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< Fededx posted something on Pemalite's wall:

Hot fireman!

Cheers buddy! :)

on 30 March 2019

Did you guys ended warnings or some thing.

Not that I know of, why is that?

on 13 March 2019

You banned me 3 days and last time i hás moderated was a year ago and it was a warning. Not that i carE i m just asking.

on 13 March 2019

The main reason for the duration is because of your history of flaming.

If you say... Was trolling, your duration would have likely been different as that would have been a deviation from your prior moderation history.

Hope that clears that up for you.

on 13 March 2019

< COKTOE posted something on Pemalite's wall:

Nice pic in the avi.


on 15 February 2019

< curl-6 posted something on Pemalite's wall:

Once again seeking your technological knowledge; in terms of power/capability, how does Switch's CPU stack up against the Xbox 360's?

The Switch has the edge.

It is simply a more modern, more efficient design... Plus it's also Out-Of-Order Execution, Branch Tree Prediction, Branch Target Buffers, 3-way-superscaler speculative issue pipeline... Not to mention significantly better caches. (Speed+Latency+Size.)

It's a no brainer.

Plus the Ports reinforce that fact.

Microsoft/Sony tried to make up for PowerPC's deficiencies by taking Intel's approach with the Pentium 4... To give them a ton of clockspeed.

on 23 November 2018

Thanks. I still don't know much about all this sort of thing but it interests me, I just find specs and tech stuff like Digital Foundry and Anandtech intriguing.

on 23 November 2018

< caffeinade posted something on Pemalite's wall:

Oh, a rebrand.

Nice work, I'm really liking your avatar.

Happens from time to time. :P

on 02 October 2018

< Ka-pi96 posted something on Pemalite's wall:

Are you a fireman?

Sure am.

on 30 September 2018

Oh wow, that's really cool!

on 30 September 2018

< Ka-pi96 posted something on Pemalite's wall:

What was Rol's ban for?

The linked post obviously isn't accurate so I'm wondering what it was for.

Yeah. It bugged out on me and linked to a completely irrelevant post. It will be sorted in time.

But it was for his thread here:


on 28 September 2018

Thanks. I think moderations for article comments always screw up like that actually.

on 28 September 2018

Do they? Apparently I don't ban all that often for article comments!

on 28 September 2018

Is what it is I guess.

on 28 September 2018

< COKTOE posted something on Pemalite's wall:

I was entertaining the idea of buying Pac-Man and Mrs. Pac-Man for the 15th time last night as I saw they were on sale on PSN for $1.50 each. Then I saw the files sizes: 834mb and 831mb respectively. They're both over 900mb on the XBO. The original Pac-Man ROM is 15kb! That's mental. I just looked it up, and the PS3 version of Pac-Man I have is a 100kb file. Is this because it's emulated? Made with Unity?

Probably higher quality audio sound bytes.

The original Pac-Man was using midi-files which was counted in mere bytes, whilst newer releases would be using full uncompressed, 7.1 audio.

A large chunk of data on the modern re-releases would also be thanks to higher sprite assets as well.
Pixel art is very small in comparison.

on 10 September 2018

Thanks for the input. I came across others mentioning such things in doing a little googling, as well as the ideas Unity and/or emulation were playing a role, but still wanted your take. Whatever the reasons may be, those files are unnecessarily large imo.

on 10 September 2018

< caffeinade posted something on Pemalite's wall:


There's some fun to be had over here.

You said fun. :/

on 08 July 2018

< COKTOE posted something on Pemalite's wall:

Appreciate the warning. I was only joking, but can see how that would irk people. It totally true though! I'd bet The XBO has had more sales than any other major console in history. Again though, I get it. I'll be more careful.

I mean, you are probably not wrong, but there is a time and place for everything. :P

on 18 June 2018

< LittleSnake posted something on Pemalite's wall:

Hello, fellow Australian :D

G'day dude!

on 09 June 2018

Is this where we're supposed to meet?

on 09 June 2018

We should probably wait for the others first.

on 09 June 2018

There's more? :0

on 09 June 2018

MWAHAHAHA everyone better fear us

on 09 June 2018

Wait. Australia isn't the world?

on 09 June 2018

Sorry to break it to you buddy...but no. I was very upset when I found out that.

on 09 June 2018

It shook me to the core, when she first told me.
You'll get used to it after a while.

on 10 June 2018

< the-pi-guy posted something on Pemalite's wall:

"Forum posts: 6,666 times"


Now I don't feel like posting ever again. Thanks. Just thanks. :P

on 01 June 2018

Just gotta make progress to the next milestone!

on 01 June 2018

Already onto it. ;)

on 03 June 2018

< CGI-Quality posted something on Pemalite's wall:


Where you at? :P

5 hours ago? Emergency Services training. Haha

on 12 May 2018

< VGPolyglot posted something on Pemalite's wall:

Are you using the PC master race title unironically?

