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    < the-pi-guy posted something on LadyJasmine's wall:

    Thanks for the (clearly accidental) friend request.

    < sethnintendo posted something on LadyJasmine's wall:

    You are actually pretty smart for a girl and especially someone your age. It must be that Canadian education system right?

    Thank you, most guys dont like it that I meet in reality.

    on 26 November 2016

    Yes, an intelligent female is very scary.

    on 26 November 2016

    Yeah and I am not a conservative but I am a moderate as well lol

    on 27 November 2016

    Ah is Canada pretty conservative or split like USA? I don't really like any parties but like a few things in both parties. I believe in a balanced budget but think we could cut more waste from military than gutting social programs.

    on 27 November 2016

    Canada is quite liberal but it switches parties every 10 years. The liberals and tories are not that different really so the country is not very split.

    on 27 November 2016

    Hey! Pretty smart for a girl is MY pickup line!

    on 06 December 2016

    < manuel posted something on LadyJasmine's wall:

    Okay, here it goes, I'm sending you the obligatory Dick pic, because you're flirty and hot. Open at your own risk:

    And if you decided to look at it, let me know if you like it. ;)

    on 02 November 2016

    Lol.....creepy from Japan.

    Just kidding Manuel, you should come play some mafia again.

    Oh...not kidding about the creepiness factor.

    on 26 November 2016

    tinypic is a bad place for dick pics.

    on 14 December 2016


    on 03 January 2017

    < hershel_layton posted something on LadyJasmine's wall:

    I just saw your post on creepy men making nasty comments about you. Personally I say ignore or screenshot it and send it to mods. Unfortunate that you can't show some skin without a sausage festival arriving, but I guess that's some men for you...also, would you mind telling me what kind of watch that is?

    yeah that is why I dont share my face :) the watch is michael Kors

    on 25 October 2016

    Oh god, not Michael kors. I'm too broke to afford their stuff lmao (won't even think about getting it as a gift for someone). Also, thanks for the friend request

    on 25 October 2016

    I bought for myself through working too :)

    on 25 October 2016

    < dongo8 posted something on LadyJasmine's wall:

    Thanks for the request Jasmine :) I hope VGChartz is treating you alright so far!

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    So how can anime be saved?

    in General Discussion 1 day ago

    The issue with anime seems to be that... There are a lot of great shows but it seems like one or two shows just act like a vacuum and just dominate . Meaning any show that has broken outside of Japan is the show that gets the focus the most. I think Attack on Titan is the show now but even a show like DBZ are still insanely popular then many current anime shows. Maybe not in the anime...

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    Pokemon Sun and Moon (bad decision)

    in Nintendo Discussion 1 day ago

    I find it odd that after Pokemon Gold and Silver the games are devolving in a post game. I think Black and White 2 was the game that stuffed the most into it I think. ...

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    Trump committed to cutting ties with Europe, apparently, in favour of Russia...

    in Politics Discussion 1 day ago

    I think the EU is more screwed as it will have many migrants due to war and climate change and its soical welfare state will start to breakdown....


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