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COMG! Japan Pre-order Chart Thread - Daily updates!

in Sales Discussion 4 hours ago by Mbolibombo

Bofferbrauer2 said: Marth said: Say hello to legs. A lot of them. But SAO is taking the bullet. Also 3DS is not dead lol. Could this be the effect of the new base model releasing? Also wow, only a single playstation title appearing, even the 3DS has more. And damn, did SAO sales crash down. That's an over 90% drop at COMGet Well it's a collectors edition, so...

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What are you listening to right now

in Music Discussion 4 hours ago by Smartie900

Graduation by Kanye West. Really great album. Sounds super unique and different. ...

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Predict When will Ps4 Outsell Wii

in Gaming Discussion 8 hours ago by Azuren

zorg1000 said: Azuren said: See it came off more to me as an admission that they're working on next-gen equipment. But no name, no pictures, and the video (despite being leaked) was originally shown privately? I don't consider that an announcement of a platform. That's a hardware showcase for what they intend on using in the next platform. Confirmation of existence, but not a...

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NintenDominion: Nintendo Switch Lite Announced, Coming 9/20/19

in Nintendo Discussion 8 hours ago by curl-6

Mar1217 said: curl-6 said: I'm a huge fan of Shin'en and have been awaiting the announcement of their next game with great excitement, but alas it's not really for me, I don't like the boxy aesthetic.   Ouch, hope you'll get your due with them when the Super Switch releases ! I'm still holding out hope we'll get another new game from them later in the...

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In progress NPD predicting tool

in Sales Discussion 14 hours ago by Mar1217

And yet, EB Game's site works here ... lol ...

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Show the vgchartz community your Mario Maker 2 levels! UPDATED 7/6/2019

in Nintendo Discussion 1 day ago by SuperRetroTurbo

Can someone here clarify what makes your Maker Points drop please? Because I'm getting mixed reactions. I keep track of the Clear Rate and Times Played and neither had changed but my Maker Points dropped by 1. How could it be a "boo," if no one played the level? ...

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The Official Legend of Zelda Thread: Breath of the Wild Sells 13.61 Million on Switch

in Nintendo Discussion 2 days ago by S.Peelman

mZuzek said: S.Peelman said: I was watching some quiz on tv just now.. and one of the contestants was asked what his favorite videogame is. He answered “Zelda Ocarina of Time”. I nodded in agreement. Ew. No wait I remembered correctly now; he actually said it was Skyward Sword. ;-) ...

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Super Official Anime Discussion Thread - Summer 2019!

in Movies Discussion 3 days ago by dx11332sega

everything 50% off now same store I got more plushes and a futaba figure from persona 5  ...

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How Much Do You Expect the PS4 to Sell Lifetime?

in Gaming Discussion on 01 August 2019 by Barkley

I voted 111-120m in the poll. But I'd vote 121-130m now, which may still be underestimating. Less than 120m seems unlikely now. 111.8m shipped by March 31st 2020 is forecast, doing less than 8.2m after that is very unlikely. Even the PS3 managed to ship over 7m after the PS4 launched. To reach 120m the PS4 just needs to ship 8.2m in a time period including 8 months before the ps5 comes out....

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Switch Sales Predictions: Open Your Eyes - UPDATE: Switch LTD Shipments Reach 36.87m by June 30th, Forecast for Fiscal Year 2019 Remains at 18m

in Sales Discussion on 31 July 2019 by Bofferbrauer2

Geralt99 said: Prediction:Switch will go past 100 million and max out at 110 Yeah, it beating PSOne and Wii on the long run seems almost like a given by now. But can it go even farter? I think the Lite will give us some answers on that this holiday season. ...

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VGShare: Post your screenshots, gameplay videos, and more!

in Gaming Discussion on 25 July 2019 by COKTOE

@SvennoJ That's really nice work. I've been on the fence about GT Sport due mostly to backlog, and not being sure if it's worth playing without a good steering wheel controller. I might pick it up next time I'm out though, or see if it's on sale on PSN. ...

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Does anyone have NFG's phone number?

in General Discussion on 18 July 2019 by Snesboy

super_etecoon said: That's the one thing I always thought that was missing from the forums...creepy threads. So stoked that we've got that covered now. Happy to help. JWeinCom said: I believe it's 867-5309 That's Jenny's number. I looked it up last night. She was my ex and she left me for a methhead DJ. Now she has a kid and works at some dive bar that puts on cool...

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How much will Monster Hunter World sell?

in Gaming Discussion on 18 July 2019 by Lafiel

Humm.. my own response to this thread "atleast 2 copies - my flatmate and I are going to pick it up" turned out to be wrong.. my flatmate never bought it, because real life got in the way, sad. ...

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Predicting the Nintendo Switch revision!

in Nintendo Discussion on 10 July 2019 by mZuzek

mZuzek said: Online isn't really related to the hardware, but sure. I guess 2019, though late 2018 is possible. Huh. ...

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Forget ALL YOUR Predictions, Animal Crossing gonna SLAY!

in Nintendo Discussion on 29 June 2019 by Dulfite

All you naysayers! You just wait! 2022 here we come baby! ...

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NPD, PS4 2015 vs NSW 2018 (December added)

in Sales Discussion on 19 May 2019 by Ryng_Tolu

Mbolibombo said: @zorg10002016 vs 2019? :>I thought this thread were fun to follo . Months PS4 (2016) NSW (2019) January 229.000 284.000 February 405.000 367.000 March 330.000 383.000 April 175.000 227.000 total 1.139.000 1.261.000 ...

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Hablemos en Español

in General Discussion on 15 May 2019 by JEMC

Muy buenas. Es triste, pero no, ya no van a haber más listas de ventas de juegos semanales (excepto cuando alguien cree un hilo sobre las de alguna región específica como Japón). Decidieron dejar de hacerlas a principios de año y, aunque es triste, la verdad ese que es comprensible. Los números nunca fueron más que una aproximación (buena en algunos casos, mala en otros) y, con el auge de las...

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Welcome to VGCharts!! (first thread ever created on VGC)

in Website Topics on 12 May 2019 by FloatingWaffles

where am I  ...

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Global Sales Ranking - Week 99

in Sales Discussion on 01 May 2019 by Bofferbrauer2

Kristof81 said: Bofferbrauer2 said: No more updates? Soon. I'm working on something new at the moment.  How soon is soon?...

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BOLD PREDICTION: Super Smash Bros Ultimate Will Sell over 25mil WW Lifetime, Book IT

in Nintendo Discussion on 27 April 2019 by HylianSwordsman

Bofferbrauer2 said: Mnementh said: It was wise of me to be reluctant to call T-Bone crazy. I was right about how easy it gets to 15M, should be happen even before the holidays. 20M now seems like a good possibility, and 25M doesn't look completely impossible now. :-) Speaking of Tbone, it's been a while since I last saw him, hasn't posted in a while now... Yeah,...

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