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    Prediction: Xbox One will outsell PS4 WW by Q1 2016

    in Gaming Discussion on 24 December 2017 by CGI-Quality

    FattyDingDong said: Looking back I realize how wrong I was with my prediction. Everyone thought I was just kidding around but I was indeed being serious, I was still under the impression that Microsoft was the same aggressive company as they were during the Xbox 360 era. I was wrong. Even if they had been as aggressive, they wouldn't be ahead WW. ...

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    I Believe Xbox One Needs A Mininum $150 Pricecut To Be Competitive Again (I Eat That Crow)

    in Sales Discussion on 13 October 2015 by ethomaz

    Things changed but my thread not so much. PS4 is officially at $349. Xbone needs to cut to $299 ASAP. To sell more in US it needs to reach some crazy levels like $249....

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    What is the GOLDEN AGE of Gaming?

    in Gaming Discussion on 29 March 2015 by ExplodingBlock

    4th and 6th...

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    PlayStation’s Father Ken Kutaragi Might Collaborate with Sony Again Soon

    in Gaming Discussion on 11 February 2015 by Mikmster

    Ken is a genius, his failure was sony brass that let him have to much freedom and run with his ideas. If they can maintain control and build the right business case his product can do wonders for them....

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    Will Xbox One Win in USA This Year?

    in Sales Discussion on 03 January 2015 by PilChiu

    Puppyroach said: PilChiu said:No, not a chanse. Only bad things are coming for the XBONE. If you think the temporal sales because of reduced price tag will help, hell no. 329 $ might sold some consoles but the people who wanted a 330 $ XBONE already bought one for Black Friday. And now with the 330 $ PS4 selling in some markets there is ZERO chanse for XBONE to sell even remotely...

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    Halo: MCC Over Tracked On VGchartz

    in Microsoft Discussion on 12 December 2014 by Kerotan

    foodfather said:VGC probably attempted to account for bundles, since XBO games do not generally come with disc based games on bundle. Either way, MCC has obviously sold more than what its shown on NPD. The bundles probably put it at 1 mil in the US easily. On forums, there were just as many people playing the digital copy as the disc based on. it's the same for all games. smash...

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    Is this going to be a clear one sided generation for the PS4?

    in Gaming Discussion on 07 December 2014 by JudasKiss

    I think the PS4 will just break 100 million, the Xbox will be around 70 or 80...similar to the 360. Wii U will end with 40....

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    GTA5 for PS4 will do the same Numbers of TLoU:R

    in Sony Discussion on 27 November 2014 by Wazowski

      the last of us Week EndingWeekWeeklyChangeTotal 02nd August 2014 1 731,788 N/A 731,788 GTA V (ps4) Week EndingWeekWeeklyChangeTotal 22nd November 2014 1 2,189,342 N/A 2,189,342  :P...

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    Prediction: Xbox One will carry US and Europe

    in Gaming Discussion on 29 October 2014 by Kerotan

    Fei-Hung said:I think toasters will outsell both the PS4 and X1. Toasters can take in multiple pieces of bread and various variety of bread. The hardware is stronger, cheaper and can withstand high temperatures. It's family friendly, has no drm and is totally badass. wow so toastboy gets the last laugh. ...

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    Xbox One Doing Very Well Despite the Naysayers.

    in Gaming Discussion on 08 October 2014 by black8jac

    Jega said:   Xbox One is still tracking ahead of the Xbox 360 despite being $100 dollars more than the Xbox 360 at launch. http://www.vgchartz.com/article/251881/xbox-one-vs-xbox-360vgchartz-gap-chartsaugust-2014-update/ Xbox One is still moving tons of multi-platform games despite the Playstation 4 version being higher resolution, which shows that many Gamers just don't care. The...

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    Why Microsoft will not win even In US & UK

    in Sales Discussion on 14 September 2014 by Aura7541

    TheDrill said: Arkaign said: Yep, the X1 is in a truly abominably horrible state of affairs if the best anyone can cling to is a ~3k boost on the back of a free game bundle on a heavily promoted Madden game, on a site known for overtracking the X1 EVEN AFTER NPD showed X1 losing the month yet again. And that's not even taking into account that many people held off for the white...

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    Trolls drive Anita Sarkeesian out of her house...

    in Gaming Discussion on 03 September 2014 by Madword

    Hoodieninja said: Actually Kratos was having sex with a Prostitute it makes sense in that Context.It wasn't ill ad-vised, people are just taking this too seriously.Kids have heard words like Hoe before, this is just like the father who got mad at Portal 2 because Glados making fun of Orphans.And seriously so what? It's not like Kids constantly look at other peoples Trophy. It's just a...

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    When will America & Canada start being pro-consumer like other countries?

    in General Discussion on 28 August 2014 by NiKKoM

    Those the US even have someone like Neelie Kroes? who is the European Commissioner for Digital Agenda.. and watches over the US? She watches over media and information issues such as telecoms and IT. She gives those might fines big companies like MS and forced browser choice on Windows...

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    Sony Is Working Towards “a Future Where Consoles Could Disappear” as it Tackles Cloud Gaming

    in Sony Discussion on 28 August 2014 by Garland

    JOKA_ said: SvennoJ said: JOKA_ said: I don't understand this....at all.  Its not inherently more fun to play a game from a disc than from a hard-disc drive.  This doesn't change the game, just how it gets to you.  In the 80/90/00's data on a cartridge or disc was the easiest way to get you a game, so thats how it was sold.  10 or 20 years from now, the...

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    The Xbox One is a MAJOR FLOP in mainland Europe (6,697 units sold post-price cut). We need to talk about this.

    in Sales Discussion on 23 August 2014 by drdante

    that's not looking good for MS :( hope when Destiny, Sunset Overdrive, Quantum Break and especially Halo collection come out, the sale will spike again. Anyway off topic, hows Vita doing there?...

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    Sony Comments On Lack of AAA Titles For PS4: "Perception Issue, 2015 Great For Core Players & More"

    in Sony Discussion on 17 August 2014 by chrisarsenalsavart

    When u consider all the great third-party games that already came out after just few months after launch+ some good first party launch games, it makes me laugh about people like you complaining on and on. U clearly became a gamer this very gen cause if you look at each Previous consoles, quality games were very few and scarce in their first year on market. Go on and check on any vintage gaming...

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    Fanboys and their insufferable Double Standards!

    in Gaming Discussion on 14 August 2014 by NobleTeam360

    Agree 100%...

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    Another Gnikananab Rumor. "Sony secured an exclusive from a 3rd party dev, becase dev is impressed with PS4 sales

    in Sony Discussion on 12 August 2014 by Boutros

    Boutros said: Maybe Ninja Theory Edit: OH LOL Wow I was right about Ninja Theory making a PS4 exclusive LOL...

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    Something Xbox gamers are now saying

    in Gaming Discussion on 12 August 2014 by greenmedic88

    How about as long as one doesn't have to buy/own an XBO in order to play X game it really doesn't matter whether it's on another competing platform? I don't expect Xbox fanatics to see it this way. My expectations aren't that high....

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    Are the PS4 versions of multiplats really better??

    in Gaming Discussion on 11 August 2014 by jnemesh

    Darc Requiem said:The fact this threat topic gets posted so often speaks volumes. If the difference between the PS4 and XB1 was so inconsequential we wouldn't get these types of topics with regularity. AMEN!  The topic gets rehashed over and over again...mainly by those who want to defend their own personal preference in consoles.  While the debate between fanboys on both...

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