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    Nintendo Wii U, 3DS Lifetime Sales Predictions

    in Nintendo Discussion on 01 November 2017 by Mnementh

    Can't find an earlier prediction-thread. Seemingly I haven't posted in this one, but I remember saying WiiU would reach 50M before launch (so a year earlier than this thread). I can't remember ever giving an opinion to 3DS. But my WiiU-prediction deserves some crow. Yummy. Can someone pass me the salt please?...

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    The Wii U IS NOT Doomed.

    in Nintendo Discussion on 01 June 2016 by tripenfall

    Rustynail said: tripenfall said: I believe Wii U will have more lifetime sales than the original XBOX, and that will be considered acceptable for Nintendo going forward. Nintendo generally have a 5-6 year policy on their hardware so Wii U will be the console they develop for until about 2017... Lol! I'm laughing now, reading this reply and this thread (with many replies...

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    How much time did you waste on Destiny?

    in Gaming Discussion on 06 September 2015 by ps3-sales!

    ArchangelMadzz said: Bristow9091 said: I wouldn't be surprised if I had over double that time on Runescape, been playing since classic, lol :P  Oh dear god, I feel for you brother xD Yeah I'm right up there with runescape.    My 1 def pure with 99 att/str/range/mage Seems like it took a lifetime. ...

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    Post image(s) of your NEW 3DS/3DS (and poor cousin 2DS) collection so far

    in Nintendo Discussion on 28 August 2015 by I3LuEI3omI3eR

    Updated Photo: Added Luigi's Mansion and Kid Icarus: Uprising and a nifty Zelda NN3DS XL Pouch! ...

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    Predict Splatoon sales first week.

    in Nintendo Discussion on 17 July 2015 by Slarvax

    I heavily understimated Japan! But I got the others fairly close enough :-P so I get 60% of my prediction correct :-D...

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    Which game will sell better, Splatoon or Xenoblade Chronicles X?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 29 June 2015 by sc94597

    fleischr said:December 4 is too late for XCX to get the full momentum of the holiday shopping season, but there will be some push for it yet. I've long hoped that XCX would capture the interest for RPG and sci-fi fans at its release. The challenge is that XCX is releasing at roughly the same time period of Fallout 4 and the new Star Wars movie - so it may difficult to muster the RPG/sci-fi...

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    Official iOS Gaming Thread!

    in Gaming Discussion on 17 June 2015 by UrbaaniNaali


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    Never buy weapons in the Witcher 3

    in Gaming Discussion on 04 June 2015 by SubiyaCryolite

    I equipped the complete Master-crafted Ursine Armour set yesterday. I'm now a tank (by the games standards anyway). Never buy gear, always craft it....

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    Sony needs their own Amiibos, this is why

    in Sony Discussion on 02 June 2015 by tbone51

    naruball said:Three problems I have with the replies here: 1. What I don't understand is why people assume that if something is not a huge success, it's necessarily a failure. I mean even if they don't end up doing well enough, they can still turn a profit. People keep mentioning MOVE as failure, but it moved 10m units. If Sony could make a decent profit on NFC figs, I don't see the...

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    New information about Nintendos membership service

    in Nintendo Discussion on 08 May 2015 by Platina

    Looking good so far, though that is now the standard for other companies... finally, a common ID!...

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    Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft fans, what exclusive from each of the other two consoles do you wish you could play on your console?

    in Gaming Discussion on 07 May 2015 by NintendoSupporter<3

    I need to get a WiiU again for Xenoblade Chronicles X and Devils Third xD. Currently own a PS4....

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    Do you get Metal Gear Solid games?

    in Gaming Discussion on 05 May 2015 by Baryonyx

    The European level :D The easter eggs in MGS are awesome. the Background stories, the plots and people's background's in the game are very detailed. Main story is complicated and the understanding of the history can change from player's to player's cause we all understands it differently as if we was dragged into a big conspiracy ourselves, and the story depends on our theories....

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    Anime - Dragon Ball Is Getting Its First New TV Anime in 18 Years

    in Movies Discussion on 01 May 2015 by Solid-Stark

    KingdomHeartsFan said: Solid-Stark said:Awesome. I hope the soundtrack kicks ass. They could re-use almost everything from the original DBZ and I'd be happy. Ah yes, I would have no problem with that....

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    I bought GTA V for PC...

    in Gaming Discussion on 15 April 2015 by Mummelmann

    NintendoSupporter<3 said:7 disk is insane! Is this a new record for PC games? Back in the day of CD-ROM, it was not uncommon to have a heap of discs for releases. Especially with FMV sequences, like a user mentioned above....

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    What will get to 10 million first, Wii U or Vita?

    in Sales Discussion on 28 February 2015 by NobleTeam360

    DevilRising said:Wii U. No brainer. It's still selling 40-50k a week, there about. O_O even if you don't count the undertracking of the Vita it's still at 10 million on VGChartz. :-D...

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    The Order 1886 is Ryse Son of Rome

    in Gaming Discussion on 20 February 2015 by Sharpryno

    platformmaster918 said: Sharpryno said:Don't remember Ryse being really hyped. Just hated on by trolls who never played it. Bought it for $10 on Steam and not a single regret. It was also a launch game so I wasn't expecting something incredible. People were with the Order in some ways. If the Order was about $40 at launch like it should have been the hype would have not been so...

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    What lessons did Nintendo learn this gen you think?

    in Gaming Discussion on 19 February 2015 by Soundwave

    I wonder if they will go more upmarket with their next handheld. Because the competition is really actually low-cost tablets and hand-me-down phones with freemium apps/games, the low cost 3DS has not had a lot of success stemming the tide. You have to justify why people should be paying $39.99 for a portable game in this day and age. Maybe the play (especially with Sony handhelds out of the...

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    So how's your portable gaming life? - Mobile fans welcomed too

    in Gaming Discussion on 17 February 2015 by DarkRPGamer007

    3DS OG is my main handheld right now. I use my iPhone very now and then for gaming, but that's my social connector. 3DS I have been playing AS, MK7, and Mega Man II...

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    Five reasons why you are seriously missing out if you don't play Nintendo systems

    in Gaming Discussion on 15 February 2015 by Hedra42

    noname2200 said: Hedra42 said: :-D - despite the lols, right now as I type this, the PS4 and Wii U are being played simultaneously. Couldn't do that without the gamepad. (and none of those playing at the moment are old enough to have girlfriends) ;-) So you're saying the Wii U isn't good enough to keep everyone's attention without an assist from a Real Console. Reported...

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    Capcom developer would love to do a Devil May Cry/Bayonetta crossover game

    in Gaming Discussion on 12 February 2015 by -Ack!-

    AZWification said: -Ack!- said:Bayonetta isn't even sexy, those legs are way too long, they remind me of Barbie. Dante will look like a dwarf beside her. :D I don't know about that.. According to Anarchy Reigns, Bayo would be at most 6ft/183cm since she's smaller than Matilda ( 6ft 2/ 188cm)! Then her head is the size of a tennis ball :P The character is so out of...

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