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< Wright posted something on Smeags's wall:

You've been reading too much Allan Poe, it seems.

That and Dr. Seuss.

21 hours ago

< RolStoppable posted something on Smeags's wall:

I racked up 400 level ups in one hour in Hyrule Warriors. Will update my thread next week.

*mouth hits floor*

2 days ago

Amazing, isn't it? Although in the beginning I went two hours with zero level ups.

2 days ago

Was it that Giant Boss glitch?

I tried attempting it a couple of times with no luck. Honestly, leveling up each character individually can be overwhelming. I'd love to have a way to have a more powerful character quickly and efficiently.

2 days ago

Yes, the rupee glitch. I tried it often enough to have it work on a more regular basis now.

The bad thing is that the game uses damage caps, so there is a limit to how powerful you will be. Whether you have level 100 or 200, if the game says this or that is the highest amount of damage you can deal in a specific mission, then it is this way and nothing can be done about it.

For regular leveling, the bottom left corner of the Master Quest DLC is one of the best ways. From about level 80 onwards the EXP gains are fixed, so you always get 6-7 level ups all the way up to level 255. There is supposedly a more efficient way on the Twilight map where you kill dark versions that split up and have yourself killed by the last one to restart without having to go through loading screens. I think that nets 40-50 level ups per hour as opposed to the 30-35 from the Master Quest map, but the latter is much easier to play and comes with the benefit of racking up a lot of kills to unlock various skills. I never used the Twilight method; no point anyway because of the rupee glitch that enables you to buy 80 levels for each time it triggers.

2 days ago

< Dr.Vita posted something on Smeags's wall:

WTF, why is Kerotan banned? He is one of the best users on this site... Can you give him please one last chance? Pleaaaase!!! :(

< Smeags updated his status:

The future of this community... it seems that we're always on the edge of some drastic change. I wonder how the next big change will shape us?


4 days ago

We're on the edge of some drastic change? :o

1 day ago

< Cloudman posted something on Smeags's wall:

Heya Smeags, I felt like I haven`t chatted with ya in a while. How ya doin`? I`m hoping all is well.

Same ol' same ol', but that sameness is (hopefully) leading to a better future. ^_^

Also, is it June yet? :P

6 days ago

I`m hoping the same ol` is good at least. Are you hoping for anything soon?

Sorry, it`s not June yet. Are you wating for E3?

6 days ago

Yeah, E3 helps with the gaming doldrums. :P

And it's just schooling. Going for an education degree. Looking forward to moving on with it. ^_^

6 days ago

Oh, so are you graduating soon? Are you planning to teach?

6 days ago

In two years at the most. *knocks on wood*

I'm trying to focus on history and drama. I've always enjoyed both.

6 days ago

That`s a cool mix of subjects. Sounds like you can have fun with those 2, as separate or mixing them around. It could make for some fun classes, haha.

Hang in there, you can make it to the end. : )

6 days ago

It's either that or modding... but one doesn't pay... *cries*

6 days ago

: < Well, I`m rootin` for ya~

6 days ago

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VGChartz March Madness '15 -- Tournament Thread *Second Round: Ocarina vs. Super Metroid, Metal Gear Solid vs. Skyrim, etc.*

in Gaming Discussion 4 minutes ago

Second Round Ocarina of Time vs. Super Metroid Super Mario 64 vs. Super Mario Galaxy 2 Persona 4 vs. Chrono Trigger Super Smash Bros. 4 vs. Pokemon Red/Blue A Link Between Worlds vs. Final Fantasy VII Skyrim vs. Metal Gear Solid Super Mario Galaxy vs. Majora's Mask Xenoblade Chronicles vs. Half-Life 2 The Wind Waker vs. Metroid Prime Portal...

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Nintendo Direct confirmed for tomorrow

in Nintendo Discussion 14 hours ago

You're slow, bro....

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VGChartz Moderator Evaluation 2015

in Announcements 15 hours ago

Aeolus451 said: So.... did you guys get good grades or what? You guys are too nice to us. (k) The mods have been much tougher on each other in their separate Mod Evaluation. Especially on me. :-( Anyways, I'd like to have a final call. If you're interested in sending in your opinions, please do so now. ^_^...


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