I am most certainly serious. ;) Except when I am not.
But in this instance I am.

on 26 April 2018

< fatslob-:O posted something on Pemalite's wall:

So did you hear the rumors today ?

I haven't had time to keep up to date with anything at the moment. I haven't even played a video game in over a month. :'(

What rumors?

on 21 March 2018

DXR ...

on 22 March 2018

That's not a rumor though. ;)

on 22 March 2018

Not anymore it isn't ... :)

Always knew that ray tracing was the future and holy grail of computer graphics but it's thanks to Microsoft that the deal was sealed ...

on 22 March 2018

Indeed. We knew we were heading towards this end goal even back in the 90's when 3dfx reigned supreme.

We even had proof of concept demo's even back then.

It just took GPU's to become general purpose enough with enough capability to finally be something that is achievable.

on 22 March 2018

One thing that has me concerned though is that there hasn't been a whole lot of use for translucent/volumetric materials or materials in general that exhibit transmittance in a lot of these tech demos. Developers do realize that light can also be transmitted through a material such as glass instead of being reflected, right ? Or is it just too expensive to evaluate these materials ? If so then that would be a massive disappointment and setback in material freedom artists can use since I was looking more forward to rendering effects such as caustics or multiple scattering with participating media (ray traced smoke/fog/soap/liquids look stunning with the volumetric shadows) rather than just shadows or multi-bounce specular ... (those are cool too but I desire more than just "reflective" materials)

I guess our next goal in rendering would be "volumetric ray tracing" or ray tracing with volumetric effects ... :)

on 22 March 2018

< curl-6 posted something on Pemalite's wall:

Out of curiosity, how does the Switch stack up to the Wii U in terms of CPU? I'm still a bit of a tech noob and not sure how an ARM Cortex A57 compares to Espresso.

Switch's CPU has the edge over the Wii U.
Especially once you leverage the dual 64-bit SIMD units. (The WiiU only has one 64bit or 2x 32bit.)

Games seem to be proving that as well.

In general... Corex A57 beats Jaguar by a fair amount and Jaguar will beat the Wii U's CPU by a fair amount if all at the same clocks. (And the A57 chips aren't clocked that much lower than WiiU's to make enough of a difference anyway.)

The A57 cores are simply a more efficient, more modern architecture.

on 10 March 2018


It's happening!

Woohoo, finally! You made my day, thank you!

Still a few months before insider-to-masses happens though right? I haven't been an insider in years, so can't remember the delay.

Also nice that the Xbox One S gets a similar treatment.

on 18 February 2018

It depends on the feature from my experience. But yeah, good to see the One S also getting the upscaling support for that resolution. Hopefully it gets to the general public sooner.

on 19 February 2018

yea we will agree to disagree.

on 28 February 2018

< quickrick posted something on Pemalite's wall:

OH even Microsoft said over 360 is more powerful then ps3, if it was a fact ps3 is more powerful they would sued up the ass, but good thing, its just a made fact

""With Sony if they do hit the specs which they've said they'll have there's a debate, there's a couple of categories where they outdo us, there's several categories where we outdo them. On balance I think most people who study the space will tell you our system is slightly more powerful then theirs from a hardware standpoint.."

Seems my comment dissipated.

Claims made by Microsoft/Sony/Nintendo in reference to their own and their competitors hardware capability should always be taken with a grain of salt.

They have a financial driven bias to shine their own hardware in the best possible light, whilst minimizing their competitors advantage.

I.E. The power of the cloud, blast processing and so on.

on 18 February 2018

< quickrick posted something on Pemalite's wall:

your whole argument is highly subjective, and not backed by any facts. I can go to beyond3d which i believe many developers and knowledgable people post, and they will say WII U exclusives don't look like anything 360/ps3 couldn't do, and not more technically impressive then 360/ps3 games does that mean they don't know what here talking about? and you are smarted then everyone else. you're not even a developer, so my point still stands. it a pointless comparison especially when you are comparing cartoony games vs realistic games so your computation budget differently . generally which exclusive looks better will go down to bias, just look at the SOTC vs BOTW thread.

