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< Hynad posted something on Gilgamesh's wall:

< Hynad posted something on Gilgamesh's wall:

Hey, Four-armed swordman.

Which game do you reckon has the best apparition of Gilgamesh?

For me, I'd have to go with FF XII. =P

Oh most definitely FFXII, other then the story that was one of my favorite FF games.He was quite comical.

on 09 June 2015

Yes! The character was funny in it, iconic, the best rendition of Clash on the Big Bridge, battle was fun and challenging... It had it all.

I wish they would have incorporated the character to the actual world, and gave him proper cameos in villages and whatnot.

on 09 June 2015

Someday Gilgamesh will be recognized better in Final Fantasy....some day!

on 10 June 2015

< zexen_lowe posted something on Gilgamesh's wall:

We're chatting in skype, we have a group set up. My user is zexen47 if you wanna add me. Nice to see you doing well, how's it been?

Everything's been going great, I think some day I'll have to make a skype account then, I didn't know everyone moved on.

on 08 May 2015

Hah, well, it was the most convenient for everybody, the site chat was driving people out. Add me when you make it :p

Glad to see it's great, still a ps fan through and through? :p

on 09 May 2015

Natrually lol but I've been playing some Pokemon games.

on 09 May 2015

You sellout :-p

Since I bought my new pc i've barely touched my ps3...need persona 5 to come out

on 09 May 2015

I just played Persona 4 (first persona game I ever played) and it was magnificent, I'm really looking forward to Persona 5 now.

on 10 May 2015

Nice. You should play P3 while you wait, it lacks some of the improvements of P4 (controlling all party members) but it's an awesome game nonetheless

on 10 May 2015

< Turkish posted something on Gilgamesh's wall:

Bloodborne is at 93 again

Sorry been away for the last 4 days I'll change it.

on 05 April 2015

< Gilgamesh updated his status:

I'm stuck, either The Last of Us, Dark Souls 2 or Asura's Wrath as my next game.

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Write 213

Why is there so much negativity toward piracy?

in PC Discussion on 17 August 2015

Your arguments not very good, not all musicians or movie makers are billionairs looking to cash in  a lot is little bands/movie makers trying to make it big and well piracy helps spread the word it still hinders the amount of money they would need to cover certain cost. Now don't get me wrong I pirate movies, never games and well youtube has every song you'll ever want, but most of the...

Write 34

Do you VGChartz while you drive?

in Website Feedback on 15 August 2015

I think you have a problem......

Write 59

Ok this is getting ridiculous again

in Sales Discussion on 03 August 2015

Just go here for sales...


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