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    Immersiveunreality After a week of not playing i did beat Blazing bull on first try without using health pots,feeling k
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    PlayStation Nation: Definitive Edition - Plus Games For June Announced

    in Sony Discussion 3 minutes ago by Bristow9091

    COKTOE said: Horizon Zero Dawn is amazing. It might be my GOTG. Spending so much time with it that the music that plays during the initial loading sequence, as well as that at the merchants and main menu, is starting to bother me. Probably going to take the music off for a bit while I focus on some of the more basic tasks, as they'll be less likely to come with their own unique...

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    Why can't Dems presidential hopefuls pull this much people for any of their rallys? <20,000+

    in Politics Discussion 12 minutes ago by RolStoppable

    Azuren said: RolStoppable said: I hope this post was intentionally ironic. And I do hope this post as intentionally satirical, but I won't hold my breath. Synonyms for a name he chose aren't insults. What I couldn't get out of mind is that there's an active user in political threads who goes by the name of SpokenTruth. Since you are fixated on a user's name to...

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    The Official US Politics OT

    in Politics Discussion 41 minutes ago by RolStoppable

    I like to put the political spectrum in seven categories: Far-left Left Center-left Center Center-right Right Far-right My observation of the political landscape in the USA is that there are only two parties who unsurprisingly form two sides. However, the catch is that the republican party only covers the spectrum from right to far-right while the democratic party encompasses...

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    Razer Drops Streamer for Calling Men Trash, Says It's 'Extremism'

    in Politics Discussion 1 hour ago by flashfire926

    I'm on razer's side with this one. You will always find bad apples on the internet. She should've kept thicker skin, being an "influencer". ...

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    Kid cries as his base is raided and his loot plundered in Rust videogame

    in Gaming Discussion 4 hours ago by Immersiveunreality

    Fallawful said: Immersiveunreality said: Aw poor kid.Small things of personal achievement can mean the world for some children. Yeah, I agree with this. Guy was just playing the game, but I would've been nice to the kid. Edit: I also wouldn't be letting my kids play Rust. It's designed to be frustrating and tough and obviously kids have the emotional developments of...

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    Take a video game company you think is failing and steer them in the right direction.

    in Gaming Discussion 4 hours ago by potato_hamster

    sethnintendo said: Mnementh said: Current owner of the Atari trademark is actually a classic game company named Infogrames. I saw this logo in quite some games back in the day: Yea I think I remember that logo or company.  Just kind of gets to me...  One would think it would be Infogames.  It is like whoever thought of name for company was suffering from...

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    PS5: Leaked Design And Technology [RUMOUR]

    in Sony Discussion 16 hours ago by TallSilhouette

    ^ Hope it's true. I'd be happy with that level of power. ...

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    Days Gone is Bend Studios highest selling game ever.

    in Sony Discussion 1 day ago by Cerebralbore101

    Azzanation said: Cerebralbore101 Well nevermind that literally every other reviewer on the planet gave the game high praise! That can also mean someone that favors 1 reviewer can take 1 very positive review over 80 average ones. It goes both ways. I simply follow the only review that matters.. my own. Uh, no. Taking a single reviewer's word on something...

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    Sekiro: Shadow die twice, holds strong at 90 on Opencritic based on 111 reviewers. GotY?

    in Gaming Discussion 2 days ago by Cerebralbore101

    Chrkeller said: I found the game incredibly cheap, from the perspective of how hard the enemies hit in comparison to how hard our character hits. Seven Spears, in a single hit, can take 90% of my HP. Meanwhile if I get a hit in, it takes 1% of his HP. That is why I view the game as cheap as they come. The difficulty doesn't come in enemy design, it comes simply from being under powered....

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    Why haven't they made this obvious game yet?

    in Gaming Discussion 3 days ago by John2290

    CaptainExplosion said: Gonna bump it. Why haven't they made a Looney Tunes fighting game? I see your bump and I raise you one more bump.  Why havn't they made an over the shoulder point of vuew snooker game.  ...

