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    < Ka-pi96 posted something on Angelus's wall:

    If you're not a bunch of spineless cowards then prove me wrong. Re-open the mod thread.

    Mooncub is right. Just open it, Angelus, and become a hero.

    on 22 October 2018

    Miguel is working on a new mod thread. I don't know when exactly it'll be posted, but hopefully you won't have to wait too much longer for it. I actually spoke to him about it briefly the other day, but I'm sure he's a busy guy, so I can't tell you precisely when it's going to drop.

    Regardless, your hostile attitude is out of place, and counterproductive.

    on 22 October 2018

    < COKTOE posted something on Angelus's wall:

    Gah! I really wish you wouldn't have locked the OB thread. What an elaborate ruse. The details, my god the details that went into that alt. Would have been fun to talk about.

    Yes, I know everyone (including the mod team) would have delighted in seeing the reactions - of some people in particular - keep rolling in. There would have been some laughs at certain people's expense, that's for sure. Alas, somebody had to be the bad guy and lock it. Though if I hadn't, CGI would have done it not long after. Discord still got their licks in though.

    on 08 July 2018

    You low key wanted to smash, don't front Angie :)

    on 08 July 2018

    Don't worry Slade, so much of my schedule is devoted to smashing you, I hardly have the time to be running around smashing others.

    on 08 July 2018

    < Ka-pi96 posted something on Angelus's wall:

    Cherry = popped :O

    didn't take very long

    on 01 June 2018

    It means you've already done more as a mod than Slade ever did too!

    on 01 June 2018

    haha, well he's always been a scrub

    on 01 June 2018

    < BraLoD posted something on Angelus's wall:

    Time to issue an order that any anti LoD comment is instant permaban, so I can start to build my empire here!

    Long life to the Dragoon Empire!

    Haha, ya I'll make sure to bring that up at the first staff meeting

    on 31 May 2018

    Congratulations on the getting the stop bro, you are a nice lad.

    on 31 May 2018

    thanks, appreciate it

    on 31 May 2018

    < VGPolyglot posted something on Angelus's wall:

    Thanks for accepting!!

    Sure thing

    on 13 April 2018

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    Write 4764

    The Moderator Thread: New Poll!

    in Website Topics on 07 February 2019

    I don't think moderations should be taken off the record, personally. It's just an unnecessary bit of work for the mod team to keep track of something that ultimately isn't very meaningful. Those mild infractions one would consider for removal are going to be either so far in someone's past, or such a minor blip on the radar of that individuals moderation history, that it frankly shouldn't be...

    Write 54

    Will you be getting Anthem??

    in Gaming Discussion on 07 February 2019

    shikamaru317 said: Angelus said: That seems like an oddly specific thing to highlight as the key reason you're not getting a game. Certain mechanics, and features are simply not suited to certain types of games. We shouldn't put developers in a box, and tell them "hey, you've always made this style of game, and done X/Y/Z, so you better keep doing that forever or I won't buy your...

    Write 88

    Update: 25m Players Now: Apex Legends Has 10 Million Player and 1 Million Concurrent Players

    in Gaming Discussion on 07 February 2019

    I still don't quite understand the Battle Royal craze. Clearly it's still going strong though. Good for Respawn....


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