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Wyrdness said:

The autumn one is quite pretty

super_etecoon said:

oh it is a countdown! LOL duh


72 HOURS Days Remain

Still so long to wait...

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StarCraft and Fallout 4 currently.

Me trying to write reviews:
Octopath Traveler

Amazon thread

Marth said:
Still so long to wait...

Have you tried going into settings and advancing the clock?

Do we think AC will get its own direct in February or March?

Still impressed by how great the game looks, easily stands next to the best Switch games graphically. This jump is reminiscent of the jump to MK8. I'm really hoping the music see's a similar upgrade.

So this can be made into official thread or should I attempt to res my thread? I want official ac thread least updated decently and way to share Nintendo IDs. I'm willing to try but let's see. I mean I put some semi effort into thread before any info came out about it talking about shit I'd like to see in game.