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    < AngryLittleAlchemist posted something on Miyamotoo's wall:

    When are you going to realize that context is more important than words and that restating the same thing a million times doesn't make you right? Honestly, you defend yourself too much and this pattern shows that you either have the worst wording ever(which isn't an excuse because you should clear that up on a 2nd or 3rd reply ... let alone an edit) or that you simply want to misrepresent what your extreme bias is.

    Didnt we agree that there is no point continue with this any more!? I wrote you whats my point but keep ignoring that. Ok, you dont agree with me, and I dont agree with your opinon, case closed.

    1 day ago

    You agreed but then literally wrote a response that completely disregards common sense. How do you think that saying the same thing over and over again counts as a good argument? YOU are the bearer of proof because you're the one who came to me and argued. Yet you just say the same thing over and over again. This is not about that one discussion either, you have a bad reputation of this and do it with every user. I'm not doing this to offend or mock you, the faster you learn what the problem with your replies are, the better arguments and points you can make, the more you contribute and the better of a user you will be : )

    1 day ago

    And for the record, I realise that my repating points can be hard, boring or annoying, but that's my way of discussion, I relly dont like when someone ignoring my points while we had a more "lively" discussion.

    1 day ago

    That's the thing though - no one is ignoring your points, we directly show why your points are false and you just repeat them. For instance i've told you a lot not to take things out of context - technically then I am "repeating myself" but that's only because what i'm saying isn't being addressed. When you repeat yourself, people are actively telling you why what you're saying isn't true, but you seem to think repeating the basic concept just makes you right. Again, seriously not trying to be rude. It's just frustrating.

    1 day ago

    And I disagree, if people answer to my point or for instance prove that my point is wrong, I stop repeating same thing.
    But you didtn relly answerd when I wrote what was exatly my point.
    I know it can be frustrating, its frustrating for me also to repeat same thing because person I talk to is ignoring usually one of my strongest point.

    1 day ago

    How did I not directly combat what you were saying? I literally said that you either A ) have terrible wording that took you a million replies to clear up or B ) were taking things out of context. And given your post history it's probably B. How is that not DIRECTLY combating what you're saying? It's not like i'm ignoring you. I mean honestly, it does not take a scientist to dismantle your points yet you completely ignore when your points are wrong or just inadequate.

    1 day ago

    But I already wrote to you that's possible that I used bad wording, and I agree that maybe seems that I taking things from context.

    And now I am not again sure thats bad wording or that you think this taking things from context, "My point was simple, Switch is not selling just because it's handheld, but because fact that has much bigger value like hybrid of home console and handheld, than it would if its just $300 handheld". Did you really addressed that my point?

    And this is definitely was bad wording, I actually don't think that someone ignoring me, but like you wrote, I repeat myself because what i'm saying isn't being addressed..

    1 day ago

    We're just going in circles again so i'll say this. I've seen you, in other threads where i'm not even part of the discussion, doing the same thing with other users. It seems like you do it a lot. I've never gotten this complaint, and i've definitely never not addressed someone's point. So unless you think i'm just purposely targeting you and trying to avoid your ultra super amazing points, then I don't know what you're thinking. Let's just agree to make things clearer and better if we ever get into a discussion again, ok?

    1 day ago

    Again repeat :D, I repeat myself because I think what i'm saying isn't being addressed, and offcourse that I dont like to repeat, like I wrote (again repeat), actually it can be frustrating.
    I dont think that you "purposely targeting me and trying to avoid my ultra super amazing points", I just think you misunderstood what was my point with Switch, maybe its my bad wording, things that you think are take out of context, or simply maybe you dont agree with me and thats offcourse perfectly fine.
    Il gave my best to use better wording (english is not my native language), and to not take out things out of context.

    1 day ago

    < Kerotan posted something on Miyamotoo's wall:

    I've seen you mention that Switch can easily make more profit for Nintendo then 3DS + Wii U. While on the hardware side I think it can, on the software side it will need to sell over 400m in software. The DS sold over 900m and the Wii something similar. So Switch won't come anywhere near 2 gens ago but at least it has a chance to beat last gen.

    What do you think? Will Switch top 400m in SW?

    Lol, nobody really has chance to come near Wii and DS, we talking about most successful generation for any company of all time, with 255m sold pieces of hardware and around 2 billions of software. Such a success will hardly be repeated by anybody.

    on 07 September 2017

    That was secondary point. main point is will it beat last gen? 400m?

