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    Siren getting HOME Space Also Siren Blood Curce Getting Price Drop

    in Sony Discussion on 06 May 2009

    yes!!! im getting a 320GB this week so i might give siren another go...

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    Marvel vs. Capcom 2 Announcement Coming Tonight.

    in Gaming Discussion on 28 April 2009


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    PS3 owners come in!

    in Sony Discussion on 26 April 2009

    0 of 3...

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    Dead Space is better than RE5 would you not agree?

    in Gaming Discussion on 10 April 2009

    resident evil all the way...

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    PS3 tops sales in Japan

    in Sales Discussion on 05 April 2009

    now what sony needs to do is to drop the price atleast 50 bucks to mantain this small lead ...

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    Valve: L4D pushes 2.5 million at retail!

    in Sales Discussion on 28 March 2009

    deserves it...

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    Rumor Price Cuts Coming in April For BOTH PS3 and 360!!!

    in Gaming Discussion on 20 March 2009

    i think the arcade will get a price cut of 30$ 100 is too much...

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    IGN makes a HUGE blunder and lies -- Says no RE5 Mercenaries mode Online!

    in Gaming Discussion on 07 March 2009

    agree zenfoldor, besisdes they gave it a 80 on presentetion cuz of these issue, it seems that way...

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    IGN makes a HUGE blunder and lies -- Says no RE5 Mercenaries mode Online!

    in Gaming Discussion on 07 March 2009

    ign sucks for me now.....

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    IGN's Resident Evil 5 Review

    in Gaming Discussion on 06 March 2009

    isnt merceneries online?? it was confirmed some days ago...stupid ign...

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    Resident Evil 5 Ending... (MAJOR SPOILERS)

    in Gaming Discussion on 05 March 2009

    great ending, the last moments remind me of re1 ending ...

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    The 5 most over hyped games of this generation

    in Gaming Discussion on 28 February 2009

    mmm i dont know about the rest but mgs4 lived to the hype and gta4 failed badly...

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    Resident Evil 6 to be a complete overhaul of Resident Evil 5 YESSS!!!!!

    in Gaming Discussion on 23 February 2009

    bad news....damn...

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    iPhone's Metal Gear Solid to Feature Sniping, MGS4 Story

    in Gaming Discussion on 21 February 2009

    mmmm i wonder if it will be avaible in mexico?...

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    Street Fighter 4 Sell 86,000 Day 1 Japan

    in Sales Discussion on 13 February 2009

    i excepted more actually.......

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    Xbox 360 has the edge over PS3

    in Gaming Discussion on 08 February 2009

    great article and if there wasnt for RROD i alredy had a xbox 360...

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    What's with the RE5 controls?

    in Gaming Discussion on 08 February 2009

    i had ZERO problems with re5 controls but a little bit on the aiming on kz2 but after a little practice its good now...i guess gamers this gen are just crying babies...

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    Resident Evil 5 Demo Is Up On EU Store!!!

    in Sony Discussion on 02 February 2009

    cura said:lol you guys are absolutely pathetic. The controls are just as good as RE4 gamecube controls were (maybe even slightly better with the ability to make the rectile move faster...you know you have looked at the controller options right?). The only difference between using the wii controls and the traditional controllers is that the wii mote would allow greater speed and accuracy in...

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    I'm so disappointed - RE5 Demo

    in Gaming Discussion on 02 February 2009

    type D actually is the better one ..... 0_o for me atleast...

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    Killzone 2 demo hits EU psn on February 5th

    in Sony Discussion on 02 February 2009

    same as us dbot =D but witout paying =P...

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