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< Smeags We've gone full prude.
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< Smeags updated his status:

We've gone full prude.

< outlawauron posted something on Smeags's wall:

If you actually posted in the Skype chat, you could have been apart of the discussion.

*laughs* Are you there now? We've stolen ConeyG from you. :P

11 hours ago

Smeags, that statement hurts more than you know. :-(

11 hours ago

< Smeags updated his status:

Hail Hydra

Hail Hydra

1 day ago

Who/what's Hydra?

1 day ago

Something Samuel L. Jackson's brother helped building.

14 hours ago

Captain Planet reference?

11 hours ago

< Slade6alpha posted something on Smeags's wall:

Is there a thread for Wii U NNIDs? Can I add you on Wii U? Need more friends xD

His Wii U NNID is, wait for it... Smeags.

5 days ago

I think I may have saw two Smeags when searching... Although that may have been someone else.
That was the first thing I did though.

5 days ago

It seems he didn't comment to help you out.

Smeags, why you being so cruel?!

4 days ago

I know :(
I think I really annoyed him by sending him a lot of creepy messages on miiverse :(


4 days ago

Soon. Soon.

4 days ago

< AshKetchum1992 posted something on Smeags's wall:

Do you know if I can change my nickname? My pokemon anime fanboysm phase already passed XD

You'd better answer this man. He's getting serious with the multiple wall posts! :P

To answer; I don't think so no.

5 days ago

Sorry the double post was an accident, do you think I can use an alt account to post instead of this one?

5 days ago

VGChartz doesn't allow you to edit your account name. The only way to do so would to permaban this account and for you to create another.

5 days ago

bwahahahaha! ehhhh....sorry, but they are correct.

5 days ago

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Write 77

[Staff] The gamrConnect Community and How We View Avatars and Signatures

in Announcements 6 hours ago

gooch_destroyer said:   Smeags got that Ban hammer ready. :-D ...

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[Staff] The gamrConnect Community and How We View Avatars and Signatures

in Announcements 6 hours ago

badgenome said: Is my avatar too sexy? :-( From modchat: 8:49 pm    So whos gonna make badgenome change his avatar then? Joe Boan 8:52 pm    Lol yay     And badgenome just needs to be permabanned if turning on the community is a crime @Spurge I gotta balance out your...

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[Staff] The gamrConnect Community and How We View Avatars and Signatures

in Announcements 6 hours ago

Akiran said: ohh I meant the Sakura Trick gif lol Oh yeah, but the new GIF perfectly shows the loss and sadness. :-P...


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