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< BMaker11 updated his status:

What's going on?

< Nintentacle posted something on BMaker11's wall:

Is that Joel in your sig?


on 20 October 2014


on 20 October 2014

< Conegamer posted something on BMaker11's wall:

Hey, your GIF is too big so I've removed it. Please find a smaller one (

really? I've seen sigs of similar size. I'll just resize it with the image tool when I get home (my work computer is ass)

on 31 July 2014

It's more the file size than the actual space it takes up.

on 31 July 2014

< IIIIITHE1IIIII posted something on BMaker11's wall:

lol, that was brilliant!

Saved :P

I was the first comment in the thread and it completely irrelevantized (I don't care if that's not a word) the topic

on 05 June 2014

< hinch posted something on BMaker11's wall:

The thread was locked so I couldn't reply on there.

It wasn't a fad in the sense that people weren't just buying it just for those games/and controls because ther are many other factors in play for it. Like Nintendo's first party software. Yes, motion controls played a big part in its success, but it was would be asine to call the whole console a fad based on one aspect of the console. Motion controls was a hig hit for Nintendo and others tried to capitalize on that, by getting that audience over. Its just NIntendo dropped the ball supportin the console from the last few years of its life and abandoned it. Kinect and Move had no good games to fall upon.

Sorry. Double post :/

on 08 January 2014

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Write 230

Playstation 4 has sold-through 30.2 million units worldwide

in Gaming Discussion 1 day ago

greenmedic88 said:Out of curiosity, what was the craziest PS4 sales estimate from VGC users for 2015? That 38M was impossible...

Write 88

Why was Gran Turismo popular?

in Gaming Discussion 4 days ago

All you need is a more powerful car? If you play some A-Spec challenges where you get the option to pick more powerful cars within that challenge's requirements. But actual competitive modes, or even just doing an exhibition race, if you pick a car, any car, and the game will make your match with similar cars. When I got the Bugatti Veyron in GT5 and picked an easy track (Indy Motor...

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Bold Prediction: Uncharted 4 won't be as good as Rise of the Tomb Raider (Metacritic)

in Gaming Discussion 5 days ago

I highly doubt there's gonna be a sub-86 Uncharted. Unless Sony Bend makes it...


Height: 6'2

Build: Other

Favourite Games: Kingdom Hearts...period. Final Fantasy X, NBA Live 2003 (beast mode on that), Guitar Hero/Rock Band, Onimusha 3, and a little bit of Tekken every now and then.

Favourite Music: I've opened up just about everything EXCEPT's just not my thing.

Joe Satriani
Eric Clapton

Favourite Films: Last Samurai, The Dark Knight, The Hangover

Favourite Food: Pizza, burgers, fried know, the things that make us Americans obese....even though I'm only 165 lbs.

Hobbies: Electric guitar, basketball, VIDEO GAMES, anything technology based

About Me: Changing my sig, but this is something I felt I needed to save from my old one:

My take on the "3rd party games don't sell on the Wii" situation:

If you take a purely objective stance on the topic, then yes, the Wii DOES sell 3rd party games. There's no getting around that. But when it comes to games targeted at, just no. So everytime ANOTHER developer say that their games don't sell and 3rd parties are struggling with the Wii, and you guys pull out your "million seller" links for Wii games, just know that you're trumpeting the success of such smash hits as: "Deca Sports", "We Ski", and "Just Dance"....not exactly the types of game that you should really be cheering for. But hey! The Wii sells 3rd party games, right?! So when Capcom sees that those games are selling alot, don't ask why SFIV was on every platform except the Wii. They'd rather make "Capcom Mini Game Party", and it'd sell 2-3M. And then you guys would add that to your list of 3rd party games that sold a million....and only further my perspective

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