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    < ktay95 posted something on Jranation's wall:

    7th Sense >>>>>>>> Without You

    Yeah. I didn't really like without you. The tune felt like it just stayed. It didn't really go anywhere.

    on 10 April 2016

    < tsogud posted something on Jranation's wall:

    Have you seen NCT U's MV yet?

    Its the reason why I wasn't sleepy waking up at 5am!!!!! XD Fuck! I already heard most of the song back when SM announced NCT. But the full song was still awesome! Those high notes!!! OH GOD!!! And that fucking choreo!!!!!!!!! And TEN is LOOKING READY TO SLAY MY SHIT!!!!! XD

    Can't wait for their other song!

    on 08 April 2016

    Well I just saw it, was alright. It has some really high points for a debut but some parts just felt flat.

    on 08 April 2016

    Yes I came here just to discuss this MV :P

    on 08 April 2016

    Haha yeah the song was awesome!! And that choreo was on point!!! I haven't been keeping up with what SM has been doing lately so all I know from NCT U is Ten and Doyoung (he's so adorable!!) :p

    They seem like a talented group can't wait to hear their other song too!

    on 08 April 2016

    All I saw of them before debut was Jranation's sig :P
    If it wasn't for that sig I likely would have missed debut all together.

    on 08 April 2016

    Lmao yeah even though I vaguely knew of them Jranation's sig that was the main reason of why I even watched the MV XD

    on 08 April 2016

    Haha! Dw! I'll make my own one or If I find one that is made already on my fave part/s of the mv <---- which was when the open and close their legs (Like Exids Ah Yeah) and the ending with their one leg kicking in the air XD

    And for me, I basically Liked many kpop news pages on FB + The Kpop uni club I joined in basically fills my fb news feed with Kpop stuff XD I rarely missed any big news.

    on 09 April 2016

    < ktay95 posted something on Jranation's wall:

    Ugh more SM groups, dont they have enough that they neglect already.

    Nope! They need more money!!!!! Especially how people keep leaving from the group!

    on 07 April 2016

    Maybe if they were treated well over there they wouldnt sue them and leave all the time.

    on 07 April 2016

    Lol yep! Their common knowledge got bombed by North Korea.

    on 07 April 2016

    < Versus_Evil posted something on Jranation's wall:

    I'm ashamed by what you've become *cries*

    It must be my stress on uni!!!! =( LOL! Idk what you talkin about XD

    If you are talking about the Anime thread...... I havent visit it in aaaaaages! Basically my "new posts" is over 110!

    on 02 April 2016

    Smh dammit, common there's even a show that was made for you this season. Super lovers, gays and Incest... What more do you want!

    on 02 April 2016

    Oh I read the manga of it! Sooo im not that hyped XD But it is good! Love how fucking small and ignorant he is! And I think he's a tsun! And ofcourse the HOT Host!!!!!!

    Well, Yaoi is always better on manga cause the anime doesn't show the DICKS!!!!!

    on 02 April 2016

    < Jranation updated his status:

    I am questioning some of the mods actions lately............ Like they don't give enough warnings before a ban........ Because some mod might find it okay and just let it go, while others will do the opposite......... I don't know, maybe its just me.

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    I see! ...

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    I already had a Wii U at that time! But I think the NEW IP did brought some light into the NX! There are many things they need to improve and I can't wait for what else they can introduce in the series! ...


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