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The James Bond Rewatch

in Movies Discussion on 28 January 2020

I just saw Moonraker. It was dumb. Fun but dumb. So, so dumb. Every cliche that the 007 movies are accused of is here. And yet it manages to be quite an entertaining movie, both in its highs and its lows. That opening with the freefall was stunning, especially because there is absolutely no especial effects there: they really filmed the scene while in free fall. That's nuts, just for a couple of...

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Game of the decade: The 1990s

in Gaming Discussion on 27 January 2020

Age of Empires II, by far. The best RTS ever made to date. Other great games were Pokemon Red/Blue, Chronno Trigger... ...

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(UPDATE: Already Debunked) Rumor: Did Street Fighter V for Switch just leaked by EB games?

in Nintendo Discussion on 27 January 2020

Well, this was going to be an error from the start. How did anyone think Capcom would just sell SFV instead of re-releasing it as Super Hyper SFV Alfa-Omega Special edition (with download only for Europe)?. ...

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gamrConnect Presents: Their 1130 Greatest Games, as of 2019

in Gaming Discussion on 23 January 2020

Extensive work here, thank you. This mmust have taken a long time to make. ...

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TemTem, New Pokemon Killer?

in PC Discussion on 22 January 2020

The more pressure, the better. I may check it out once it comes out of early access. ...

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BioShock Collection headed to Nintendo Switch, according to ratings leak

in Nintendo Discussion on 21 January 2020

How big are the three Bioshock games? Will they fit on a Switch cartridge, or will they pull a Capcom and only include one of them on the card, and the rest have to be downloaded? ...

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6 New fighters in Fighter Pack 2 for Smash. Your Picks?

in Nintendo Discussion on 19 January 2020

1. Doomguy (Doom) 2. Rayman (Rayman) 3. Waluigi (Super Mario) 4. Shantae (Shantae) 5. Ring Fit Trainer (Ring Fit Adventue) 6. Crono/Frog (Chrono Trigger) ...

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GPD going to switch for joys

in Gaming Discussion on 19 January 2020

I'm interested to see if an emulator machine that follows the Switch's plug and play system appears out there. It won't replace the Switch for me, since I already have my PC for all the emulation I need, but it would be interesting regardless. A tablet powerful enough to emulate last gen is an interesting proposition. ...

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Metro redux for switch

in Nintendo Discussion on 19 January 2020

Nice, but sadly I already own them on PC. Still, more games are always good. ...

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Rumor: Proper Paper Mario on the way?! Oh and Metroid too!

in Nintendo Discussion on 19 January 2020

We'll know if this is true or not in the next Direct. Which, hopefuly, it will air soon. ...

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Alienware, promoting their Switch clone, tweets, "Switch is cool but... the limited number of games on it isn't"

in Nintendo Discussion on 18 January 2020

If I wanted an unlimited number of games, I would just play on my PC, since it has all the emulators I may need. ...

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If all PlayStation/Xbox games were on PC day 1, would you still buy a console?

in Gaming Discussion on 17 January 2020

If everything was on PC, why would I need more devices? ...

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Smash Bros DLC 5 Presentation announced: 01/16 6AM PT

in Nintendo Discussion on 16 January 2020

Mar1217 said: Hear me out.The new character will be ...Sakurai, himself. I would buy Reggie DLC in an instant. ...

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Top 18 New/remade RPGs coming in 2020

in Gaming Discussion on 16 January 2020

Can we count P5S as an RPG? It's more a Musou with RPG elements. Also, I'd be interested about Langrisser if the last game in the series didn't turn out to be one of the worst games of the whole 3DS library. It's going to need to be really good to redeem that flop. ...

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Rumor: Saints Row IV: Re-Elected is coming to Switch!

in Nintendo Discussion on 15 January 2020

curl-6 said: Ugh, more fossilized last gen shovelware.I hope this doesn't turn into a year of Switch drowning in regurgitated old rope while lacking worthwhile new releases. :( Hey, as long as they are good and there's enough new stuff, I'm fine. Plus, now Persona 5 is going to become last gen, so... ...

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Pokemon Sword/Shield Official Metacritic Score/Review Thread. (80)

in Nintendo Discussion on 14 January 2020

Ok, the Metacritic for both Pokemon Sword and Shield are 80 (why are they counted as separate games?). Thus, whoever voted 80 for the betting, congratulations.https://www.metacritic.com/game/switch/pokemon-shieldhttps://www.metacritic.com/game/switch/pokemon-sword Also, no idea on how to give away the betting profits, any help from the team? ...

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Sony to skip E3 again in 2020

in Sony Discussion on 14 January 2020

I wonder how long it's going to be until all three platform holders are out of E3, and it starts getting used only by 3rd parties. ...

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Smash Bros DLC 5 Presentation announced: 01/16 6AM PT

in Nintendo Discussion on 14 January 2020

Fine, but we still need a Direct. ...

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Use the wrong image to describe a game

in Gaming Discussion on 13 January 2020

Chrono Trigger ...

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MS: 1st party Xbox games will be cross-gen for "next year, two years"

in Microsoft Discussion on 12 January 2020

Now if only they made their games available on Windows 8, they jumped so fast to W10... ...

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