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< Goodnightmoon posted something on Samus Aran's wall:

This ban is so long. I dont think its deserved at all.

Some people are very sensitive here.

1 day ago

And please, dont lose all your faith on Nintendo. Is just one delayed game more, it happens like every month these days, and now I think the chances of seeing Metroid on WiiU are higher than ever! :P

1 day ago

I know I was banned 2 time for saying that The Order was going to be bad LOL

1 day ago

I like being grumpy from time to time haha. :p

19 hours ago

< MohammadBadir posted something on Samus Aran's wall:

I don't see why you got moderated for that. There's a lot of truth in it...

Me neither. He was just telling the thruth. Guess some are very sensitive.

5 days ago

No kidding >.<

5 days ago

Thanks for the supportive comments guys. :p

1 day ago

< MohammadBadir posted something on Samus Aran's wall:

So which Metroid is your favorite?

Metroid Prime 2. I think I'm in the minority with that one.


on 28 February 2015

I feel ya, my favorite is Metroid Fusion >.<

on 28 February 2015

That's my third favorite one after MP3. Such a hard game. But I suck at 2D Metroid lol.

on 28 February 2015

I love how they executed the story, much better than Other M >_<

on 28 February 2015

Sadly Other M kind of ruined the story in Fusion because it takes place after it. How could Samus be surprised by the corrupt Federation after Other M? Other M tried way too hard to be like Fusion story wise.(minus the good parts). Other M's story is just pointless. It should be non-canon.

S-AX is probably the best Metroid villain ever.

on 02 March 2015

Actually, Other M takes place before Fusion and after Super Metroid. That makes a lot more sense, but Fusion's impact was kinda ruined by Other M. Like, for example, Adam seemed liked he could be a love interest in Fusion, whereas in Other M it's nothing like that. I like to pretend that it didn't exist, lol.
(And so do the entire Metroid fandom, actually, as accepting Other M as canon means that the Prime series isn't).

on 02 March 2015

Yeah, I meant before it, ,just a typo!

on 02 March 2015

Also, yeah, I agree, SA-X is indeed the best Metroid villian.
I've been playing games for as long as I can remember, but I've never felt menaced from a VG villain, besides the SA-X. Seeing him/her come on screen just gave me chills >.<

on 02 March 2015

Yeah, can you imagine how scary they could make him/her/it on a powerful home console? The increased AI alone would make me piss myself. :p

on 02 March 2015

Heh, I like how you think!
We really need a new home console Metroid, Like soon.
It doesn't even have to be made by Retro. As much as I dislike Other M, I sorta noticed how it's play style had some potential, albeit Other M itself sorta ruined it XD

on 02 March 2015

My favourite ones are MP1 and Super Metroid (I love corruption and fusion too, i´m still have to play Echoes on Trilogy) What do you think about those? Is MP1 on your top 5 at least? :P

on 06 March 2015

1. MP2
2. MP3
3. Metroid: Fusion
4. Metroid Prime

I still need to play Metroid: Zero Mission, but I think it would beat MP, so it would still be in my top 5 yes.

I found MP to be too platform heavy which can be annoying in a first person perspective. The graphics, art design, story and bosses were imo all better in MP2. MP is still a great game though. It's the last Metroid game I played, so I have no nostalgia for it like other people.

People often dislike MP2 because of its difficulty and backtracking, but there's really only two times you need to backtrack for a powerup.

The hint system should tell you where to go anyway.

on 06 March 2015

I´ll probably play echoes soon then

The first one was very shocking to me. Is hard to repeat that first time shock, that´s why is one of my favourite games ever, I guess it happens the same with Ocarina of time fans.

Metroid: Zero mission is really great, very short, but amazing. It has the sense of isolation and disorientation of the nes/snes games. Metroid fusion doesn´t have it... but i love it too, it was my first metroid ever.

I would say:

1. MP
2. Super Metroid
3. MP3
4.Metroid Zero Mission
5. Metroid Fusion
6. Metroid
7. Metroid II

If Echoes is one of my top 3 then it has to be a f*** good game :P

on 06 March 2015

Let me know after you finished it!

on 06 March 2015

< Kerotan posted something on Samus Aran's wall:

Not sure if you replied in the other thread. Wanted to ask you. Do you consider sly cooper to be a platformer gam?

Yeah, stealth platformer. I wish Nintendo made something like this. A thieving raccoon, such a simple yet brilliant concept.

on 28 February 2015

Meh. I'm playing my first sly now. Thieves in time. I see lots of people saying it's one of the best. I got it free with ps plus and it's honestly a struggle to complete. I'm more a Ratchet and Clank guy. I'd enjoy any of the marios on a handheld over sly cooper. I don't understand the hype for that series.

on 28 February 2015

Well, I like R & C too, so I hope you don't think I'm dissing the game just because I don't consider it much of a platformer!

I like stealth and cartoony games, but Sly games are indeed not perfect by any means.

on 28 February 2015

I guess if you like stealth then it makes sense. What other stealth plarformers exist?

on 28 February 2015

None that I'm aware of. :(

on 28 February 2015

Never played it but what about stealth incorporated or that psp game secret agent Clank. I've played neither but they sound like they fit the bill.

on 28 February 2015

< The_Sony_Girl1 posted something on Samus Aran's wall:

Samus? Samus? SAMUS?!?!?!?!?

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