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    < BraLoD posted something on Anfebious's wall:

    And... back to the top! :D

    If FIFA rankings weren't such a mess, it would be better, tho xP

    And... we are higher than Germany? This ranking is full of shit ahaha

    on 06 April 2017

    I don't keep much of an eye on european futball to be honest, are they doing well? Because if they are doing even decent, they should be above you guys xP

    on 06 April 2017

    Even Chile should be higher than us...

    on 06 April 2017

    Chile is doing pretty well, I think they are ranked 4th there.

    on 06 April 2017

    < BraLoD posted something on Anfebious's wall:

    Did you get Persona?

    Of course!
    I'm still waiting for the download to finish... 8GB down! 12 to go... My internet sucks :(

    on 05 April 2017

    Wait, you bought it digitally? Eww...

    You are not worth it. Throw your PS4 away.

    on 05 April 2017

    It's cheaper!! :P

    on 05 April 2017

    < BraLoD posted something on Anfebious's wall:

    Seems like our next actual match, a friendly match, is in June... against you guys, here in Brazil!


    We are going to lose that match so hard ahahaha But it's going to be fun anyway, Brazil -Argentina are always great matches!.

    on 30 March 2017

    I'm happy we are finally taking out the best teams to play before the world cup.
    Playing against Egypt, Wales, China... that just doesn't help at any level, now we will be facing Argentina, then next year Germany and Spain... that's what it should be like every single year!

    Oh, and apparently FIFA will put us on the 1st spot in the next update of their rankings, they are reading our talks!

    on 30 March 2017

    You guys deserve that number 1 spot! :)

    on 30 March 2017

    < BraLoD posted something on Anfebious's wall:

    You guys really sucks!

    Ahahaha yes we do.

    But I still think we are going to the world cup. Unless we end up losing against New Zealand... :(

    on 29 March 2017

    Sure you'll will, it would be sad to not see you guys there.
    But how can FIFA still keep ranking you guys are the best team in the world? xP

    on 29 March 2017

    That's because they update their rankings once in a while. I'm pretty sure that we are going to be lower in the next update! In fact... you guys could be above us in the next ranking!

    on 29 March 2017

    Honestly, we deserve it xP

    Which will be your next games, in the middle of the year?

    on 29 March 2017

    Our next match is against Uruguay... away match :(
    We also have Venezuela, Peru and Ecuador. It's going to be tough but we have two fairly easy games!

    on 29 March 2017

    You'll make it, probably ranked 3rd.

    on 29 March 2017

    < BraLoD posted something on Anfebious's wall:

    And we draw with Corinthians playing home yesterday...

    Ever since we lost that game to Palmeiras, we didn't win a single game anymore (didn't lose as well, tho xP), we are always drawing for 1-1 games we should have won, always start ahead and let them catch up to us...

    Corinthians played like shit, but sadly we didn't have two of our very best players (Cueva and Prato), so we weren't able to create much.

    Well, at least we are taking less goals now, just 1 each game, the defense has got better a bit, but without Cueva we create nothing, the middle field is as if dead and if Araujo doesn't do all by himself to make the ball break the opponent last defensive line, we are really predictable. We seriously need a middle field guy that's good at foward passing, like Ganso was, and he got out playing very well here, just to be fucked on Sevilla, I wish he could come back, they really want they out there and if it's cheap we should take him back, he does that exact job we need very well, if we have the speed and ability of Cueva and Araujo plus Ganso great passing skill and game vision, our attack would work so damn well (as it already was before losing to Palmeiras, but even better).

    The important thing is that your teams isn't losing! A draw is better than nothing.

    I think we already talked about it but who cares, it's always good to complain. I think it's bullshit when really great players go to european leagues. That's the reason why we can't compete against them anymore, they are getting all our talent away with those juicy euros.

    We also sold a lot of key players and we started losing all our matches :(

    If your team can't get back in the game you should search for a midfielder.

    on 27 March 2017

    Yeah, they take everything away, our league was pathetic some time ago, it's a bitter better nowdays, tho, because Palmeiras and Sao Paulo are holding some good players (but the best still go away, like Gabriel Jesus).

    I think CBF (our AFA) is really dumb to let it happen, obviously they love all that money, but the amount of money we would make holding all of them here would be even bigger.

    Europeans leagues are as rich as it gets because they get all the better players and thus all the audience and merchandising, and that's why they get so much freaking money (except for the teams that are owned by billionaires, lol).

    Brazilian players are always key players on most of the best teams of the world, if we held them here and build a strong league ourselves, most of that money would come here instead of going to (the already rich) Europe, and we would get all the other players here as well, Brazil is really sleeping over a huge pile of money instead of truly capitalizing on it properly, just like always, as we sell everything or natural rich country have cheap to richer countries make developed goods with them and profit big, instead of doing it ourselves...

    on 27 March 2017

    Brazil never left being a colony, still giving everything away.

    on 27 March 2017

    The same thing is true for us.

    The problem is the deal isn't fair. We give our best players for nothing, and we can't get access to the european stars. The deal is one way only.

    on 27 March 2017

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    Capcom Ships 3.5 Million Resident Evil 7 Copies, While Dead Rising 4 Underperforms

    in Sales Discussion 31 minutes ago

    Veknoid_Outcast said: Anfebious said: Sounds good on paper, but it doesn't work in practice. Why make it a first person game? The classics where on third person. Where is the cheese? Making Resident Evil an actual horror game is a mistake, the oldies had some horror elements but they didn't try to scare you. They where B horror movie parodies. This game might have ticked all the...

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    Capcom Ships 3.5 Million Resident Evil 7 Copies, While Dead Rising 4 Underperforms

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    Veknoid_Outcast said: Anfebious said: I have the exact same feeling. I grew up playing Resident Evil, and RE 7  has nothing in common with the old games. I can't understand what people see in this game. I feel that people are desperate to get a classic Resident Evil to "save" the franchise so they feel the need to label this game as the "saviour" of this franchise. The fact...

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    Capcom Ships 3.5 Million Resident Evil 7 Copies, While Dead Rising 4 Underperforms

    in Sales Discussion 1 hour ago

    Chazore said: The style that made Resi 1-3 does include the camera angles and the general third person view, but it also contains visuals that didn't follow through the series (because we get people quitting here and there for nearly any studio out there, in doing so you lose some of that talent that made said game). I know that some explain what they want out there from...


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