So despite almost every port running worse on Wiiu developers didn't struggle with the Cpu? lets just make the old excuse of shit port or lazy developer, that commonly used by people being hurt about there favorite console running the game inferior to another.

I don't care if you think it is highly subjective.

Never once have I claimed that a WiiU exclusive doesn't look like it couldn't run on an Xbox 360 or Playstation 3.

Claiming I am not a developer is an assertion, do you have evidence for that?

When did I compare cartoony and realistic games? I am not comparing the games themselves, but rather the underlying technology.

We have already established that the WiiU's CPU is not it's strong point. You are making this argument out to be something it is not.

on 07 February 2018

we don't have proper documentation of the wiiu gpu, and looking at real world results, i dont see how most agmes no showing in advantges, infact a few games ran lower resolution proves the wiiu gpu is a step up.

on 07 February 2018

We do know the WiiU is a Very-Long-Instruction-Word based Radeon graphics processor, so we can draw comparisons to the other GPU's in that family using a similar ISA.

As for games not showing advantages... Keep in mind for a long time that Call of Duty not only performed worst on the Playstation 3, it looked worst, it ran at a lower resolution than the Xbox 360 counterpart... That is despite the higher theoretical performance ceiling the Playstation 3 offered.

You can have the best hardware in the world, but if it's capabilities are not appropriately utilized, then it's pointless.

on 08 February 2018

the thing is ps3 had clear disadvantages, if it was clearly superior it wouldn't have those problems, in the end people who had a 360 enjoyed the best experience in most games, and thats all that matters when comparing hardware.

on 08 February 2018

Indeed the Playstation 3 does have some disadvantages.

But that doesn't mean it isn't the platform that is technically superior in terms of capability.

It just means, the games that are ported to the Playstation 3, that suffer a reduction in performance and image quality are shit ports as they aren't leveraging the hardware capabilities appropriately.

on 08 February 2018

i wont call them shit ports, , it's more like ps3/wiiu were hardware thats not as good as 360, if the hardware is superior in noteworthy way most developers will get there games run better, that never happened ,it just means each hardware has a disadvantage and advantages, and if you want the hardware that runs games best which is all that matters in the end, it's 360.

on 08 February 2018

Playstation 3 did eventually have games that ran better than the Xbox 360 version.
It wasn't common. But it did happen.

And WiiU has games that not only look better than the Xbox 360 version, but run better.

on 10 February 2018

that need for speed was a minuscule upgrade.

on 11 February 2018

It was still an upgrade.

on 12 February 2018

No one in their right mind would assume that the WiiU was some kind of technical marvel that was capable of generationally-more complex visuals.

It is certainly more efficient.

It's still more capable than the Xbox 360/Playstation 3 when games are made it's way. But a generation leap it is not.

on 12 February 2018

i wouldn't consider it any leap at all.

on 12 February 2018

and almost every 360 port thats better then wiiu doesn't count because of the shit port excuse, but once there is a upgrade, hey look it counts.

on 12 February 2018

One of the biggest and most annoying limitations for Developers last generation was DRAM or lack thereof.

The WiiU rectified that to a degree compared to the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.

on 12 February 2018

It really doesnt matter, wiiu the whole gen ran games worse then 360 because of the cpu, it even had 3 games run at lower resolution, superior hardware runs mots games better.

on 12 February 2018

* Superior hardware that is on the market long enough so that developers have ample time to learn.

* Has a large enough marketshare to make the financial investment and time feasible to port games over in a high quality state.

* Actually takes advantage of all the platforms various nuances.

The Playstation 3 wasn't getting great ports until years into the generation despite it's "superior hardware". - I think that's the point you continue to gloss over.

on 12 February 2018

superior hardware doesn't really need that, it just runs games better, even after all the years 360 games usually ran technically demanding games better then ps3, but we''agree to disagree.

on 12 February 2018

what you are describing is hardware that has advantages and disadvantages, and to the developers that got the best results on 360 that was the superior hardware for that game.

on 12 February 2018

Are you trying to assert that the Xbox 360 is superior to the Playsation 3 on a technical level?

on 15 February 2018

I said they both have there advantages, and disadvantages, depending on what the game required each console can be superior to one another. but like its highly debatable, ps3 being superior is not a fact.

on 15 February 2018

only fact there is, is 360 ran most games better, if you wanted most games running better, the fact is 360 was superior.

on 15 February 2018

Having advantages/disadvantages is a given.
The Xbox 360 also had disadvantages.

