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< Goodnightmoon posted something on Samus Aran's wall:

I dont get it. As so many other times, I just donīt get it.

< SmokedHostage posted something on Samus Aran's wall:

If that's trolling, then criticism is, very much, a bannable offence now.

< Goodnightmoon posted something on Samus Aran's wall:

Probably not a fan, but I really hope that your country (or Estonia) win eurovision this year, they were the best performaces on the semi-finals by a landslide.

You mean the Royals-Lorde copycat?

5 days ago


5 days ago

Yup, It is a Lorde style copy, but that style is not something that you heard so many times, is fresh for a festival that is always behind the times, and the live performance was awesome. I like more Estonia though, and the song from Slovenia is very cool too. But this year is going to win Russia, clear as water U_u.

5 days ago

I think that Sweeden or Italy will win,the Swedish song isn't great but the performance is spectacular and the dazzling graphics contribute to that,the Italian song is simply perfect!
I didn't say that I don't like the Belgian song,on the contrary I like it very much!
So you don't mention Greece,you didn't like Maria Elena Kyriakou?:P

5 days ago

She was very good on live, the final part was intense, But the song is like one old Celine Dion track, and that does not catch my attention anymore, that diva style is not my thing. Im glad she is on the final though because she deserved

5 days ago

My country has tons of possibilities this year with Edurne too, but again, that diva style is not my thing xD

5 days ago

Sorry for the late response, I was a bit frustrated by the Giro result yesterday. :p Today's results are much better. :p

Yeah, not a fan, haven't even listened to the song yet! I might watch the final though. Wouldn't be the first time I watch it.

4 days ago

You were Grumpty Aran yesterday :P

Watch it, is going to be exciting for your country, people is loving the song.

So Contador is on fire today ?

4 days ago

Yeah, took almost 3 minutes on all his rivals in the TT!

I'm only worried about crashes now, only thing I hate in this sport. I watched my country man Wouter Weylandt die in the Giro of 2011...

4 days ago

That sounds terrible, it must have been very painfull.

The thing is, it looks like a safe sport, but yeah, there has been a ton of deaths around it :(

4 days ago

< Angelv577 posted something on Samus Aran's wall:

Did she continue with her analysis after she got the game?. she was going to continue with her analysis based on hand on experience before she got banned.

anyway, don't continue with the ps3/wii U comparison on that thread, one moderators warned us to stop that.

Yeah, she finshed her analysis after she got the game, but it wasn't as detailed as the one she wrote when she got banned (that post is sadly lost). It's still an interesting read.

It's hard to compare PS3 games with Wii U games because most Wii U games are unrealistic in terms of graphics and the PS3 is the complete opposite.

I hope Retro Studios is working on Metroid U or at least something with a realistic artstyle. Then we can maybe do better comparisons.

on 18 May 2015

I would have liked to read that analysis. it's a shame she is no longer with us. Anyway, I know Wii U is more capable, I just had my doubts that ps3 might be able to run it even if it means some downgrades.

I agree with your second paragraph. It's just that I feel Wii U hasn't shown everything it's capable of, though Zelda U might just change that.

Metroid with realistic artstyle will definitely show what Wii U is capable of. Zelda and Metroid are the 2 Nintendo franchises that are suitable for realistic graphics.

on 18 May 2015

The analysis is still there, just not as detailed it was originally going to be! She came back after her ban to finish it.

E3 will be fun. Or soulcrushingly disappointing. :p

on 18 May 2015

< Skullwaker posted something on Samus Aran's wall:

I kinda love how you went from loving Splatoon, to hating it, to actively defending it and wanting it to be a long-running franchise in the span of a few days. xD

Haha, I'm strange like that... That demo was so fun.

Thanks for the friend request, you're one of my favorite users here. Still liked your earlier avatar more though!

on 12 May 2015

I'm gonna take your word for it. If it can spin your opinion that much, it must be amazing.

Np! I actually thought we were already friends, lol. And likewise! Maybe I'll change my avi back one day for old times' sake.

on 12 May 2015

Yeah, I never send friend requests, so I was waiting for you to send one. :p

Now Curl needs to send one!

on 12 May 2015

You just need to coerce him into doing it. :P

on 12 May 2015

I can get things done.

on 13 May 2015

You're going to steal his copy of FFV until he sends me a friend's request?

on 13 May 2015

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Bloodstained Ritual Of The Night Stretch Goal added? (pics)

in Nintendo Discussion 4 days ago

gamemaster4747 said: PwerlvlAmy said: Umm its all ready going to PS4 and nothing wrong with it going to Wii U. Indie games actually sell pretty great on Wii U Ah, I'm behind on the news apparently. Multi platform is even better. I didn't know indie games did well on Wii U. What indie games have been successful on Wii U? Trine 2 sold really well. As do the Shantae...

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Splatoon Review Thread - MetaCritic 81% / GameRankings 81.12%

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Burek said:So, the review embargo lifts on Wednesday, May 27 at 7am Pacific time (found it someplace, might be wrong). With the game focused on multiplayer interactions, do you think we will see many "no score/review in progress" reviews, as has become a recent practice with similar titles? Probably not because the free dlc will take 2-3 months to arrive. And the journalists already...

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Bloodstained Ritual Of The Night Stretch Goal added? (pics)

in Nintendo Discussion 5 days ago

Hynad said: Inti Creates isn't composed of only 6 people. The fact that I have to point that out to you is enough for me to decide I'm now done with you here.  Only 4 people of Inti Creates are involved. Did you even read the KS page? Inti Creates is the company that also works on Mighty no. 9 btw. Now you know why I don't think much of Bloodstained....


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