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    COMG! Japan Pre-order Chart Thread - Daily updates!

    in Sales Discussion 11 hours ago by Agente42

    all the market bet against the leader. And we have this depressing results. ...

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    Japan sales (Week 7): Media Create/Famitsu/Dengeki - February 12-18, 2018

    in Latest Charts on 22 February 2018 by couchmonkey

    Teeqoz said: Ka-pi96 said: If that were then true Monster Hunter would have died out years ago :-P Street Fighter too actually :-P And Dynasty Warriors :-P And Pokemon *raises flame shield* Nice one, but let's be honest, those games are all way more popular than Bayonetta, combined sales of tge first game are about half a mil on ps3 and 360....

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    Xbox Exec Responds To Claims That Microsoft Has Too Few Exclusives In 2017

    in Microsoft Discussion on 18 December 2017 by Errorist76

    S.T.A.G.E. said: Technarchy said: VR has nowhere to go without more content, and consoles don't exactly have a sound history of mass adoption of expensive peripherals. Only 2% of PS4 owners have opted for VR, so it's got a ways to go to be a significant factor. Sony is not mass marketing VR properly, but they are more than adequately arming it with titles. They tend not...

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    Microsoft is deserving of praise, not criticism, for XBox 1 not having many exclusives

    in Gaming Discussion on 18 December 2017 by Shiken

    It is out of fear that their system might get phased out early due to more people buying the competition. If Nintendo has games on the go and a high amount of exclusives, people will buy your console. See the Switch. If the PS4 when it first launched runs multiplat games better than X1 AND has a good amount of exclusives, people will buy the PS4. If the X1 has all of the same games as PS4...

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    USA Pre-Order Chart: what sells better - SMO or CoD WWII (PS4)?

    in Sales Discussion on 07 December 2017 by Jranation

    Pok87 said: The winner is... Super Mario Odyssey!!! SMO - 331,699 vs CoD:WWII (PS4) - 315,637 Wow! Was not expecting that. ...

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    Amazon U.S. November bestsellers and general Amazon-based discussion

    in Sales Discussion on 02 December 2017 by KLAMarine

    Kerotan said: KLAMarine said: I like going that extra step. Well you didn't in your last response to me. You slacking? Sometimes it's not necessary....

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    BLACK FRIDAY: who will win of the big 3?

    in Gaming Discussion on 25 November 2017 by Aura7541

    Not sure if this has any significance, but Reuters specifically cited the PS4 as one of the biggest sellers among electronics and toys: "TVs, laptops, toys and gaming consoles - particularly the PlayStation 4 - were among the most heavily discounted and the biggest sellers, according to retail analysts and consultants."...

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    Amazon U.S. October bestsellers and general Amazon-based discussion

    in Sales Discussion on 07 November 2017 by WebMasterFlex

    Not for long don't worry : today is launch of course it is high but it will go down fast and it's launch and can't reach #1....

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    WTF!! Q1 January- March(2018) Japanese games!!

    in Gaming Discussion on 06 November 2017 by NoCtiS_NoX

    Updated the OP with the trailer and release date for this https://gematsu.com/2017/11/seven-deadly-sins-knights-britannia-launches-february-9-americas-europe And release date and new trailer for SoTC remake....

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    You're suddenly put in charge of the Xbox division. How do you steer it towards a recovery?

    in Microsoft Discussion on 01 November 2017 by CartBlanche

    GhaudePhaede010 said: Exclusive games that are not also on PC and proper advertising of this fact. I could bring the whole company back by having quality prospects like (the cancelled) Scalebound only on XBOX. And by only on XBOX, I mean ONLY ON XBOX. By giving gamers no choice but to get the game on XBOX and effectively advertising this fact, sales would definitely grow. And if the right...

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    Official: Sony Paris Game Week conference (October 30)

    in Sony Discussion on 31 October 2017 by TallSilhouette

    PGW definitely exceeded my expectations. Just wonder if PSX will suffer because of it. Maybe it will be more gameplay and hands on demo focused. ...

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    The "my" first VR experience

    in Sony Discussion on 31 October 2017 by BraLoD

    DonFerrari said: BraLoD said: Go and buy a sealed copy, than I can forgive you. I plan to, of GTS of course. Of course you will....

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    My PS4 is dying (I think)

    in Sony Discussion on 18 October 2017 by estebxx

    Nem said: Tbh my pro has behaved weirdly aswell of late. It has randomly crashed and rebuilt the database and it has become noisier. I do think it will go bust soon enough. I just hope it is within the first 2 years. My PS3 has had that same problem with the database (it happened at least twice) years ago and it still works today (i have it since 2009), hopefully your PS4 doesnt...

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    Sony Expects to Sell 78 Million Total PS4 Units By The End of Fiscal Year 2017

    in Sony Discussion on 05 October 2017 by Ka-pi96

    We've already known that since like April or something when they first made the forecast... :-P...

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    Prediction: PS4 up YOY big time in 2017

    in Sales Discussion on 15 September 2017 by thismeintiel

    squibbfire said: I actually have a few theories that Nintendo switch it actually going to increase PS4 sales..and I already think its hurting xbox 1 sales. I don't think it's increasing them, but I do think that they offer a different enough experience, and varied 1st party, that they aren't hurting each other.    Xbox's problem is that there just isn't enough reason to...

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    UK software sales (Week ending 7/29/2017)

    in Sales Discussion on 08 August 2017 by Steven666v2

    pastro243 said: Steven666v2 said:   Gamers can see past this fickleness. Which is why physical games stores (along with the naff pricing structure) in the UK are on their knees. Game will be gone within a year...

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    PlayStation E3 2017 Press Conference Thread - It's over

    in Sony Discussion on 20 June 2017 by BraLoD

    Bandorr said: BraLoD said: Bandorr you bastard, you were running my thread behind the scenes!? Yes, I'm also the reason there has never been another LoD.  That's how powerful I am. Nah, you are shoting way too high there....

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    PS Plus Reaches 26.4 million Subscribers As Of March 31 2017

    in Sony Discussion on 24 May 2017 by Ka-pi96

    Kerotan said: This thread has become quite dramatic lol.     It really has! :O...

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    Should Sony make a PS4 portable? And would you buy it?

    in Sony Discussion on 14 May 2017 by Pemalite

    Yerm said: the Switch's power falls somewhere between a Wii U and a PS4, The Switch's power falls somewhere between a Calculator and the most powerful super computer on Earth. Yerm said:also remember the Vita, which basically was a portable PS4 that people hated so much that Sony stopped making portable consoles entirely. The Vita has nothing on the Playstation 4 in...

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    Amazon U.S. February bestsellers and general Amazon-based discussion

    in Sales Discussion on 13 May 2017 by Insidb

    Shadow1980 said: Insidb said: I came back for your birthday, so happy birthday. Geez. Took ya long enough. :-p Thanks! If you're gonna be ungrateful, I take it back! You're more than welcome lol....

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