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< RolStoppable posted something on Smeags's wall:

Why can't I post hateful messages on your wall?

Because I haven't given you permission.


6 hours ago

Oh, it works now. Got blocked twice before and the second time I even got logged out automatically. I thought that had to be quickest ban ever, even faster than the one time Conegamer gave me the boot.

6 hours ago

Weird. When ioi comes by every blue moon, strange things happen.

6 hours ago

By the way, "salty" became a trend because it isn't consistently moderated. However, if you started to do that, users would just move on to another word or be more stealthy in their expressions, because life always find a way.

It might be worth thinking about encouraging direct confrontations between users while broad statements will be frowned upon. That will cause less ill will among the community in the long run because such expressions will be far less ambiguous and thus many users who were previously unsure will know that they were actually not targeted by someone else's statement. It also makes the job for the mod team easier because far less interpretation will be needed.

Like I said in the first paragraph, you will never be able to do away with it. But you'll have to find ways how to best deal with such situations. I don't think pushing in a direction that will make stealth attacks more prevalent does anyone any good.

If someone says "Rol is a hypocrite", then that will be far less troublesome than someone saying "I should have known that Nintendo fans are hypocrites". The former would give a user (in this case, me) an opportunity to defend himself against accusations while the latter potentially rallies up an entire fanbase which will predictably end in a much bigger confrontation.

And while I know that the mod team doesn't like it when users go at each other, such discussions can actually clear up misunderstandings between both parties and thus reduce the number of grudges that are held within the community.

Yes, that was long. But you locked my thread, so I had nothing else to do.

6 hours ago

I don't expect you to respond to the above, but I remembered why I even came here in the first place.

Why is it that when I post complete garbage, I get my thread locked, but others get to have their garbage go on for even hundreds of replies at times?

5 hours ago

*laughs* I have only myself to blame. :P

Seriously though, you're right in that "salty" is just another bullet in the chamber.

And group generalizations are definitely more toxic than someone calling out an individual, that much is for sure.

Aka, I agree with a lot that you said. Something to think about heading into the weekend for sure. Especially while I'm left to my own devices...

5 hours ago

Because I just logged on, saw the thread. Then I saw yours.

Hence our search for additional mods. :P

5 hours ago

Okay, makes sense. Lately it feels like starcraft is the most active mod. That's not a good sign.

You have to be grateful that the community hasn't noticed yet.

5 hours ago

Well we knew there would be a ramp up in activity (and therefore poor activity) as E3 approaches. E3 and the holidays are VGC's busiest times.

The plan is to have mods before E3. Trial by fire. :P

5 hours ago

< Smeags updated his status:

The "Salty" posts are quickly becoming a growing trend, hopefully it's just a phase that can be tucked away in the old "How not to debate others" textbook.

< Ka-pi96 posted something on Smeags's wall:

I was skeptical, but maybe you're right...

Smokey Spam and Popcorn Goujons

Goes great to the tunes of Taylor Swift!

7 hours ago

Oh Smeags, you're on fire! :D

7 hours ago

< Versus_Evil posted something on Smeags's wall:

Now the xbox community is practically non existent on this site and take it from someone who actually speaks to the xbox guys, they won't be coming back even for slades thread, I have to ask... Was it worth it? :/

All we can do is move forward and continue to support those who want the best for this site and its community. So in that sense, I believe we can grow from this, absolutely.

15 hours ago

< tak13 posted something on Smeags's wall: Oh that boy reminds me someone... Is that you,smeagonator?lol :P

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