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Hello, I enjoy, like many of you, voting on who I thought won each E3. I also think it would be fun to have an ongoing leaderboard thread for E3’s (this one and all the past ones). To that end, I’m going to be updating this thread regularly by having votes on various E3’s from the past. I will start with the very first one, outlying games shown by each company. If you’d like to vote that would be great! I will plan on changing out which E3 we are voting on every so often after enough people have voted.

I am starting with the first and will work my way towards the more modern ones. I’ll be including every major presenter, not just the big three. For simplicity and speed, I will be using other resources, such as WIKI, in order to list off things that were shown/unveiled/announced. Also, since the poll limits me to 10 choices, I will have to cut out some presentations. I will try to focus on studios that announced games that were less significant, historically, or on systems that were short-lived.

This is now the main hub/thread for tracking total results.

E3 1996 Thread
E3 1997 Thread

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