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    Your thoughts on Windows 10

    in PC Discussion, last active on on 18 August 2015

    To the people that upgraded what are your thoughts on Windows 10?...

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    Would it make sense to bring the stickies back?

    in Website Topics, last active on on 29 July 2015

    I think it would be nice to bring the stickies back for each of the forums, it only makes sense to keep the threads that's always on the first page at the top, if people want to ignore them they just jump past the stickies and can go on the the newer threads instead of scrolling through the same old top threads. We just need a new rule of how a thread becomes stickied, maybe make a thread where...

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    Not sure to be excited for Final Fantasy VII Remake

    in Gaming Discussion, last active on on 18 June 2015

    It's something I've always dreamed of one of my top favourite games of all time being remade in HD. Sounds exciting and it should be, but why am I so uneasy right now. Square Enix has really let me down over and over during the last 10 years or so, they went from being my favourite developer to probably my least favourite because of how often they let down their fans. You can say I'm a little...

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    I get it now, General Discussions to become the new Section 8

    in General Discussion, last active on on 08 June 2015

    Removing from the main page, people refuse to post here anymore, everytime you post here a user tells you not to. It all makes sense....

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    The Void - New indept virtual worlds built around a real environment

    in Gaming Discussion, last active on on 09 May 2015

    Not sure if posted its a few days old....

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    Can you drink alcohol when "driving/sitting" in a self driving car?

    in General Discussion, last active on on 01 April 2015

    Is it legal to be in a self driving car and drink alcohol? Do you want it to be legal or illegal? why?...

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    ioi leaving VG Chartz for NEOGAF!?

    in Website Topics, last active on on 30 March 2015

    WTF!! Time to find a new site, I messaged him the other day wondering when the new numbers were coming, this morning I got a reply! "Hello Gilgamesh, I know you and many of the users are very concerned about the weekly data and the reason for the halt. I've had some significant changes in my personal life that resulted in the delay. Honestly VG Chartz hasn't been profitable in over 6 months, the...

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    Playing all Pokemon games for the first time - Just finished Crystal starting Emerald

    in Nintendo Discussion, last active on on 31 March 2015

    So as my first Nintendo thread I think I'll make it a good one. I've decided to play all the main Pokemon games, not any of the console versions just the handheld games and only the Directer's cut versions since I assume there the best versions? I'll give a brief history of Pokemon and me. When I was about 9 it all started with the Pokemon anime, when I watched the first episode I was hooked...

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    Describe your parents

    in General Discussion, last active on on 28 March 2015

    Describe your parents, are they still together? Do you just live with one? are they both the same sex? do they treat you right how was your childhood with them? What are some memorial soties about them?...

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    We're a month behind in the numbers and ioi has been gone for over two weeks, what gives?

    in Website Topics, last active on on 04 April 2015

    1 month...that just seems crazy long when were use to having them every week (two at the most). A little explanation why and or at least tell us that the numbers will be delayed so everyone doesn't think the site's abandoned, are there some new complications? Give us some insight, let us into the head of ioi for a bit so we understand and not judge so quick. Hell Brett hasn't been on since March...

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    The Super Highway - Connect the world

    in Politics Discussion, last active on on 21 April 2015

    London to New York City by car? It could happen if the head of Russian Railways has his way. According to a March 23 report in The Siberian Times, Russian Railways president Vladimir Yakunin has proposed a plan for a massive trans-Siberian highway that would link his country's eastern border with the U.S. state of Alaska, crossing a narrow stretch of the Bering Sea that separates...

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    Intel Broadwell Core i7-5775C and Core i5-5675C Processors With Iris Pro Graphics 6200 Detailed

    in PC Discussion, last active on on 26 March 2015

    Intel is planning to launch the Core i7-5775C and Core i5-5675C processors based on the 14nm Broadwell architecture in second quarter of 2015. Detailed by VR-Zone, both processors (part ofIntel’s 5th generation desktop family) will feature the power and efficiency improvements added by Intel’s first 14nm process node and deliver relatively lower TDPs with completely unlocked...

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    Bloodborne Review Thread - MetaCritic 93% ~ GameRankings 91.47%

    in Sony Discussion, last active on on 22 June 2015

    Bloodborne is due to release March 24th - 27th worldwide. After seeing The Orders reviews the PS4 needs a highly rated game and I believe Bloodborne can do that. We're not going to be getting reviews for a few days but for now let's try some predictions of the average score, what you think the final rating of Bloodborne overall. I'm guessing a 89, if tables cooperate in VG Chartz yet I'll make...

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    NVIDIA Titan X Specs, Price, Benchmarks Leaked; Performance Compared With AMD R9 390X

    in PC Discussion, last active on on 17 March 2015

    Benchmarks of the new NVIDIA wonder card, Titan X, have been leaked. The leak comes fromVideocardz.com, and if the published scores are to be believed, the new Titan X from NVIDIA is nearly as fast as the Titan Z. So, why is this such an impressive feat? That's because the Titan X is a single-GPU card, whereas the Titan Z is a dual-GPU card. Additionally, the Titan X will reportedly sell for...

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    Dark Souls II or The Last of Us?

    in Gaming Discussion, last active on on 12 March 2015

    I need a new game and I'm stuck between two, I can only afford one for now. Both are in my amazon account and ready to go I just can't choose, which one will be best? (I have played Demon Souls and Dark Souls, the soul series is one of my favourites, but I've been dying to play TLOF since it's release) Edit: Decision has been made, bought The Last of Us!...

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    PS4 over 20 million sold (Adjustments!)

    in Sales Discussion, last active on on 12 March 2015


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    Angel Stone (Blur studios) - What PS4 & XB1 graphics could look like (video inside)

    in Gaming Discussion, last active on on 11 March 2015

    Blur Studio gives us a glimpse of what the end-of-generation graphics on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One might look like--especially once developers manage to optimize their games for the systems as well as they did with the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 a generation ago.  Their latest release, a short video called Angel Stone, evokes a whole lot of Final Fantasy (especially Final...

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    Video Game Hardware was a $67 Billion Market Last Year

    in Sales Discussion, last active on on 06 March 2015

    According to new information presented by analytics firm Jon Peddie Research, and video game industry made $67 billion in hardware sales last year. As measured by Jon Peddie Research, we’re forking out the cash for new video game hardware over the last year to the tune of nearly 70 billion on a global scale. Matching up with their earlier report of $26 billion in video game software sales...

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    Shouldn't the PS3 be soon getting a price cut? Will it matter?

    in Sony Discussion, last active on on 07 March 2015

    It's been a while since the last PS3 price cut, when do you think the next cut will come? Whether it matters at this point is the big question, will it make a difference at most regions? Probably won't make a big boost in Japan/Europe/North America, but the rest of the world (the more poor countries) will probably see a little boost....

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    After death your reincarnated into a video game, what game is heaven and whats hell?

    in Gaming Discussion, last active on on 16 February 2015

    Seen this on reddit got some funny responses. Heaven - Dead or Alive Extreme beach volleyball Hell - Demon's Souls...

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