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< VXIII posted something on Anfebious's wall:

That was fast, it Literally took you 2 seconds to accept the request xD

Tanks for accepting.


3 days ago

Of course it took me only 2 seconds, you are just that cool! :P

3 days ago

On the scale of seconds, you are as cool as 1 second :p

3 days ago

< MohammadBadir posted something on Anfebious's wall:

Yeah, this site needs to sort out its notification problem...

No kidding... Sometimes the notifications don't show up at all. Damn you VG Chartz!

on 25 August 2014

Honestly, that's not even the worst problem.
Recently, VGC has been auto-unfriending people! :/

on 25 August 2014

Wait really? It happened to me too. But are you sure it's automatic? Maybe someone does hate us and they unfriended us... :(

on 25 August 2014

I'm pretty sure I was on good terms with Wagner, Curl, Cone, Stark, and others, no? :/

on 25 August 2014

Oh... yeah then it must be a glitch or something. It happened to me, but with just one person... I think it was brendude!

on 25 August 2014

ioi needs to fix this shiz.

on 25 August 2014

< MohammadBadir posted something on Anfebious's wall:

Hey Anf, How would you feel about having a fantastic and breathtaking exprience together in the moonlight tonight?

I guess he didn't want the fantastic experience... :(

on 23 August 2014

It seems so ):

on 23 August 2014

I can't belive I saw this! Damn you stupid notifications!

That quote is from a guy in Code Lyoko right? I didn't really get it at first since I watched the series in spanish when I was a teen! :P

on 23 August 2014

Holy shit, you recognized it!
Now I can die happy (':

on 23 August 2014

< Legendary_W posted something on Anfebious's wall:

Almost 25.000P yay!

On a sidenote, any idea why won't charts get updated since two or three weeks ago?

Took a while to get there!

Laziness is most likely the cause.

on 19 August 2014

< RealGamingExpert posted something on Anfebious's wall:

What? 1 / 10 for Zelda ST and PH?


It's a placeholder! See the comment below!

on 16 August 2014

Alright! :)
I thought it would be one of those "Controls suck, 1/10" things!

on 16 August 2014

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PERSONA 5 COMING TO PS4 / NEW TRAILER!! / releases in 2015

in Sony Discussion 19 hours ago

I will get the PS3 version. It's atlus we are talking about, it's not like the graphics are the most important part of their games....

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Religious Children Have Difficulty Distinguishing Fact From Fiction

in Politics Discussion 2 days ago

It doesn't matter what this study says I will teach my kids about the love of Satan, my lord....

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Can the Wii U play pirated games?

in Nintendo Discussion 2 days ago

You need to hack that Wii to play a pirated copy of Xenoblade. You either can do it with a chip (which you can ask to get it installed) or via a series of programs. For more information has all you need. PS: If you are going to pirate xenoblade you don't need to buy it. Just buy a writeable DVD and burn the iso into it. I am dirty pirate and I suggest you become one. EDIT:...


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