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    TemTem, New Pokemon Killer?

    in PC Discussion 2 days ago

    I'm sure it'll do well, but I don't see it killing Pokemon. ...

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    PS4/XBO/NS - 2019 vs 2020; Week 3 Numbers Posted!

    in Sales Discussion 2 days ago

    Bofferbrauer2 said: PAOerfulone said: PS4 and XB1 - That looks about right. NSW - No way in hell. It has a very good chance to be up YoY, but not THAT much. I expect all 3 to be a good chunk over the final numbers. I expect all 3 to be a good chunk under the final numbers. ...

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    Rumor: Proper Paper Mario on the way?! Oh and Metroid too!

    in Nintendo Discussion 6 days ago

    NightlyPoe said: I'm going to doubt this rumor. It's only been 3 years since Color Splash and it was a big flop. Why would Nintendo be in a rush to get a new game out the door? If paper Mario releases this year it will likely be closer to 4 years. Also colour splash wasn't a big flop, according to vgchartz it sold just a little under 900k, which for a late wii u title isn't terrible....

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    Global Hardware 11 January 2020

    in Latest Charts on 15 January 2020

    I'm pretty sure Amazon isn't tracking the switch correctly. According to Amazon the standard switch models aren't in the top 100. It's happened before where Amazon hasn't put the switch in the 100 videogame charts. ...

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    Pokemon Direct announced for January 9th 2020

    in Nintendo Discussion on 09 January 2020

    I haven't got the new games yet but this looks very solid, hopefully this kills off 3rd versions for good. ...

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    A Refreshing Take On Star Wars Ep9 and Trilogy

    in Movies Discussion on 25 December 2019

    Please no more star wars threads, I'm begging you. ...

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    The Rise of Skywalker was awesome - FIGHT ME! (spoiler free)

    in Movies Discussion on 25 December 2019

    Can we cool it with all the star wars threads. There's no reason for this to be a thread, you could have posted this any of the other threads about this film. ...

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    A Star Wars analysis of performance and reception

    in Movies Discussion on 23 December 2019

    I'd use IMDB for audience score over any other website, it has a much larger number of ratings than websites like metacritic and rotten tomatoes. The newest film has 2500 ratings on meta and 107,000 on IMDB. TLJ has 8400 on meta and 498,000 on IMDB. ...

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    The Netflix Witcher? *Spoiler tags*

    in Gaming Discussion on 21 December 2019

    On episode 4, so far this is not good at all. The only decent moment so far was a fight near the end of episode 1. ...

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    Star Wars Episode 9 currently the 3rd lowest reviewed movie in the series by critics

    in Movies Discussion on 21 December 2019

    It was awful, definitely the worst of the new trilogy by a very wide margin. The issues literally start from the first line of the opening crawl. How anyone can think this is better than TFA or TLJ is beyond me. ...

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    [Leaked!] PS5 devkit photo shows DualShock 5

    in Sony Discussion on 30 November 2019

    Sony please just make a good controller. ...

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    Pokemon Sw/Sh + Dual Edition sold 65% more than Let's go in the UK and more...

    in Sales Discussion on 18 November 2019

    Wyrdness said: Taken from global sales thread 09 November UK retail launch sales:> Pokemon X/Y: 125,000> Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire: 145,000> Pokemon Sun/Moon: 300,000> Pokemon Ultra Sun/Moon: 75,000> Pokemon Let's Go: 120,000> Pokemon Sword/Shield: 197,000 (if you count the double pack as 2 games)Fastest-selling Nintendo games of all time at retail in the UK:1....

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    Amazon U.S. November 2019 bestsellers and general Amazon-based discussion

    in Sales Discussion on 14 November 2019

    p0isonparadise said: [b][u]Pokemon Sword/Shield[/u][/b]#1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #16, #25 - Japan #1, #2, #3 - Canada#1, #2, #8, #21, #23 - USA#1, #2, #11 - Spain #1, #2, #12, #39, #44 - UK#1, #2, #33 - France#1, #2, #36 - Australia #1, #2 - Italy#1, #3, #42, #55, #62 - Germany#3, #4, #26 - Mexico [b][u]Switch[/u][/b]#4, #15, #60, #83 - Australia #6, #19, #22, #27, #34, #95 - Mexico#8,...

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    To Hideo or not to Hideo? That is the Kojima. [Death Stranding disscussion]

    in Gaming Discussion on 09 November 2019

    I'm enjoying it so far, although I understand why reviews are on extreme ends of the spectrum. ...

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    Death Stranding Review Thread - MC: 82 / OC: 83 / GR: 83.17%

    in Sony Discussion on 02 November 2019

    A game should never be described as boring or tedious. Regardless of how slow something is, it should alway be engrossing and interesting. I agree that a game doesn't necessarily need to be fun to be good, but it should always be engaging. ...

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    Death Stranding Review Thread - MC: 82 / OC: 83 / GR: 83.17%

    in Sony Discussion on 02 November 2019

    Keiji said: LGBTDBZBBQ said: Dull gameplay and you just gave it 9. I really hate this kind of reviewer, Gameplay should've been the number one priority for any game. Gameplay > Story and other BS stuff You are not smart enough to get it. I'm not sure if this reply is a joke or not ...

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    Death Stranding Review Thread - MC: 82 / OC: 83 / GR: 83.17%

    in Sony Discussion on 01 November 2019

    Some Sony fans really need to come back to reality. Three guys in particular are just incapable of understanding that not everyone thinks all of Sony's game are 10/10 perfect masterpieces. The bias is just on a whole other level here. ...

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    Death Stranding Review Thread - MC: 82 / OC: 83 / GR: 83.17%

    in Sony Discussion on 01 November 2019

    I'm not surprised reviews for this are divisive, it's alway looked like a game that was going to split opinion. ...

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    Death Stranding Review Thread - MC: 82 / OC: 83 / GR: 83.17%

    in Sony Discussion on 01 November 2019

    colafitte said: Why i'm not surprised a PS game is being trashed and nitpicked by American media again??? Really, just look the american scores compared to the european ones. How many of these scores are just click-baity just because it's a PS4 exclusive?? Media reviews are broken if we don't use the same standars for each game. A niche indie game that nobody cares can score plus 90+, a...

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    Nintendo's game output is improving but still pathetic compared to Wii/DS era

    in Nintendo Discussion on 04 October 2019

    I think the output on switch has been much better than the wii/ds in terms of quality and scope ...

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