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Official 2020 US Election: Democratic Party Discussion

in Politics Discussion 50 minutes ago by tsogud

DarthMetalliCube said: Jumpin said: You are literally making up stuff to attack Warren. Either it's due to jealousy that she is winning or for some completely irrational reason. I have no idea what "corporate media" you think I am convinced by, you literally just made all that up. Your knowledge is not great on Elizabeth Warren? Yeah, no shit. I recommend doing your homework...

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The Official US Politics OT

in Politics Discussion 1 hour ago by EricHiggin

Not sure what is worse, the U.S. abandoning the Kurds, or countries worldwide and their people who think the Kurds deserve protection regardless, yet won't put their money/military where their mouth is.What is more valuable, your own soldiers health/life, another soldiers health/life, money, or maybe public/worldwide relations? ...

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Xbox Empire - Double Fine Joins XGS | Gears 5 Launches September 10th | Ori and the WotW Launches February 11th | Bleeding Edge Announced | Flight Simulator Announced |

in Microsoft Discussion 3 hours ago by Ryuu96

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LFzjIK-_nak ...

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Say something about the person above you

in General Discussion 17 hours ago by BraLoD

Is pointing people's failures. ...

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Joker: Your Take

in Movies Discussion 1 day ago by KratosLives

anyone get silenc eof the lambs vibes , when he was doing the dance with make up on ? ...

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"Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker" Trailer

in Movies Discussion 5 days ago by Pavolink

Looks better than TLJ, at least. ...

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Gaming companies are a perfect example of the failure of unregulated capitalism.

in Politics Discussion on 07 October 2019 by SpokenTruth

CuCabeludo said: 1). The only thing regulations did was moving the entire manufacturing industries, which was the strenght of the US economy in the 1950s-1980s, from america to China. 2). And tariffs won't make the industry come back, 3). only deregulation and cuts in government spending would. 1). Regulations didn't do that, Capitalism and China did that. 2). Correct, it won't...

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Most Anticipated New Release of September

in General Discussion on 25 August 2019 by UltimateGamer1982

None from the poll. FFVIII remaster for me. Canít wait! ...

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Rate the movie above you ?

in General Discussion on 14 August 2019 by Darashiva

coolbeans said: Brightburn Eh...About a 3-3.5/10 the more I think about it. It's basically another "demonic child" story garnished with a mask and cape. The child actor was tolerable and there were a couple solid gore effects, but it's just such a boiler-plate setup. The basic beats are hit and nothing is done to elevate it in this stuffed genre. There's potential for a sequel in respect to...

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Worst director of all time?

in Movies Discussion on 08 August 2019 by LMU Uncle Alfred

Jpcc86 said: This is a mess of a list, you cant compare most of these people. Uwe Boll is by far - with almost no competition - the worst of them.Eli Roth, Emmerich, Snyder and Anderson have no business being in this list at all whatsoever. Theyve made shit films as well as cult classics, and a couple of them good films. Despite his reputation M Night is an oscar nominee as well as...

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New Staff Writers Wanted [Applications Now Closed]

in Website Topics on 03 August 2019 by Veknoid_Outcast

Applications are now closed. Thank you to everyone who applied. We will announce new team members soon. ...

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Tired of this Schmidt: Ubisoft & Other AAApolitical Rebels

in Gaming Discussion on 25 June 2019 by coolbeans

vivster said: coolbeans said: I'm not really sure where I said stated intention is a requirement; interpretation can be left up to the audience and can be further criticized and discussed.   Well...apparently not everyone.  The two prominent YT channels I bring up extrapolate specific quotes or ideas from said big companies in order to denounce certain game...

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Introducing Thread Wagering!

in Website Topics on 31 May 2019 by TalonMan

mutantsushi said: TalonMan said: 1 - as far as payouts go, this was something that's always been negotiable - I made that fairly clear in the OP that this is only Version 1, and that I was open to (and frankly, expecting) changes based on community feedback. 2 - I disagree with your objection to the ability to cancel bets. What's the difference between my entering a bet and...

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Tulsi Gabbard has more than 40,000 unique donors

in Politics Discussion on 13 May 2019 by CosmicSex

Wman1996 said: I donated to her. I've never donated to a politician before at any level. She's the best candidate to me. If Bernie gets the nomination instead, I'll vote for him. If it's really anyone else, I'll probably write-in or vote for a third-party. Only vote for a third candidate if you are okay with the Dem or Trump winning and you don't want your vote to count.  If...

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9 Million Posts

in General Discussion on 18 April 2019 by trunkswd

kirby007 said: trunkswd said: I'm not saying it is definitely going to happen, but it is possible. Look at the number of posts in early 2017.  Well let's hope it does happen! Only time will tell. I am hoping for a good battle between Microsoft and Sony for the 9th generation. Strong competition is good for consumers. ...

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Game scoring FINALLY fixed!

in Website Topics on 12 April 2019 by TalonMan

BraLoD said: Marth said: Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction, obviously As great as Diablo 2 LoD is, it still doesn't come close (and I know you know it haha) TalonMan said: LOL!! Okey dokey - then what is LoD to you???? Don't leave me hangin' here!!!! :-( LoD stands for The Legend of Dragoon, a PS1 JRPG I love to no end, don't let me even get started with...

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President Trump Signs Executive Order Protecting Free Speech On College Campuses | TIME

in Politics Discussion on 27 March 2019 by irstupid

Jumpin said: Jon-Erich said: I didn't make anything up. Have you seen what Antifa has been doing in places like Portland? They block traffic, forcing cars to go where they tell them. If the drivers don't comply, they start attacking the cars. local shops don't have pro-Antifa or anti-Trump signs hanging up, their windows get smashed. Then there are the countless fights that they...

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User Reviews

in Website Topics on 27 March 2019 by coolbeans

God...some nostalgia swelling from seeing those old reviews I made in 2010. Thanks for bringing this notification up (EDIT: and the update in general)....

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IGN takes issue with white male lead in Days Gone.

in Politics Discussion on 14 March 2019 by GodOfPeace3

Yeah man, I quit reading and looking at anything from the major gaming sites because they talk like that. I only watch Easy Allies. They're the best anyways. http://www.easyallies.com     Their betting specials are the best. https://youtu.be/va4kXmuMAlY?list=PLwa6fmqvU-4HYpuBoOoaEFBXEPfi-oW4Q   They have a new studio now for the last 2 months, so they are looking really...

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Admit it! You're addicted to online validation.

in General Discussion on 11 February 2019 by RaptorChrist

I don't use any form of social media anymore, so it shouldn't come as a surprise that I don't care much about likes, points, rep, etcetera, as it has no bearing on my actual life. I've never met anyone on the Internet that I would consider meeting in person, as that's always been so far off my radar. Heck, I didn't even know that posts could be liked....

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