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< Megaoverlord12 posted something on Anfebious's wall:

Anfebious! It's time! Prepare for (my attempt at) revenge!

Woops just saw your comment today! We can do the match tomorrow if you like!

on 11 November 2014

Tomorrow would honestly be better anyway, gonna be somewhat busy today anyway. Tomorrow it is!

on 11 November 2014

If you are available we can do our match right now!

on 17 November 2014

Sorry, I haven't been on the forums as much because I took my computer into the shop because it stopped working. Any idea of the next time you would be free?

on 17 November 2014

I'm free this week so, just send me a PM!

on 18 November 2014

Alrighty, I'll PM later today for a match.

on 18 November 2014

< Wright posted something on Anfebious's wall:

So, you didn't like Xillia?

I loved Xillia. Xillia 2 on the other hand... not so much.
Jude X Millia is one of the best things to ever happen in the Tales of series.

on 08 November 2014

I wanted Jude x Alvin :(

on 08 November 2014

It would have been possilbe in Xillia 2! But namco decided to drop it.

on 08 November 2014

Oh, well. I'm almost there to finish Xillia 1! Why don't you like Xillia 2?

on 08 November 2014

I like it but i feel it could have been a lot more. The new protagonist (Ludger) is silent, that's a new one in Tales of and frankly it doesn't feel right.
The battle system is better because now you can combo your enemies (in Xillia you couldn't as they could break out of them!). You can't combo like mad though, you have to follow a certain rule. Once you hit an enemy with an element he is weak to you can keep the combo going as long as the "power hit" circle doesn't run out. To keep it going you have to add different elements to it (for example use a fire element arte). It's pretty cool!
There is a new character episodes that serve as a sort of "social link" where you can raise your affinity with the Xillia cast. Another great addition.
The bad part is that you have to almost max them to do the extra dungeon so another playthrough is required.
The main problem in the game is that you visit the exact same dungeons as the original. Nothing is changed, the same dull dungeons are there for yout to explore... and the few new ones are just as bad.. When they announced the sequel to Xillia I thought we would spend the whole game in Elympios, but instead we get to reveisit Rieze Maxia again... that was not cool.
Also there is an overall depressing tone to the game that feels kinda off. I guess they tried to make the game more mature but Tales of was never about mature storylines.
In the end I like it but I feel it could have been a much better game.

Sorry for the long explanation!

on 08 November 2014

I don't agree with the mature themes being touched. Vesperia, for example (though these two are pretty much the only Tales games I've played) had a somewhat-cliché story with a mature protagonist; I'd dare to say that what Yuri did during Vesperia's story is something 99% of JRPG's protagonists wouldn't dare to do.

That being said...what you're telling me about the dungeon design is...disappointing. One of the biggest flaws in Xillia is the map/dungeon design: boring. Every port in town looks the same, every path is the same but in a different colour and halfway the game, the monster design is the same but in a different colour.

The social link seems interesting, but man that's crap if you're forced to do it regardless for the extra content D:

on 08 November 2014

I never played Vesperia (but I'm going to play it soon!) but I'm pretty sure it's not on the same level as Xillia 2 with it's "mature" themes. Still it's not the worst part of the game.

Exactly my thoughts on the dungeon design. They used to be cool on previous Tales of games! For example, the dungeons in Symphonia!

You are not forced to do them. but they are too good not to do them! What sucks though is that you need to do another playthrough and do the same episodes to get max affinity. You could also max it playing poker but... it's too time consuming.

I say you buy it (once the price is lower) if you really loved Xillia!

on 08 November 2014

Mmmm, I doubt I'll have the time since I have to give the ps3 back to its owner (I've yet to beat Castlevania LoS2 and GOW3 after Xillia), and I have tons of 360 games waiting for me (like Resident Evil, Halo and GTA), but hey! Might consider getting Graces and Xillia 2 on the future!

on 08 November 2014

< Smeags posted something on Anfebious's wall:

yo dude what's up?

Yo dude playing the sonic boom demo yo. It sucks yo!

on 08 November 2014

< Zadainie posted something on Anfebious's wall:

yo dude what's up?

Sorry I replied so late, I was really busy this wek.
Everything's cool! Playing less games and studying more I'm afraid.

on 08 November 2014

no problem dude I understand :).I thought i would say hi, since you were my first friend on this site.

on 08 November 2014

Yup I rembemer! Say I read your wall, did you get a Wii U in the end?

on 08 November 2014

No :(.But I will when I get cash I am so busy with stuff the only game I can play right now is FFVII and COD AV.That's like 2 hours for both :/.

on 08 November 2014

Wow you must be really busy! I don't recommend getting a Wii U right now anyway. It's probably going to get cheaper by the time the next Zelda game comes out! So it's better to wait!

on 09 November 2014

< RealGamingExpert posted something on Anfebious's wall:

You should be a squirtle again

Fun times!

No! It's not worth it :(

on 28 October 2014

Being a squirtle is always worth it! :)

on 29 October 2014

He is no longer in smash... :(

I used to main him on Brawl.

on 29 October 2014

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Well I'm getting the game next week so I'd like to join the "true" league!...

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Always a pleasure to read this kind of articles....

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