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    < spurgeonryan updated his status:


    I wonder how much of an influence Ringworld had on creative types at Bungie? I looked quickly and didn't find anything concrete. It says in one article they have acknowledged the influence on the Halo design, and in another:. "Bungie's Jaime Griesemer said that Ringworld's design wasn't what influenced Halo. Neato though.

    1 day ago

    < spurgeonryan updated his status:


    < spurgeonryan updated his status:

    Oh.....I am not a supporter anymore, was going to complain about ads. .but....DAmn it!

    Did you win another free iPad for being the 1.000.000 visitor?

    on 25 November 2016

    Free bread recipes.

    on 25 November 2016

    < spurgeonryan updated his status:


    Hatchimal, biggest toy of the year

    < spurgeonryan updated his status:

    Do I still have a sig?

    < BraLoD posted something on spurgeonryan's wall:

    You'll keep seeing me!

    I see.

    on 23 November 2016

    < spurgeonryan updated his status:

    There needs to be books and record of all the lost iiverse and swapnote art and memes we will lose when all that closes down. Fun stuff.

    I'm sure someone is screencapping it somewhere. We just need some place to dump them all there.

    on 11 November 2016

    I hope so, I mean I guess it is linked to the internet and the way back machine site will have record. This is how I feel about the internet as a whole though. What happens to trillions of interactions, stories, articles, ideas, etc when sites go down. Lost forever.

    on 11 November 2016

    < spurgeonryan updated his status:

    I have been on this site a long time, as long as some and more than most. We have never had this much repression in that entire history. You people doing it know that this is true. We even have way less activity than we used to so that makes this recent change of events even more surprising. There is so much to talk about right now but we are being silenced to keep a few mod actions down and stem the clutter on the forums. There is no clutter! Yesterday the site needed a pulse check every hour to make sure it was not on life support. I understand the concept, but it has been taken to the extreme.

    It is not because it is a non-issue that no one else is saying anything, it is because we lost all the people who do care so you think everything is fine.

    Like I said, I get it somewhat, but uuou guys are going over board. I know I waste my breath, I have been told for years from Montanahatchet, seece, nordlead, and many more. But they are gone, they chose to leave I am still here because I love the site and care about it. They don't.

    Some of you mods are only here because you care as well and stayed because they made you mods, we just have a difference of opinion.

    But your mods and I am just some random user, so despite me not giving up, what I say matters not at all. Never seems to have ever mattered.

    < spurgeonryan updated his status:

    Oh I......could tell you why, the oceans near the shore, I could think of things I never think before.

    < spurgeonryan updated his status:

    Hello mr. Hound dog, hello mr. Grinch!

    < spurgeonryan updated his status:

    Reepacheep!!! Behind you

    < spurgeonryan updated his status:

    Sciddilminklydoo, sciddlemeedingkleedee

    < spurgeonryan updated his status:

    Violet your turning violet violet!

    < spurgeonryan updated his status:

    That's what I was waiting for, can't take the questioning so just lock the thread.


    Proves my point. People just do not realize yet what it means that mods are doing all of this.

    Good luck vgchartz!

    Forum Rules 11 & 18:

    11. Website criticism. Do not attack the website. Reasonable debate based on facts is acceptable, but repeated attacks and negative comments about the website and its staff will not be tolerated. People are here to discuss games and sales, and doing nothing but attacking the site is disruptive to those who are trying to participate in a discussion.
    On the same note, do not attack any moderator without basis. Whether you are a moderated party (see Rule 18) or not, any attack or unfounded criticism on any moderator may result in moderation against you. We are open to all kinds of feedback and constructive criticism (within the parameters of a mod sanctioned thread or PMs. Anywhere else is off limits and therefore a violation of the rules), but this must be done in a manner that is professional, respectful, and above all else, backed up with evidence and facts. Any baseless or unsupported accusation or criticism has no potential to serve anyone and therefore can be seen as an unfounded attack upon the accused moderator, and is therefore a violation of the rules.

    on 10 November 2016

    18. Problems With Moderation. If you have a problem with a moderator or a moderation, send the moderator who issued your moderation a private message (Rule 11 applies to PMs as well as posts, wall posts, and any other moderator-related conversation), and if you are still dissatisfied, send a private message to the Lead Moderators.
    Do not post these issues in the forums, outside of moderator-sanctioned threads, or on the moderator's wall - doing so will result in moderation action against you.
    If you are banned and cannot login, you may contact the moderation team via this email address: vgchartzmods@gmail.com. This email is accessible to the whole moderation team and provides the fastest way to get your issues heard and addressed.

    on 10 November 2016

    Your latest thread broke both of these Rules, hence why it was locked. If you'd like to be kept in the know, why refuse to use the proper channels to do so? I've given you several opportunities and you haven't taken advantage of them as of yet. We're happy to work with you, but we can't if you refuse to reach out.

    Hopefully that helps a bit. If you need to continue this discussion, shoot me a PM.

    on 10 November 2016

    < spurgeonryan updated his status:

    Not sure what I can post anymore.......I do not like wasting my time.

    < spurgeonryan updated his status:

    All my army friends on Facebook voted trump, wonder why? They are all happy.

    < spurgeonryan updated his status:

    Just like you have wasted my time, I have wasted yours. Will not even read the messages. Message 365 and 366 not read.

    < spurgeonryan updated his status:

    Can someone make a map in all the mega threads so we know what page a certain news briefs or discussions are on?

    I was trying to find the Putin discussion buried in 700 posts. Oh well, I guess Vgchartz will just not talk about that news.

    When the next Tomb Raider come out in 2 billion P and 365 TB? Does it have good CGi?

    This is a gaming site, that is all we can talk about even if there is no gaming going on right now unless your with Sony.

    Silence the masses!

    < spurgeonryan updated his status:

    To all US redditors,

    Today is Election Day in the United States. Regardless of which candidate you believe spells certain doom for our nation, voting is a right and one of the most effective ways of influencing how our country is run.

    Here are some resources with sample ballots, polling place locations, and more:

    This is Redditís third election cycle, and we know emotions run high this time of year. The United States celebrates the longest stretch of uninterrupted peaceful transfers of power in the world. When the dust settles, our country will still be standing, as will Reddit, and we can get back to arguing about whether a hotdog is sandwich (itís not).

    u/spez, Reddit CEO

    There`s people who think hotdogs are sandwiches? For real? WTF?

    on 09 November 2016

    < padib posted something on spurgeonryan's wall:

    Faster than you can say Nintendo.

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