But trying to assert that the Xbox 360 is technically superior to the Playstation 3 is ludicrous.

I am not going to play this insane game any longer. Haha

on 15 February 2018

why don't post at beyond3d most developers have the same opinion.

on 15 February 2018

acrtually many developers think 360 is superior the important is nobody says its a fact

on 15 February 2018

Why would I bother with Beyond3D?
I am involved in other circles.

on 16 February 2018

well i'm just pointing out 360 being superior is not absurd as you think because even developers share that thought, even a game developed leading on ps3, sees very little downgrade on 360, as hardware it ran games better which would qualify as superior hardware in my book, but every has there opinion on the matter.

on 16 February 2018

It's not an opinion.
It's a fact that the Playstation 3 was technically superior.

Especially once you start leveraging Iterative Refinement on Cell.

on 17 February 2018

its not a fact, just stop it. if developers can say its not more powerful, that makes it not a fact, your opinion is not fact.

on 17 February 2018

You are throwing allot of assertions out there without knowing all the facts.
How do you know I am not a developer?
How do you know I am not a hardware engineer?

Have you seen my credentials? You can try and assert your logical fallacies all you want, but they are just that.

And I won't just "stop it" this is my wall. I will say whatever I desire within the confines of the sites rules.

If you don't like it. Take a hike.

The Xbox 360 is not as powerful as the Playstation 3. That is a fact. Not opinion. Fact.

The fact I am even having this discussion in 2018 is stupid, it is ludicrous.

on 17 February 2018

what makes your word better then other developers. I really doubt you are developer btw, but yea its not a fact, if it was . a fact people that actually worked with the hardware wouldn't say 360 is better,


on 18 February 2018

Hilarious. An article from 2006... A time where developers were still coming to grips with the hardware?

Besides even the article you posted states (And I quote!)
"On paper, PS3 has more raw processing grunt than Xbox 360"

It even goes on to state: "In essence the two systems are actually fairly closely matched in terms of graphics."

And that's just the GPU. Once we start bringing the CPU into the equation, the Playstation 3 beats the Xbox 360.

Oh no. You may have won this debate. /sarcasm.

Come back with something that actually properly backs up your claims or where you can show that you have a low-level understanding of both sets of hardware.

And whether you think I am a developer or not is ultimately irrelevant. I am not obligated to justify myself to appease some random person on the internet... Because to be blunt... I don't give a shit what you or anyone else thinks.

on 18 February 2018

One developer has publicly (although anonymously) stated that Xbox 360 - in games programming terms - is the better machine as the GPU is more powerful, providing greater pixel and vertex processing horsepower. Do you concur at all? Is this really what it all comes down to?

did you miss that part? ro about another developer


never mind that the original article blitz games, actually got better results on 360 despite working on the strength of each ssytem

At Blitz our cross platform technology enables us to develop simultaneously for both systems and spend our time playing to the strengths of each.

on 18 February 2018

but you are right one, despite 360 running most games better the whole gen basically, and developers saying 360 is better, ps3 is more powerful is a fact, just laughable , i would bet my house you never worked on any console.

on 18 February 2018

Perhaps if you were comparing the complete platform rather than a specific component you might actually be onto something.

The GPU doesn't do anything without the rest of the system you know.

on 18 February 2018

I'm actually not seeing this cpu advantage, almost every game ran on 360 better, and the most technically demanding cpu wise were open world games, and they all ran on 360 better the whole gen.

on 18 February 2018

You aren't going to convince me otherwise with such a poor argument and even poorer evidence to back it up.

on 18 February 2018

you can think what ever you want the fact remains 360 ran most games better the whole gen, GPU showed a bigger advantage in ports then ps3 cpu, evn when tailored for ps3, 360 handled with no problem, microsoft, the developers, which made those comments early on in the genration where in fact right.

on 18 February 2018

Towards the end of the generation... The games had an advantage on the Playstation 3.

on 19 February 2018

no they didn't even towards the end of the generation most games ran better on 360. it was till rare for a ps3 version to be better, and if it was, it was only slightly.

on 19 February 2018

In your opinion.

on 19 February 2018

i can'r even think of one ps3 game where it had a big advantage against the 360 version, even when ps3 was lead.

on 19 February 2018

Just because you can't think of it... Doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

For example... L.A. NOIRE.

