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    < BraLoD posted something on KingWithNoKrown's wall:

    Really nice Kat avatar!

    Thank you! Love Kat and Gravity Rush :)

    on 09 May 2016

    < Wright posted something on KingWithNoKrown's wall:

    Merry Christmas and be sure to have a happy new year!

    < Wright posted something on KingWithNoKrown's wall:

    Merry Christmas!

    Oohhh very sorry for the late response. Thank you very much! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas.

    on 31 December 2014

    < KingWithNoKrown updated his status:

    Booker, are you afraid of god...?

    The beginning of wisdom.

    on 10 December 2014

    < Kaizar posted something on KingWithNoKrown's wall:

    Best Movies of 2014 Thread:


    Trailers are in the 4th & 5th OP.

    And please sign my Petition:


    < Ps3 posted something on KingWithNoKrown's wall:

    Demi Lovato - Nighting Gale


    < PlayMatt posted something on KingWithNoKrown's wall:

    I'm gonna say the word and own you...

    Oh yeah! I wanna be the guy under you :P

    Yes! Her G.U.Y. video is amazing *o*!!

    on 05 May 2014

    I can't stop watching it! :D

    on 05 May 2014

    < Akiran posted something on KingWithNoKrown's wall:

    nice avatar, she has the curves :P

    Thanks! I love yours as well. Though I like Yuzaruha just a bit more ;)

    on 02 April 2014

    I do love Yuzuruha alot more, Kongiku has more fan art ;_;

    on 02 April 2014

    You know I had made some avatars of them :o Never got around to using them if you wanted them?

    on 02 April 2014

    haha thanks but I'm alright :)

    on 02 April 2014

    KK. No prob :)

    on 02 April 2014

    < Augen posted something on KingWithNoKrown's wall:

    Was Miku in Tales of Graces f?

    Lol nah, its an outfit for Sophie but as far as I know its japan exclusive. Im still pissed about that!

    on 06 March 2014

    Ah, I had to do a double take when I saw that.

    on 06 March 2014

    Yeah, so nice Rocket gif in your sig by the way. The movie looks awesome.

    on 06 March 2014

    Thanks. I hope it turns out well and is successful m

    on 06 March 2014

    < KingWithNoKrown updated his status:

    Oh Fatal Frame, how you scare the ever living crap outta me.

    I have yet to play one :( heard they're great though

    on 05 March 2014

    Yeah they're pretty great games. The 2nd game being my personal favorite and probably the scariest. The original Fatal Frame and Fatal FrameII are pretty cheap on PSN by the way (like $4 I believe).

    on 05 March 2014

    Sounds great , picked up 2 but I just don't have the time right now

    on 06 March 2014

    < shakarak posted something on KingWithNoKrown's wall:

    hey i added you on my 3ds, We both have Fire Emblem and Pokemon. I also have Bravely Default 3497-0173-6950

    Awesome, thanks. I'll add you now.

    on 08 February 2014

    < KingWithNoKrown updated his status:

    Recently got my 3ds back. Who would like to give me their 3DS friend code?

    My fc is 4270-1638-6845, what games do you have?

    on 31 January 2014


    Pokemon X
    Dead Or Alive Dimensions
    Shin Megami Tensei IV
    Kid Icarus
    Code Of Princess (I kinda lost it but i know i have it somewhere)

    Not many games, unfortunately. I will probably be buying Bravely Default soon.

    on 31 January 2014

    oh and Fire Emblem Awakening! How could I forget that?

    on 31 January 2014

    Cause it sucks! jk
    that's cool, how's DoA on 3ds?

    on 31 January 2014

    Its really enjoyable. I was never that big of a DOA fan but I do enjoy playing it from time to time. Plus I got it for a pretty low price.

    on 01 February 2014

    I am Jelly of Regenerator.

    Though I like using Slowbro more.

    Welcome to the site btw.

    Ha, thanx.
    And they really need to make Mega Slow bro. Just saying.

    on 31 January 2014


    If your still interested

    Awesome, thanks. I'll be saving this for later use.

    on 28 January 2014

    < Conegamer posted something on KingWithNoKrown's wall:

    You're probably the first new user from this year who I've seen that's not a spambot, and a decent one at that.

    Welcome to the site!

    most the new ids were theleaguegame s.he just wanted views at his youtube videos.so he spammed peoples wall

    on 28 January 2014

    Hey thanks for the request! And I appreciate the comment.

    Ha, and the dog in your avatar looks exactly like mine btw.

    on 28 January 2014

    Don't mention it!

    And that's a bit weird. I've never met anyone who has a dog which looks like mine...I guess they do exsist then!

    on 28 January 2014

    i found these videos of someone throwing an xbox one wii u and ps4 at the same time down 500 feet



    You seem cool, judging from nothing.

    Thanx! Must be the avatar.

    on 26 January 2014


    on 26 January 2014

    i upload better videos then boogie. stop saying there crap. here is proof there not crap.



    < manaja posted something on KingWithNoKrown's wall:









    watch them all i Arcadia you

    < aviggo77 posted something on KingWithNoKrown's wall:

    you seem like a good guy.wanna be friend?*sends friend request*

    Sure thing! also nice to meet someone new here.

    on 22 January 2014

    immediately send a friend request to basilzero,smeags,conegamer,ioi(site admin),pezus,tbone51,nintentacle(new user) etc.

    on 22 January 2014

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