall:

Everyones been promoted.

< TalonMan posted something on kirby007's wall:

You writing on my wall and then deleting?? Pretty sure this is the second time I've gotten a wall notification from you, but there's nothing there... :(

I wanted to test if the enter rn also replicates in wall posts but it doesnt

on 08 May 2019

Let me know if it stopped now...

on 08 May 2019

< COKTOE posted something on kirby007's wall:

How is Bully? You must really like it.

It is amazing it needs a part 2 so bad

on 20 April 2019

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How would you like to betaread my reviews pm me

< kirby007 updated his status:

A brick is more subtle than me, deal with it.... special snowflakes in irl do 2

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Boom Blox review http://www.vgchartz.com/games/gamereviewdisp.php?id=13684&reviewid=1365

< kirby007 updated his status:

fire emblem RD review http://gamrconnect.vgchartz.com/thread.php?id=239833&page=0#1

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Stopping with wow means cleaning up my backlog

< Kerotan posted something on kirby007's wall:

Almost 20k posts!

Id say bout a year

on 08 March 2019

< kirby007 updated his status:

Im almost of the clock now 1 year left

< kirby007 updated his status:

Anti authoritay is a way of life, being the biggest dick is just pleasure

< Carl posted something on kirby007's wall:

That's a lot of badges!

Shut up or i ban ya for sarcasm

on 16 December 2018

< Marth posted something on kirby007's wall:

Thinking about a PL week with hardware + Smash software

< Kerotan posted something on kirby007's wall:

Big fan of 007?

Aye due 2 goldeneye on the n64

on 22 November 2018

Did you play any of the other 007 games?

on 22 November 2018

Aye the world ia not enough and nightfire, switched to call of duty and Medal of honor after that. Good thing aswell most bond games afterwards were not that good

on 22 November 2018

Night fire was gold. What about agent under fire or everything or nothing?

on 22 November 2018

Played at friends but barely played those totally forgot halo on the OG xbox with 8 guys and a cable

on 22 November 2018

8 guys and a cable? Kinky

on 22 November 2018

< Oneeee-Chan!!! posted something on kirby007's wall:

Not Kirby.

In the sig

on 22 November 2018

< Dark_Lord_2008 posted something on kirby007's wall:

check pout my last two posts and comment in my thread!

< Dark_Lord_2008 posted something on kirby007's wall:

Improvements are just cope and will not work. Being yourself is worst advice ever!

In 2018 it is all about the face.

Botox is the drug of 2019

on 21 November 2018

Who else can you be? The thousands of different persons others expect you to be?

on 22 November 2018

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