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For website complaints/bugs/suggestions too small and insignificant to warrant their own thread.

Here's mine: When posting on somebody's wall, the £ and € symbols show up as question marks inside diamonds. Could you fix this?

And also, could we have the "Games" button on the top bar back, please?

Sorry Kantor, I'm gonna hijack your thread and keep the list of items updated, here at the top of the thread:

Items fixed:

1) Strange characters appearing on walls and in comment display when using characters like £ and € - this is related to anything 'ajax' on the site. Fix has been implemented awhile ago, but needs to be continually applied on an 'as discovered' basis.

2) Active IM user total added to top right online member count

3) Ability to adjust forum times to current timezone - you can go to 'edit profile' and find the drop-down box allowing you to adjust the posting times in the forums. Various other areas on the site will need to be adjusted to correct this, but for now - at least the forums are straight.

4) Hide 'signature' when utilizing 'view post' feature if sigs have been disabled - this has been corrected

5) Codes/Tags/Ids will not display on your profile page if you haven't added any codes

6) Game Collection stats will not display on your profile if you haven't added any games

7) Pictures in albums will display 'title' underneath picture

8) Adjusted headings on the 'board view' page

9) Added the ability to 'hide' your profile - you can go to 'edit profile' and find the drop-down box allowing you to adjust profile access. Set it to 'Everyone', 'Registered Users', 'Friends', or 'Nobody'

10) You can sort profile lookups by 'post count'

11) Corrected the counts on this page when searching for users

12) Updated Sony 'Trophy' images to more official pictures

13) Shuffled things around in Edit Profile to make things a litte more 'logical'

14) Fixed bug on profile lookup so it returns the correct number of matches found

15) Added 'tool tips' to long titles under Hot Topics on front page

16) Added drop-down to game collection pages to filter by console

17) Fixed error on 'my games' page with no boxart games

18) Fixed long comments 'breaking' user wall

19) Added an 'edit' checkbox to the 'my games' display in the profiles to decrease loading time on that page

20) Added 'tool tip' to Hot Topics menu in forums which will display number of 'new' posts if applicable

21) 'Page' the related news articles on game page

22) Default 'release date' year to current year

23) Linked the 'system tags' that display in forums to take you directly to user's game collection

24) 'recent posts' in profile allows for filtering by posts created by user

25) Fixed coloring for boxart, screenshot, and photo uploads so text in field displays

26) Upped Prediction League allowed sales range

27) Fixed 'view counting' on User Reviews

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