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    < Kaizar posted something on Jexy's wall:

    Vote for your favorite Comic Book Movie of 2013, and also check out the OP:


    Top 18 Movies of Summer 2013 Thread:


    Star Wars episode 7,8,9, & sides Thread:


    < man-bear-pig posted something on Jexy's wall:

    Post your face!


    < Machina posted something on Jexy's wall:

    It's no use arguing logic v pro-EU Europeans. They think there's some grand American or market conspiracy to bring about the downfall of their pet project. Bullshit, of course, the Euro was a political project from the start with zero basis in economic reality, but they'll blame anyone but their own leaders for its failure.

    I was reading that stuff before college, studied it in college, trading stocks now, talking to my financial advisor, in the know with with politics, business, tech, and I was probably arguing with two 14 year olds the whole time for all I know. I really need to start checking the age of the posters who argue with me. Last time a 15 year old was telling me about life and death and how animals are people too. Good grief.

    on 13 January 2012

    < osamanobama posted something on Jexy's wall:

    you sound smart

    It's a terrible burden to bear these days.

    on 04 January 2012

    < yo_john117 posted something on Jexy's wall:

    I just wanted to let you know that your responses in the XBL thread were very good.

    I try to be as levelheaded as possible. Yes I play on Xbox and PC, but I still recognize the PS3 for being a great console. But one of the features it lacks is a truly great online experience. Same with PC. Hackers, others skipping all over the place with laggy connections... 3 of my top 4 experiences playing games have been on PC, But Live is better, it's worth it, and it really isn't expensive. There are deals everywhere and I don't know anyone who pays full price.

    on 19 December 2011

    Yeah I do the family pack with 3 of my friends/cousin so I end up paying $25 for an entire year of XBL. And yeah PSN is great especially being free and Steam is very good as well but I was just getting so annoyed with people basically trolling Xbox Live users and your argument against them was excellent.

    on 19 December 2011

    Well this website IS like 75% PS3 users, so you almost have to expect that. You should have posted it in Xbox discussion instead of gaming, since only xbox people would use live anyway :p

    on 19 December 2011

    Oh I wasn't the author of that thread.

    Regardless of what thread section it was in they would have come anyways because many can't miss the opportunity to hate on XBL

    on 19 December 2011

    oh, my bad, then whoever the thread author was. Oh well. But yes, you're right, they would have. I don't understand it really. I think it's more of a younger kid thing. Once you get older you realize that console wars doesn't mean too much, you just want to have fun. But when you're younger you root hard for certain things and really want them to win, whether it be a sports team or I guess.. a game console. Then you get over it after you find better things in life. It doesn't help that Microsoft is very successful and Sony is really hurting right now. Companies going in opposite directions. So it makes the 75% on here have some sort of inferiority complex which gives them a need to bash on Xbox. Very similar actually to the Red Sox fanbase vs the Yankees. There's an inferiority complex in Boston for some reason, even after their World Championships.

    on 19 December 2011

    < Millenium posted something on Jexy's wall:

    Yep you're right, ME3 didn't debut WW on all platforms, I kinda meant launch aligned, I should have clarified :)

    Also some movies definitely are extremely frontloaded even if they're no good.

    As for Dragon Age 2, couldn't agree more, DA1 might have been to hard for some, but dumbing down DA2 hit them back in the face in terms of fan feedback and sales.

    Their fan feedback was some of the worst ever for it. CoD or some other game could get away with changing something easier, but not Bioware games. Their fans expect the best, and their fans are into thinking a bit more in their games... so when you insult them with DA2, they react strongly. I can't remember what website (maybe Amazon) but they immediately downrated DA2 to a 1 out of 5 stars or something like that. It was rough.

    on 19 December 2011

    < spurgeonryan posted something on Jexy's wall:

    What do you think about the Cardinals winning the WS? I remember you posted in my baseball thread before.

    < Jexy updated his status:

    Can't wait for Mass Effect 3!

    < Kynes posted something on Jexy's wall:

    I don't want to say his name explicitly, because I'm sure that it will provide me a long time ban, but it's ridiculous sometimes.

    < Jexy updated his status:

    Bought 12 new games on Black Fri thru Cyber Mon... I'll never have time to play them all :p

    < mary101 posted something on Jexy's wall:


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    good relationship with you, please i need your cooperation,

    am yours mary

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    < dsister44 posted something on Jexy's wall:

    It was Toastboy. *Shivers*

    Telling me to stop telling people to buy Viva Pinata

    < dsister44 posted something on Jexy's wall:

    Well, I just hope your first was better then mine

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