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< Zisbest posted something on Anfebious's wall:

Yo Anfey, how's it hanging? Just noticed, I haven't even added you on Wii U yet! :O How are we supposed to battle in Smash then? What's your name so I could add ya? :D

Losing at the tie breaker round but other than that pretty good!

You need to ad me right now then! The username is... wait for it...


Anfebious! I'll accept the invite in a couple of days when I get my hands on the Wii U!

1 day ago

Great! Gonna add you tomorrow, cause it's kinda late already. Here's to our glorious Smash battles!

*Also, just so you know that you're accepting the right friend request, my name on Wii U is.... Zisbest :P*

1 day ago

Perfect then! :D

1 day ago

< morenoingrato posted something on Anfebious's wall:


Really sorry.

There was a miscount last round and you and Mohasanie were tied. I think I'll need to do a tiebreaker round.

Really sorry about the confusion.

You are trying to make me lose moreno!!! I say we should burn you at the stake!!


Kidding! There is no problem dude, I won't get too far anyway! :P

1 day ago

Confidence level under 9000

1 day ago

< nunchuk28 posted something on Anfebious's wall:

I hope you have a Tea/Tristan Mii for Smash :P

Speaking of which, anyone you like using in the new one?

You just gave me the idea! I can't belive I hadn't thought of that before!

I love using Ness and Ganondorf! I always tend to use low tier characters in Smash games! How about you?

1 day ago

I'm not sure of how established the tiers in Smash 4 are yet, but I'm a bit all over the place. My favorite characters to play as are Robin, Greninja, Kirby and Ike and then I have a lot of secondaries I use quite a bit (albeit not as much as those 4).

1 day ago

Those are very good choices! Greninja is definitel high tier but the other 3 are probably low... Still they are interesting characters to fight against!

Say we should play Smash someday!

1 day ago

we could totally try, although I only have the 3DS version cause no money for WiiU unfortunately!

1 day ago

I have both versions so we can play the 3DS one! Besides my internet only works on the 3DS, on the Wii U it's laggy as hell.

Anyway I'll send you my friend code once I get my hands on the 3DS again!

1 day ago

< nunchuk28 posted something on Anfebious's wall:

-Enemies with resist almighty

I cri

Those are pretty common at the end game! You shouldn't have much problem if you are that far though, by that time you should have a good multi hit physical skill, just use those and you are set!

-Multi hit physicall skills
Enemies cri!

5 days ago

Lucifer resists everything in Nocturne though, that bastard. I need to rebuild my whole team cause only the demi-fiend has pierce :<

4 days ago

That fight is HARD. You need to have a good team and high level. But it's so satisfying to kill him! :D

4 days ago

hmmm, I'm not sure if I'm finding him so hard as much as long due to his humongous HP and resistances, but I didn't get to the point where he does evil root so! He does some scary damage with High King though. Out of curiosity, if you are doing so, which career are you studying?

4 days ago

Lucifer is always hard but that's because it's basically the only boss that requires a careful plan to beat. The others can be beaten with relative ease.

What a curious question! Are you searching for one by any chance? :P I am currently studying to be an Accountant but I don't plan on making it my only career!

4 days ago

I'd say Beelzebub is one I had to prepare for too, I had to go out my way to train a Loa so I could get debilitate against it! Other than that, maybe Baal Zebul can be annoying, and Matador is already known as an infamous noob trap (although I beat him at my 2nd try this time, figures).
I'm mostly curious, I'm already studying a career myself and trying to get a job out of it here (people are so picky with experience and stuff), although I have a friend studying for accountant in the south zone of Bs. As. :P

4 days ago

Yeah Matador is a bitch the first time you face him! The others you mentioned... I don't remeber but Beelzebub is always a tough opponent in the smt series!

Yeah getting a job isn't easy these days... Btw what career are you doing?

4 days ago

I'm aiming for a systems license (licenciatura en sistemas, was never sure how to translate that properly without saying engineering even though I'm technically no going for that degree), everyone expects too much from students at job applications!

4 days ago

That's a popular career these days! That's probably the reason why job applications are so picky with the experience. It's a cool career though and it was the one I had in mind before I choose accountancy.

4 days ago

it's pretty nice, overabundance of maths subjects asides! It makes you wonder though, how can people in their first year already have a job? It's a shame there doesn't seem to be many places that offer to train you through a part time job anymore, back when some family studied the career there were a lot more abundant

4 days ago

< vivster posted something on Anfebious's wall:

Ahhh beer with a touch of blood and tears from my sworn enemies. I love that kind of beer.

6 days ago

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VGChartz Greatest User Tournament 2014 - Stage 2 - Round 1

in Gaming Discussion 13 hours ago

3-Slarvax 2-Rol 1- Kirby This is where the rounds get really hard....

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resident evil remaster holds up really well.

in Gaming Discussion 17 hours ago

bubblegamer said:I love it. Love the new voice acting as well. No cheese this time. But darn it's hard lol There is absolutely no cheese? How disgusting, that doesn't sound like a proper RE game. I'm giving this remaster a thumbs down....

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Ultimate Pokemon Tournament: Generation 1 - Round 7a & 7b

in Nintendo Discussion 23 hours ago

Arbok Alakazam...


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