    And the gen previous the lowest selling console software wise was Wii. So will switch software pass out the Wii? So without including the other Nintendo console from that gen will it beat just the Wii?

    Ps4 won't have any problem beating any of the consoles from that gen. already over 400m just physical.

    So what do you think Switch will do? It's got the benefit of being a hybrid so it gets the games that in the past would have been split between 2 platforms.

    on 08 September 2017

    It's very possible, even worst selling Nintendo Wii U with 13.5m and limited library sold units sold 100m units of software, its not hard to imagine that Switch will sell at least 4x more than Wii U sold.

    Wii had crazy attach rate, we talking about one of best attach rates ever, it was 9:1, so Switch will hardly beat that, but again it's possible.

    I don't see how PS4 has anything with this story.

    I think Switch will earn more money to Nintendo than Wii U and 3DS earned combined, we yet need to see if Switch will pass HW and SW combined numbers of Wii U and 3DS, but thats also posible.
    You also need to realise when we talk about profit and expanses, Nintendo with Switch like one platform has much less expenses than they had with 3DS and Wii U like two different platforms, going from R&D for software and hardware separate for 3DS and separate for Wii U to just one platform, or going from expenses for marketing for two different platforms to one.

    on 08 September 2017

    The Wii's attach rate was actually lower then the ps3 and 360. For that gen it was nothing special.

    We will see how they do financially. Their results have been very modest the last few years and when the 2017 figures come in I can't imagine Nintendo will be reporting crazy profits.

    Yes certain costs go down but the cost of making a game graphically suited to the Switch is a hell of a lot more then for the 3DS in 240p. Certain costs will go down and others will go up.

    on 08 September 2017

    Really, gave me number and link of those infos, 9:1 is officially one strongest attack rate ever in console gaming. 9:1 is special in any case.

    Actualy their financial results are on rise last few years after 2-3 years of losses around (2-3 years around and after 3DS-Wii U launch).

    Of Course, but remember more expensive 3DS game were $40, most expensive Switch games is $60. If you compare two different platforms and one platforms, it's fact that huge majority costs will go down for one platform compared two different platforms.

    on 08 September 2017

    Ps3 and 360 sold 15m less in hardware but sold more software and that's not even including digital. Do your math. More hardware but less software. It had the worst attack ratio of the 3.

    Yeah financials are on the rise (not exactly hard) but I can't see them getting anywhere near their glory days or Sony's current glory day.

    on 08 September 2017

    Again, gave me ofical numbers and link of those infos.

    Of Course you can make great results after few years of losses, fact that finances are on raise are good thing in any case. Again, Wii/DS era will hardly repet ever again, PS4 is path to be second best selling console of all times, so I dont see like problem if Nintendo dont make some money like Nintendo will do with Switch. But actually you can't say that Switch want make more profit to Nintendo than PS4 to Sony, we still dont know how big Switch will be, and remember Nintendo games always have great sales and offcourse companies like Sony or Nintendo make most profit on sold copie of 1st party game not 3rd party game. So maybe it will, but that doesnt relly matters.

    on 08 September 2017

    Sony make most from PS plus. Vgchartz is your link buddy. They have Wii selling the most hardware and the least software. Include digital and it's not even close. Wii had the worst attach rate last gen.

    on 08 September 2017

    Yes, PS Plus is gold mine for Sony, but Nintendo will also have own subscription, and Nintendo will keep up making huge profit on their games.
    VGC numbers are not official numbers. Wii had best attach rate until was active and was selling (until 2011.), PS3/Xbox360 were selling and were receiving huge numbers of games long after Wii, if we add digital sales, than its very possible that they at end ended with higher attach rate.

    on 08 September 2017

    So ps3 and 360 should be penalised because they had the ability to stay relevant a lot longer then the Wii? That's just ridiculous.

    on 08 September 2017

    Nobody said that.

    on 09 September 2017

    Well then don't be picking a certain point in time. At the end of the day ps3/360 had better ratios as they sold more software with less hardware.

    And they are still selling today so the gap is widening.

    on 09 September 2017

    I can picking whatever I want, what I wrote is fact, that doesn't change end result in any way.

