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< Soleron posted something on spurgeonryan's wall:

What's the correct way to close threads?

There is no correct way, only unique ways.

1 day ago

< cycycychris posted something on spurgeonryan's wall:

Do you still buy this guys games?


I assumed everyone knew by now his games were just asset flips.

Yeah, I just bought the panda one. Saw the article, didn't totally get it or see a problem with it. He is using other devs ideas that they rent to him?

on 04 September 2016

Legally, he is doing nothing wrong. He is buying assets from other developers(in this case, a game concept). Making no changes to the assets and porting them to Wii U. Personally I find this sleazy and misleading. You just buy the game and use it as your own on the eshop. I don't buy his games, nor do any of his micro-games interest me.

on 05 September 2016

I don't mind.

I was big on Atari as a kid and beating my siblings high scores, so playing these games just brings me back. That is the only point of many of his games. High scores.

on 08 September 2016

< spurgeonryan updated his status:


Why bother, he would win all the polls but lose on the final stretch. Oh, wait, wrong Ash...

on 26 August 2016

But when the evil dead come, we will need him.

on 01 September 2016

< spurgeonryan updated his status:

Oh thank god! How do you common people who do not have supporter status even come here? FUll page ads, pop ups, side pop ups, slow down, more pop ups, impossible mobile viewing, etc.

< spurgeonryan updated his status:

Ads.........The Fuck!

< Stefl1504 posted something on spurgeonryan's wall:

dear sir spurge, may I inquire if thou art hyped to play a round of slaying them scum in game and merriment


< spurgeonryan updated his status:


< JENIFER990 posted something on spurgeonryan's wall:

am jenifer female reply me ;su4222@hotmail.com


on 16 August 2016

< spurgeonryan updated his status:

Dang it! I bought resident evil 4 digital on Wii U......can only be played with wii motes...........

That's weird. Is it a port from the wii version?

on 15 August 2016

Digital port I guess.

on 16 August 2016

< spurgeonryan updated his status:


< spurgeonryan updated his status:


< spurgeonryan updated his status:

Suicide Squad or Captain fantastic....? So many adult choices.

plastic surgeon and mind.

on 05 August 2016

< SolidSnack posted something on spurgeonryan's wall:

Can I add you as a friend?

< SolidSnack posted something on spurgeonryan's wall:

Can I add you as a friend?


on 31 July 2016

< spurgeonryan updated his status:

Hot today.

< spurgeonryan updated his status:

Shudder....trying to see all the movies at my local dollar show before I go back to work, kids wanna see Alice 2. Civil War and Jungle Book as well, but I saw those, I know they are decent.

Wish the UK had dollar shows

on 16 July 2016

You have dollar prostitutes though, so you still win.

on 24 July 2016

< spurgeonryan updated his status:

How am I watching Friends, at this time of my life.

Cause I am lame.

What's the nx?

on 13 July 2016

I now have 360 unread messages.

on 13 July 2016

I call bs

on 13 July 2016

It is against the rules to switch accounts now or I would prove. Axumblade has become hard in his old age. It is like we are in prison, you were wise to leave us for the pornhub forums.

on 13 July 2016


on 13 July 2016

< spurgeonryan updated his status:


< cycycychris posted something on spurgeonryan's wall:

I'm curious for your opinion. I've been working for a grocery store for about a year, and I always knew they really liked me, but always thought they saw me more as a follower than a leader. But I was called into the manager office to tell me that they want to work me up to manager position when one comes available (or move me to another store). Which, as you can guess, was a complete surprise to me. He of course knew the college thing and that hampers there plan. But said, if anything ever happens, let him know, he wants to keep me as long as possible. They've said in the past that I'm that one lucky pick up that you can rarely get in retail.

He tried to talk it way up to me, suggesting that after working the ranks, he sees me as even a store manager. All this was way to overwhelming to me, since I never thought of myself as a supervisor or manager. And then he informed me I was in charge of the movement of the beer and wine section to another part of the store... aka the ultimate test.(since all that stuff is vendor, there really is no one manager to take the lead, I've done stuff in it before, so I guess thats why my name came up).

Out of curiosity, since you've seemed to work in the industry for a while, is a manager position really much to be excited about. Its only $18 to 20 an hours but it would be full time with insurance and benefits. theirs of course the issue that if they find you not a good leader, that whole plan is gone.

I think it is a very big thing. One of the only good thing to come out of retail, other than the experiences you have, is Management experience. No matter what you plan on doing in life that looks great on your resume. You can be a marine biologist all day long, for example. But can you run the day to day operations, people, etc of your division? If so, then your earning potential doubles, while you stay in the industry you love.
I feel one year management experience is the equivalent of a Associates in business or management. Five years and companies look at that like you have a Masters in management!
Plus it is not a skill that goes away, either you can do it or you cannot. When you finally leave whatever grocer you are at and they endorse you, then that will be your skill for life. You do not have to be re-trained, you just know you can manage.

Lastly, and God forbids it happens, if your current goal does not work out, Management in retail is great to have on your resume. 20 dollars an hour is just to start! I am mid level salary and make over 60,000 now! Military, three degrees, etc did not work out, but with a bit of hard work I can now finally enjoy life. Even if this does not work out I can manage somewhere else too.

Not saying my life was not enjoyable before, but paycheck to paycheck is never fun with a family.

Hope this answered something. Always have a back up, college is not always going to be the answer you hope for. If they think you are great then you have nothing to worry about. They will support you and guide you and managing is usually just a bit more responsibility than your regular work anyways.

Good luck, hope it helped

on 24 June 2016

Yeah, I have no plan to quit my degree for the job (which is what he was implying me to do). But I sadly won't be a supervisor unless I don't go back college. So the whole hope for the management position is a bit unrealistic right now. But I was curious on the potential if I work my way up. Which I'm not actually sure how it would go, since a lot of this is based on seniority and I don't have that. So them moving me to supervisor or even management in any of the stocking clerk position just wouldn't work. Since I work multiple position each week, with people who have been there for like 10 years. I can't see them being able to get this by the union.

So really front end is all that I can do, which is something I don't know if I would ever be ready to take on.

So the road up will be long and he made it sound sweater than it really is. But its really cool to know that I have made such an impression on my store manager that he felt the need to tell they are incredibly impressed with my work and a job will always be there if I need one. And that they would like to make me management when a position opens.

But thanks spurge, nice to hear from a person in the industry that has done the grinding to make his way up. And I do agree with you, I think putting that you were management on a resume is great. And that is experience that I would be able to use the rest of my life. but its not something obtainable with my current college location and schedule.

on 25 June 2016

< spurgeonryan updated his status:

Time to see BvS for the 6th time.


on 21 June 2016

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