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Forums - Sales Discussion - Analysts predict 2007, Pachter 'disappointed' in Xbox 360

I love the x-360 I own one, but I do understand its problem, what they have done wrong is miss entire markets for games, if you like shooters you have a million to choose from but what about RPGs? traditional or action based? What about fighting games? You only have DOA. What about Platformers, and strategy games? They hardly have any niche titles out there at all, that's why Gears of War is failing to push sales of the system, and so will Halo 3, everyone who is buying those titles already owned the system and probably bought splinter cell, Rainbow six, FEAR, Perfect Dark, and others. it honestly feels like it soley caters to shooters and racing games(with sports too). And even that's a hard market since they have to compete with the PC counterparts. Blue dragon, Mass Effect, Alan Wake, are all a step in the right direction, I can't wait for some news on a new Soul Calibur too. I feel next year will be a big year for the 360 to spread it's wings so here's to 2007!! (plus Assassin's Creed and Crackdown look amazing!)

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I agree. The 360's biggest problem is breadth of titles. They need to invest in some specific genres more to beef them up. That said, I personally think Xbox360 will do better than PS3 in the long term...

Very nicely put. Couldn't have said it better than myself. But yes 360 is an amazing console with a good slate of huge titles coming out yet all those titles only support a percentage of gamers. None of their big titles together support the majority of gamers. I mean my bro has a 360 and I buy games to play on it and I'm a big action adventure fan, survival horror fan, ect and really I feel left out. I mean I got Condemned and Oblivion and that's really about it. I like shooters too but you know you don't need millions to be happy. I'll take a Call of Duty and a Gears but really that's all ya need. So let's hope in 2007 with games like Alan Wake and Mass Effect that it'll get better but I'm just wondering if it's already too late. I mean will those games even sale to the gamers on the 360 which is very limiting. Going to be some rough times but we'll see. By the way since I'm new on these forums I'm a NIntendo fanboy haha who also likes Xlive alot so yea.

Zucas said: By the way since I'm new on these forums I'm a NIntendo fanboy haha who also likes Xlive alot so yea.
Well that would make you no longer a Nintendo fan boy. I was once but now I buy all consoles except PSP (so far) & PC of coarse.

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Hey guys, I'm new here too. I too own a 360, but I agree that while they have a good selection, it's the fact that you don't get really unique titles. Viva Pinata was a nice surprise though...I'd like to see more RPGs and niche games out of them. Yeah, people just aren't picking them up...I attribute this to 2 things 1) NPD numbers are going to look bias for the two consoles, Xbox vs. Xbox 360 because Xbox sold 1.4 million at it's launch and 360 was in short supply and basically only sold 600k. Overall on a month by month basis 360 has outsold Xbox original every month except 2, if you consider the 2 time frames... 2) They launched a new console 4 years after the last console. That is completely unfair to original consumers, a console life should span at least 5 years and really 6 is the optimal. And as of now, they have basically quit supporting the first console, less than a year after the new one is out...what about people who are original box fans that can't afford to get a new system yet?? IMO they should have waited 1 year to launch with the other know how good they would have looked? They would have had a huge supply in comparison where as both Wii and PS3 are in short supply at the moment...

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Wow.  You didn't need a shovel to dig this thread up, you used a back hoe.

Holy shit! this is the biggest necro bump ever lol

on topic though,this is really interesting!It seems that before PS3's price announcement people weren't buying X360(they were like waiting for PS3) Then the 599 came out and people started to buy it.

BraLoD said:
Wow, what a necrobump, 2006?

And an ioi thread no less.

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