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< Smeags A very nice VGChartian just blew me away by gifting me Bioshock Infinite. Thank you very much. #^_^#
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< noname2200 posted something on Smeags's wall:

< gooch_destroyer posted something on Smeags's wall:

I'm glad that I held off on buying a 3DS. lol

Heh, I hear ya.

By the time the new ones come out, you'll be set for life.

17 hours ago

< spurgeonryan posted something on Smeags's wall:

I will post on your miiverse to boost your already astronomical EGO!!!

That is what you win Mr. ....Racoon. Is that your counter to ConeyG's Cat creature?

I was first. >:(


3 days ago

Ok. I will yeah you. Just do not yeah me back.

3 days ago


Sorry. :(

3 days ago

conegamer is second on your friends list right now. That means he is either watching or just recently watched your profile. I am out of here!

3 days ago


3 days ago

Why..what is...

3 days ago

Is that really how it works? Huh

1 day ago

< Clyde32 posted something on Smeags's wall:

Would you know how to make a thread private and then public after?

You can always put the thread into the NSFW section, then switch it to whatever it truly is. NSFW threads don't show up on the main page.

3 days ago

That or I can lock it for you, you edit what you want, and then I'll unlock it when ready. It's how I prepare larger threads without being interrupted.

3 days ago

Well that's good. I'll pitch the idea to one of you guys and see if it will work.

3 days ago

< Nymeria posted something on Smeags's wall:

Hi sneaky raccon man! We are friends, now help me move stuff! :P

You order the pizza, then I'll move the couch.

3 days ago


3 days ago

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Fire Emblem Mafia - Game Thread - Concluded

in Gaming Discussion 1 day ago

Once again, weekends suck for me. Sorry everyone. :-( Keeping track of the shenanigans, and we have ~59 hours left until night 4....

Write 18

What spin will Nintendo fans use to justify dual analog, more powerful handheld and console gaming on the go?

in Nintendo Discussion 2 days ago

Cobretti2 said: This thread is a train wreck waiting to happen. But yeah, this thread has served its purpose....

Write 4

Bioshock On The iPhone Shows Just How Close Mobile is To Home Consoles.

in Gaming Discussion 3 days ago

What do I win?!...


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