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    Favourite E3 2019 Conference/Event

    in General Discussion 4 days ago by Darwinianevolution

    Nintendo and Microsoft won, but E3 is more and more becoming the Devolver Digital Show for me. It's like waiting for a new episode of Breaking Bad, only you have to wait a whole year... ...

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    Pop culture references in Final Fantasy games

    in Gaming Discussion 4 days ago by gamingsoul

    Zinedine zidane: very successful French soccer player, won the World Cup with France in 1998, also the name of ff9’s protagonist.Also I don’t know if this counts as a pop reference but the intro song in ffx features vocals and instrumentation very similar to the German band ramstein, the song du hast being a good reference point. nobou uetmatsu said that the intro from one winged...

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    Today I took my first japanese class at my local college (need help)

    in General Discussion 5 days ago by Immersiveunreality

    dx11332sega said: That took so long but I did it I passed my japanese class got a C in the end Late gratz!!!! Just remembered i learned counting from karatelessons as a kid,funny i always connected them with Karate and not Japanese haha. ...

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    When will the Zelda BOTW Sequel Release? Predict!

    in Nintendo Discussion 5 days ago by RingoGaSuki

    I've been calling a BOTW sequel for months now, since way before it was announced. My gut feeling has always been November 2020, I still feel that. ...

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    Breath of the Wild 2 will take place in the same Hyrule.

    in Nintendo Discussion on 17 June 2019 by CaptainExplosion

    Immersiveunreality said: CaptainExplosion said: Makes sense to me. It's like Ganon, assuming that corpse is Ganon, is looking at Zelda to say "Did you think you were truly rid of me?!!". Ganon is the pigform and the force that reincarnates into Ganondorf that is the Gerudo humanlike form. Right, that's what I meant. ...

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    Police officer Mohamed Noor has been convicted and sentenced in controversial trial

    in Politics Discussion on 12 June 2019 by DevilRising

    The dude murdered someone. Period. Every cop who demonstrably isn't "defending themselves" should be punished like this. And frankly, while I get that it's a dangerous job, this isn't the movies. This "shoot first, ask questions later" needs to stop being the police's reflex response, period. ...

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    All 42 Mega Drive/Genesis Mini revealed! Plus one more surprise!

    in Gaming Discussion on 10 June 2019 by Bofferbrauer2

    KungKras said: Does it have a functional cartridge slot? At that size, the cartridges can't fit, so no. ...

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    Unpopular Gaming Opinions

    in Gaming Discussion on 10 June 2019 by Amnesia

    Well, you asked for it... Secret of Mana remake and Castelvania 64 (both) are actually good games. Pokemon is shit, Sword and Shield will sell more than 25 million even if it is technically a scandal in 2019. The boss of Pokemon, the one we see at the start of the trailer, is so sure about his power and success whatever he does, that he could even show in a reveal trailer his own shit (yes,...

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    New Final Fantasy VII Remake Teaser Trailer

    in Sony Discussion on 10 June 2019 by LMU Uncle Alfred

    TranceformerFX said: gamingsoul said: Omg so much controversy for a single character’s voice, people have become obsessed with black characters, it is the black characters that have to perfectly represent the black community, nobody cares about any other ethnic race. I remember the controversy when capcom relieased the first re5 trailer the community went nuts, sadly that was...

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    Bandai announcements leaked: Tales of Arise, From Software Elden Ring, and Ni no Kuni Remastered

    in Gaming Discussion on 09 June 2019 by Nautilus

    twintail said: Nautilus said: Honestly?Because its fun. Evene if you know the title of the game, you already go to the conferences where this game has a chance of appearing with the expectation "Oh, so thats the Tales game" instead of "Oh shit, whats this game?Oh holy hells, its a Tales game!" Some people might find this silly, but I watch E3 to be entertained, and being...

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