And now you need to ask yourself... Why it's better on Playstation 3.

on 21 February 2018

thats one game, with a very small advantage in frame rate that targeted ps3 to it's best yet 360 handled it well, while ps3 had trouble just hanging with 360 in most ports that didn't even target 360 specifically.

on 21 February 2018

You are missing the point entirely.

on 22 February 2018

what point? that 360 just runs games better period.

on 22 February 2018

The fact I have to essentially spell it out is a little disconcerting.

I'm going away for a few days. So I'll let you think a little harder on this topic.

on 22 February 2018

i already know why it runs better on ps3, it was developed to take advantage of ps3 strengths, but even then 360 handled it pretty damn well, being only slightly worse, there are actual ports that lead on ps3, and 360 has the better versions, 360 was just the better hardware.

on 23 February 2018

Playstation 3 had superior hardware to the Xbox 360. That cannot be disputed.

The Xbox 360 had hardware that was simply easier to work with. That also cannot be disputed.

What that means is that the bulk of multiplatform titles will look and perform better on the Xbox 360.

But games that fully leverage the Playstation 3's hardware will be a step up over anything the Xbox 360 could realistically achieve.

on 26 February 2018

i highly disagree most people will tell you GTAV is most technically impressive game on both, and i'm sure they both max out the hardware, same with a numbers of games. not lets pretend third party games don't max out the hardware, but what ever feel free tot think what you want buddy. you think rockstar games and many thirdparty with huge huge budgets didn't leverage the ps3 as best they could then you are sadly mistaken.

on 26 February 2018

And you are assuming I am ignorant. I'm not.

Many developers try to achieve parity on multiple platforms for various reasons.
Even the PC gets held back by consoles at times.

on 27 February 2018

lol parity, gtav was the only time, rockstar was able to achieve parity usually the ps3 version of games are worse.

on 27 February 2018

and are usually worse by a nice margin.

on 27 February 2018

Are you telling me that rockstar fully tapped out the capabilities of the Playstation 3, even resorting to iterative refinement where possible?

Do you have citations for this that provides low-level information?

Otherwise this conversation is boring and you aren't really adding anything new and just wasting time.

on 27 February 2018

your argument doesn't, make sense, games that are barely running at 30fps on 360/ps3 you dont think developers 'maxed out the hardware in 6-7 years. it actually a miracle they got some those games to run.

on 28 February 2018

I don't even know what you are trying to accomplish at this point.

This is going around in circles. And it's boring.

on 28 February 2018

< CGI-Quality posted something on Pemalite's wall:

February is going to be a little different. I've decided to skip the Titan V, for now, and keep most of what I have. The Two Titan Xp's, 64GB DDR4, i9 7920X. I'm only adding the H500P Mesh White Tower, a 2TB SSD, and getting slightly less stacked mobo.

September is where I'll drop some serious cash again, moving to whatever Intel CPU is the fastest (with most cores), 64GB of additional RAM, and, whatever NVIDIA may have that's faster than the Titan Xp and ISN'T the Titan V.

Titan V is so purty. But I personally don't believe it's worth the extra dollarydoo's over a pair of Titan XP's.

I'm going in the opposite direction to you though. I'm going smaller, more energy efficient... And get a massive NAS happening with about 30 Terabytes of storage.

Energy prices are trending towards 50' cents per kwh...
So a 65w CPU and a beefy GPU in an ITX case with a custom water loop is what I am doing right now... And is all I need for 1440P.

Plus my needs have changed, less time on the computer, more time on the dirt bike and the Gym. :)

This year seems to be more iterative improvements rather than big shakeups on the tech front anyway.

2019 could get more interesting as most manufacturers should be on 10nm/7nm by then.

on 27 January 2018

Agreed. 2018 is a "tick" year. With them figuring all of the Spectre stuff out, and GDDR6/DDR5 in the pipeline, the real business (tock) starts with 2019.

on 27 January 2018

Hoping DDR5 brings some big bandwidth gains to be honest... Mostly for the APU gains.

Navi, GDDR6, Zen 2, DDR5, Cascade Lake, Ice Lake... Not sure what nVidia has up it's sleeve.

on 28 January 2018

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