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Kerotan said:
RolStoppable said:

You didn't get many wins in comparison to how often you were wrong.

For Switch hardware, it hasn't fallen off a cliff in 2018. It isn't heading for your revised "will be flat in 2018" either.

For Switch software, you had to revise your predictions for virtually every game, because you always beat the same drum of "this game won't have legs" no matter how much the sales history of the given IP contradicts that. Your revised predictions/expectations commonly have to be revised again.

People here don't like you nor does anyone see you as a good predictor, because at the end of the day you were wrong too many times and the few right calls were circumstantial because occasionally reality aligned with a prediction of yours as even a broken clock that sounds like a broken record happens to be right sometimes. Occasionally there are a few people who speak words of support for you, but that's first and foremost because they enjoy that you get a rise out of Nintendo fans with your drivel. When support really matters, such as backing up your arguments, those people aren't showing up because they know how faulty the arguments are and because they know there's a risk of a ban; it's only for so long that the mod team considers something an unreasonable opinion instead of trolling, even though the leeway seems to be tremendous at times (it took ages until Lawlight was given the boot for good). And when you get moderated, who is there to help you? Again, nobody. People don't want to be associated with you so closely, because they recognize that it could poorly reflect on themselves.

You've been here for a year now and there has been no visible improvement in your behavior despite repeated moderations, and more importantly, despite detailed explanations why your behavior is well below an acceptable standard. By now it's very easy to notice the ongoing frustration in the community, so like so many other times, I am the guy who says what so many people think, and they think that way for very good reasons.

So tell me, why should I refrain from filing a request that you get permabanned before this year is over? Because that would be a great Christmas present for this community.

Good point about the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe bundles. For every 100k of those, Switch hardware has to be adjusted up by a good 15k units. Assuming 300k of those bundles, Switch hardware goes above 600k for November 22-26 in my previously outlined breakdown. Makes it more realistic to align with the statement that Switch beat Wii over that five-day-period, but comes with the tradeoff that fewer units are left to assign to the Pokémon Let's Go hardware boost. Other discounts shouldn't tip the scale too much.

Bad point about stores getting a cut. The $250m figure is consumer spending, so the retailer cut is irrelevant.

Edit: User was banned for this post. ~ Pemalite.

Well I think Rick is a great guy. He says some crazy things but when the chips are down and it matters he's always been right. The man's never lost a bet, that's the sign of a true visionary. 

Your post may have almost 40 likes but people who don't hate Rick can't dislike your post so that system is very biased. I hope the mob don't get their way and Rick can stay here forever. He's a good contributer. 

Well yeah, I mean Switch did fail of a cliff after holiday season like he predict, Switch didnt won not single NPD month this year like he predict, Nintendo games dont have legs and selling less like he predict, Switch will this year will be down or flat compared to last year like he yeah it obvious that he was always right, like you wrote, a true visionary.

Also you just proved this part of Rols post: "Occasionally there are a few people who speak words of support for you, but that's first and foremost because they enjoy that you get a rise out of Nintendo fans with your drivel".