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    What was the last Wii U game you bought? Any games in 2019?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 19 July 2019 by Snesboy

    Mine was BotW. Then when I got a Switch, I bought it again. ...

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    Solo Headed To Become A Flop? Yep, It Flopped.

    in Movies Discussion on 22 October 2018 by mushroomboy5

    d21lewis said: Huge Star Wars fan my entire life. I've seen every movie in theaters since Return of the Jedi when my parents took me. After the disappointed (I'm my eyes) of the last Star Wars movie, I decided to sit out on this one. Well, yesterday a friend of mine was watching it. I saw about thirty minutes of it and I have to say, I liked what I saw. It had the fun moments without all of...

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    Prediction: Labo is going to flop

    in Nintendo Discussion on 05 July 2018 by Bofferbrauer2

    Mnementh said: So... we have two weeks of Labo-sales now on VGC and take a look. As the prediction wildly vary and the definitions of success even more, it can bolster the point of view of probably nearly everyone, but it will be fun to look at it anyway. The variety kit is after two weeks just shy of 298K, the robot kit did 103K. Here the sales curve: As I see it, the variety kit has...

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    Name 5-10 of the "MOST" Likeliest 1st Party Characters to make it into SSB Switch as Newcomers!

    in Nintendo Discussion on 14 March 2018 by Pavolink

    tbone51 said: Pavolink said: I agree with the champions and Elma. Hope there are not a lot of fe clones again. That really needs to stop. Only Lucina is a clone and having her own space was a bonus. Look at alph from Pikmin for reference   Edit; an idea for thought, why not 2 links and 2 zeldas?   Zelda BotW can use all her 4 specials that the champions give...

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    Splatoon 2ís First Actual Splatfest - Mayonnaise vs. Ketchup

    in Nintendo Discussion on 22 July 2017 by NoirSon

    Mayo is good with certain foods. Ketchup is great on a lot of foods. But word of advice don't try either on steak, you look like a joke if you do that... in public. ...

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    Trump revealed highly classified information to Russian foreign minister and ambassador

    in Politics Discussion on 17 May 2017 by outlawauron

    SpokenTruth said: AsGryffynn said: Except they are not...  http://www.redstate.com/jaycaruso/2017/05/16/breaking-israels-statement-trump-leaking-intel-russia/ RedState and Fox.  But aside from the sourcing, did you honestly think their "official" line is going to be anything else? For Israel, much like many US allies, they want to work with the US far...

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    in Nintendo Discussion on 17 May 2017 by CaptainExplosion

    I'm definitely getting it when it comes out. :)...

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    What really happened in Sweden?

    in Politics Discussion on 07 April 2017 by bdbdbd

    So, what happened this time: http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/stockholm-lorry-crash-live-updates-10178982...

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    So Trump has already started messing up big time relationships with Mexico

    in Politics Discussion on 01 February 2017 by BraLoD

    contestgamer said: BraLoD said: What Hillary have to do with what you said? (btw I don't give a single shit for Hillary, would have voted for neither if I was a US resident)And as soon as people start realising that Trump's attitude will only backfire, because Mexico, or even less the World, will not bow to him, then they'll want him out, because if the president is doing such a...

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    Terrorist Attack on Quebec City Canada (Edit) Local Police has mention the Suspect

    in Politics Discussion on 01 February 2017 by CaptainExplosion

    Talal said: irstupid said:  He did not ban a specific religion from entering the United States. Former New York mayor Rudy W. Giuliani said President Trump wanted a “Muslim ban” and requested he assemble a commission to show him “the right way to do it legally.” I get wanting to to raise security and making sure the US doesn't face terrorist...

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    Switch Launch Feels Like a "Soft Launch"

    in Nintendo Discussion on 20 January 2017 by Mar1217

    Aerys said: superchunk said: An interesting image from Emily Rogers. https://twitter.com/ArcadeGirl64/status/822446404819976197 Its not fair and not accurate this comparison , real bias.   Putting Arms and TW101 on thé same level ? Lol really ?   And so many WiiU ports on Switch side   Although its not fair to count Xenoblade 2 which didnt...

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    Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash limited edition DLC set trailer

    in Sony Discussion on 04 January 2017 by COKTOE

    LivingMetal said: arcaneguyver said:   Yep. Western titles can have nudity, makes no sense that Japanese games can't. Or might rather be a case of nudity being acceptable as a 'topping' to games (Witcher, GTA), but not as a 'main ingredient' (these 'cheesecake so hard its nearly porn' games). Actually, I sort of empathize with Ka-pi96.  No matter where you stand...

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    Trump: 'Nobody Really Knows' If Climate Change Is Real

    in Politics Discussion on 30 December 2016 by Chris Hu

    Lafiel said: thranx said: the universe must revolve around us. All people believed this at one point in time. it must be true. Science is now a majority vote not based on facts and reason but on the community agreeing to it. Very Democratic and all. But what a load of BS. Science comes from the dissenters who question. By your standards there would be no advancement as we should...

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    Predict Pokemon GO download count (I am inevitably right)

    in Nintendo Discussion on 13 December 2016 by fleischr

    This will be my 2nd to last shameless necrobump of this thread. I'll bump it one last time when 1 billion downloads is confirmed by a reputable source....

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    Have you ever stopped playing a game for a reason related to the storyline?

    in Gaming Discussion on 09 July 2016 by Nuvendil

    Also, I'll admit that when the story in LA Noire required me to examine closeup the naked body of a brutally murdered woman, I called it quits. Just not comfortable doing that. ...

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    Former McDonald's USA CEO: $35K Robots Cheaper Than Hiring at $15 Per Hour

    in General Discussion on 30 May 2016 by DonFerrari

    MikeRox said: DonFerrari said: And on this bombshell we can finish the "the rich should pay more taxes" argument. Corporate tax should be abolished if you ask me. Taxes should be higher on other areas. Companies can very easily avoid corporate tax by diverting profits or "investing" etc. Starbucks used to do it here by the Dutch Starbucks selling the UK Starbucks the...

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    FFXV: Cities of big Scale, Combat Modes, and Aerial Battles

    in Gaming Discussion on 12 January 2016 by Mystro-Sama

    This game sounds hyper time we hear more about it. JUST GIVE IT TO ME NAO!...

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    Final Fantasy VII Remake winter update includes official title, other details in planning

    in Sony Discussion on 23 June 2015 by squibbfire

    CladInShadows said: Xxain said: You feel that way because you already know how outdated it is. Then you ask yourself, "When was the last time SE used a traditional turnbased battle system in a mainline FF? X-2  Wait, what?  Are you dictating how I think now? I feel that way because of Square Enix's recent outputs. It's like they're ashamed of their RPG roots or...

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    Done With Final Fantasy

    in Gaming Discussion on 04 February 2015 by thelalaby

    IFireflyl said: thelalaby said:   A) At the time of XIII's release, PS3/Xbox 360 had a smaller combined userbase than the PS1 and PS2 did when IX and XII released (as the latter two released near the end of the console's life, and by then both PS1 and PS2 had sold gangbusters). Furthermore, PS3 sold half what PS1 sold in Japan and less than half of PS2 sold...

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    New Final Fantasy XV screenshots! (Updated)

    in Gaming Discussion on 27 January 2015 by BraLoD

    Angelv577 said: BraLoD said: But you'll still be waiting for some good time :-PProbably not coming this year. Lol thanks for your touch of reality, make feel better. At least we are about to have an extraordinary year ahead, the waiting will be way easier this year XD...

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