    Of Course that difference will be even bigger, Wii died long time ago, even Wii U died in meantime.

    on 09 September 2017

    No you cheery picked a certain point in time to suit your argument. And the Wii is still moving software. How convenient you chose before it started losing in terms of attach ratio to ps3 and 360.

    on 09 September 2017

    Again, what I wrote is fact, and fact is that Wii had great sales in time when it was seling, much better than PS3/Xbox360, and that why Wii managed to have oficial 9:1 attach ratio.
    PS3/Xbox360 were selling and were receiving huge numbers of games long after Wii, if we add digital sales, than its very possible that they at end ended with higher attach rate. Even we dont have any offical numbers for PS3/Xbox360, just VGC numbers that very offten are far from accurate, but we can assume that they at end ended with higher attach rate.
    What Wii software!? :)
    PS3/Xbox360 are still seling and they still geting solid number of games, again Wii died (it was discounted) long time ago, even Wii U died in meantime.
    And again, that doesn't change end result in any way,

    on 10 September 2017

    You are right, it doesn't change the fact that Wii had the worst attach ratio of its gen for home consoles.

    You can list all the excuses why it ended the lowest but it doesn't change the fact that it did. funny how you only list one side of the excuses.

    Ps3/360 should be praised for being consoles capable of lasting so long. It's not their fault the Wii couldn't.

    on 10 September 2017

    You are crazy, you can praise whatever you want, and of course that it's not Xbox360/PS3 fault because Wii had much shorter life span, lol.

    Actually it's not fact that PS3/Xbox 360 has higher attach rate, because we don't have official numbers for SW sales for them.

    Again, PS3/Xbox360 probably have higher attach rate (thats not fact), and again, at end only end results is whats matter.

    on 10 September 2017

    Good to see you admit ps3/360 probably did better then the Wii in terms of software. You're probably right!

    And including digital their attach ratios will be even further ahead of Wii.

    on 10 September 2017

    Lol, I wrote that PS3/Xbox360 probably sold more games than Wii 4-5 posts ago, not just now.

    on 10 September 2017

    So nice to hear it. Glad you didn't try and deny it :)

    on 11 September 2017

    < TheBlackNaruto posted something on Miyamotoo's wall:

    Yeah man I didn't want to derail that thread any further but those were the times we had some great times with some great games back then! But I can 100% understand why you love OoT so much it was an amazing game. I just think the mature side of MM was what drew me in!

    5. gen is for me easily best generation of consoles ever, so many games that could be considered for some of the best games ever: Zelda OoT and MM, M64, Golden Eye 007, Banjo Kazooie, RE2, Tomb Raider 1-2, Silent Hill 1-2, Metal Gear, Twisted Metal 2, FF7...
    I totaly understand you for MM, but I personally thought it was too dark and strange compared to OoT. :)

    on 19 July 2017

    Yeah Gen 5 was the time gaming took off big time for me! As a RPG lover I got so many great games on PS1 that it was not even funny. Add that in with the quality collection on N64 and it was indeed a great year. Then the PS2/GC for Gen 6 yeah.......nothing will ever top those 2 gens.....at least not for me. And yeah the darkness of MM is what got me lol.

    on 19 July 2017

    < spurgeonryan posted something on Miyamotoo's wall:

    You beat BotW yet?

    < omgfk posted something on Miyamotoo's wall:

    Regrads power differences between wii u and switch:

    Switch will using a custom tegra chip based on x1 or x2.

    Benchmarks: Trex 1080p offscreen

    Nvidia tegra x1: 120 FPS

    Ipad Pro: 163 FPS

    unanounced Tegra chip with a codename: 190 FPS (they removed that but it had a benchmark 1-2 weeks ago, google it).

    Radeon HD 4850 (Wii U): 150 Fps

    HD Radeon 7870 (ps4): 533 FPS


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    Bethesda: Doom will run 720p in both docked and undocked mode on Switch.

    in Nintendo Discussion 1 hour ago

    Goodnightmoon said: Random_Matt said: People should accept the Switch is a great handheld and a poor home console. If you want a console experience, you wouldn't buy it for the switch. People should understad that power is not what makes a great homeconsole, if by being a great handheld Switch keeps getting amazing games constantly then it will eventually be a great...

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    Shin Megami Tensei HD project news coming October 23

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    Bethesda: Doom will run 720p in both docked and undocked mode on Switch.

    in Nintendo Discussion 7 hours ago

    This is quite strange and I am not sure if is most accurate, if 720p is for docked mode I can hardly see that will be same resolution for portable mode, it's possible thats 720p for docked mode and 720p dynamic for handheld. If it's really same resolution for handheld and docked mode, this definitely isn't good port....


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