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    The Witcher 3 on Switch vs PS4 - The Complete Tech Breakdown DIgital Foundry Videos

    in Gaming Discussion 6 days ago

    Why people keep saying switch itís a 2015 technology? Itís an enhanced (quite better) version of nvidia shield. About the game, Nintendo supporters never cared about graphics, but this port is outstanding. Yeah it looks blurry and downgraded compared with Ps4/xbone versions, but having the ability to play it on the go is a big plus! ...

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    Global Hardware 28 September 2019

    in Latest Charts on 11 October 2019

    Dragon quest XI sure did help switch. Next week should be below 300k Healthy sales for PS4, Xbox one well... ...

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    TLOU part2 breaks all Ps4 Pre-Order Records

    in Sony Discussion on 27 September 2019

    Collectors and Ellie edition are not available anymore for pre order at amazon. I DO believe this game WILL break all PS pre order records. ...

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    CoD: Modern Warfare Spec Ops Survival Mode Exclusive for 1 Year

    in Gaming Discussion on 27 September 2019

    Same case as the expansions of GTAIV I know the strategy is not good, but I canít remember people bitching when x360 had a lot of exclusive DLC Deals! ...

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    Global Hardware 14 September 2019 (PS4 Tops 100M)

    in Latest Charts on 26 September 2019

    Wasnít the PS4 doomed?? ...

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    State of Play - 24 Sept

    in Sony Discussion on 24 September 2019

    Decent state of play For a 6-7 years old console in the market, donít know what people were expecting ...

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    Global Hardware 07 September 2019

    in Latest Charts on 21 September 2019

    I forgot to mention that I reckon the switch is over tracked (compared to vgchartz estimates) for Q2/2019 and ps4 undertracked for the same period (until know), just like happened with Q1/2019, but we will know at the end of October!! ...

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    What is the best Triple-A Game for PS4 ?? Top 3 - 5

    in Sony Discussion on 20 September 2019

    If anybody havenít played god of war yet, please, do yourself a favour and play it. Never was hooked with a game so much in long time ...

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    Global Hardware 07 September 2019

    in Latest Charts on 20 September 2019

    PS4: 6th year, no new Big releases, no price cut, MRSP $299/399. And over 200K Damm. Switch is doing better, the new model gave a big boost. Still I guess ps4 is undertracked and switch overtracked, but I could be wrong. ...

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    The Nintendo Switch Lite Launches This Week - Will You be Buying One?

    in Gaming Discussion on 17 September 2019

    Itís releasing this Friday (3 days remaining) and so far the best selling switch lite (according to amazon) is the turquoise sitting at number 51 out of 100 of best selling video games/consoles. Donít know if the sales are going to be that high, but at least here in Australia eBay plus are selling them for aud$229 which equals to USD 160. The RRP price is aud$299 and $329 for the Pokťmon...

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    The major third party developer whose sudden loss would be the worst

    in Gaming Discussion on 12 September 2019

    Capcom! ...

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    Overwatch announced for Switch! Launching October 15!

    in Nintendo Discussion on 06 September 2019

    Physical version is a download code only yikes!!! ...

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    Deadly Premonition 2: A Blessing in Disguise will be Switch-exclusive at launch

    in Nintendo Discussion on 06 September 2019

    It will come to other platforms after released on the switch. ...

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    Mario Kart Tour Launches on September 25th!

    in Nintendo Discussion on 27 August 2019

    Switch is killing it ...

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    10th August 2019 HW sales

    in Latest Charts on 23 August 2019

    The Americaís numbers for PS4 could be a little bit undertracked. I canít remember if this was the week that PS4 slim had a price cut of $50 ($249.99) for a couple of days at all retailers or is next week (week ending on 17th August) ...

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    Sony: "You will see in the future some titles coming to a wider installed base"

    in Gaming Discussion on 21 August 2019

    Chazore said: Well, there it is:https://www.dsogaming.com/news/son-will-release-its-fast-paced-multiplayer-dungeon-crawler-readyset-heroes-on-the-epic-games-store/EGS of all places, because of the split. I mean, at least MS is actually releasing their games to an audience that's both bigger and means more to the platform the games are being released on. They could have easily...

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    Witcher 3 impressions

    in Nintendo Discussion on 20 August 2019

    think-man said: I must have been the only one watching the trailer thinking "this game looks so terrible" :/ I know the switch isn't very powerful but, the graphics look so watered down that it looks like you are playing a game where the textures haven't loaded in yet. Sorry, not impressed by this port :/ Trust me, you are not the only one. ...

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    Sony: "You will see in the future some titles coming to a wider installed base"

    in Gaming Discussion on 20 August 2019

    Key words are: ďmy studiosĒ and ďsomeĒ The rest of speculation is just rubbish P.D: what is the switch has to do with this? ...

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    I recently bought the PS4. My first Sony console.

    in Gaming Discussion on 07 August 2019

    Que bueno que la pudiste probar :) Just like a few mentioned above try the following: - Gow III remastered - Gow - Spider-Man - horizon zero dawn complete edition - Nioh - Bloodborne - Until Dawn - Re 2 remake - Re VII - Red Dead Redemption 2 And many more Also, you have a great selection of fighting games on the system: SFV arcade edition, tekken 7, soul calibur VI,...

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    Global Hardware 20 July 2019

    in Latest Charts on 01 August 2019

    So prime day had zero effect on PS4? Possibly, we will see some adjustments. ...

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