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    < Teeqoz posted something on Anfebious's wall:

    I think Ronaldo finally realized what he was doing wrong:

    Playing in international finals. Maybe if Messi were to use the same tactic (getting hurt so badly that you can't play), he could finally lead Argentina to an international win!

    I don't know but at this point I would accept anything just to see Argentina winning something.

    on 10 July 2016

    < Slarvax posted something on Anfebious's wall:

    Hey what's up old man? And nothing about

    Football* stupid phone touchscreen.

    on 06 July 2016

    No football? Awww :(

    I'm happy! This year I'm getting Dragon Quest VI on the month of my birthday! Even better is that Final Fantasy XV is coming the same day I turn 23!

    So... how are canadian women treating you? :P

    on 07 July 2016

    I got "I have a boyfriend" 'd :(

    on 07 July 2016

    Don't give up man! She can't be the only beautiful girl in your class.

    on 07 July 2016

    Next month I'll have new classmates! We'll see how that goes.
    What about the argentinian women?

    on 07 July 2016

    Beautiful as always... and out of my reach... as always! Hahaha! :P

    on 07 July 2016

    < BraLoD posted something on Anfebious's wall:


    I'm no damn mad, after the 15 minutes of pressure the fuckers lost their will as the use to do on our regular games (not on freaking Libertadores!), they (together with the damn referee) would just like Atletico have all their time to keep wasting, as if we weren't playing home. Then the ball just don't get to Calleri because without Ganso nobody can give a clever pass, just obvious ones, and without Kelvin we only have Michel running alone from the left and nobody in the right so we are even more obvious, ffs, damn you Copa America!

    Wew, now I'm a bit more calm XP

    Let's hope the second half if different, we need to push at least a 2-0 here.

    Yup, things got different, and a 2-0 happened!

    I'm so mad I'm not even going to bother you more than this or else I'll go for too long, sorry.

    on 06 July 2016

    I couldn't belive my eyes when I saw the 2-0... That's a big blow for your team...

    It's hard to turn around a 2-0, specially in Colombia... But this is football and anything is possible. Don't give up hope yet!

    You have to admit though... Atletico Nacional is the strongest team in the whole cup. They seriously have a chance at winning this cup.

    on 06 July 2016

    There is no chance, Sao Paulo chance was winning well playing home, it'll lose again playing as visitor.

    on 06 July 2016

    < BraLoD posted something on Anfebious's wall:

    Messi playing for Argentina XP

    on 05 July 2016

    LOL we just have no luck. The salt is burning me!

    Btw you guys have the JJOO served. We might not even show up there! You have to win that damn medal!

    on 05 July 2016

    The Olympics you mean? Brazil has really no good luck trying to get that damn gold medal, lol, but let's see.
    Tomorrow Libertadores finally get back for the semis, sadly two of our best players got hurt very reently and won't join any of those games on the semis, Ganso being one of them means we are very screwed, as he is the only one to let our attack with goal chances... it's gonna be hard... damn Copa America, we were so damn good on Libertadores before it started, playing wonderfully on Morumbi, now we have to get back and it'll be hard to get that spirit back, specially with that key player hurt... *sigh*

    Anyway, we got to win!

    on 05 July 2016

    The worst part is that you are facing one of the best teams (if not the best). It's going to be hard but you are playing at home. Besides Colombian teams have a history of failing in the important matches :P

    on 06 July 2016

    We usually do well against foreign teams, but we just lost the momentum we built before Copa America and now good players, own being a key piece on our playing foward... what could have been an easy first match to take a good result playing visitor will be a damn hard match followed by another even harder, now XP

    Anyway, it's so close, and we gotta win!

    on 06 July 2016

    Don't worry man, Brazilian teams are very strong at home, I am sure you guys can win it. Have more faith in your team!

    Good luck!

    on 06 July 2016

    Thanks, I'm already quite tense XP

    on 06 July 2016

    < Veknoid_Outcast posted something on Anfebious's wall:

    7,000 posts exactly!

    A year ago 7000 posts looked like something impossible... I'm glad to be back! :)

    on 28 June 2016

    Oh, I thought this was Ka-pis daily total

    on 28 June 2016


    on 28 June 2016

    Kudos Anfebious!

    on 01 July 2016

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    Sounds like an idea that was never done before. I like it a lot! Nintendo always a step ahead of the other console manufacturers....

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    Why am I always teamed up with poor players on Splatoon?! Dang it!

    in Nintendo Discussion 1 day ago

    If you are still losing at the game it's because you suck. Blaming your teammates and your internet connection are two of the lamest excuses....


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