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I've just finished Apollo Justice, and it was generally a very enjoyable game like all the Ace Attorney games, I'd rank it above Justice for All, at least.


*some spoilers*

The thing is, I think it did almost everything right, the characters were very good, the cases were interesting etc. It suffered from the usual problem of sometimes needing to present evidence at somewhat arbitrary statements, but not as badly as Justice for All, and I didn't like Wright's change in ethics (or Trucy's completely unnecessary and unethical antics), but Klavier Gavin is the first prosecutor since Edgeworth that I didn't find grating and characters in general were great. The body language stuff was a much better mechanic than the magetama, too.


What really brought the game down though was the very large number of glaring plot holes. Plot holes in most games and stories are usually not that big a deal, but in Ace Attorney the game is all about pointing out inconsistencies! If you've spotted an inconsistency that the game does not acknowledge it can really take the fun out of the game as you try to point it out with evidence. I know all of the Ace Attorney games have had some plot holes scattered throughout the games, wether from poor design or from information lost in translation, but Apollo Justice takes it to a whole new level. There are so many glaring plot holes especially in the third and fourth cases that it does seem the game was rushed along at some point.


Before this I was quite excited for the Miles Edgeworth game, but my enthusiasm has now been dampened if the game is going to have this many plot holes. Especially since it seems the stuff that's been made more recently has the most of them (the bonus case in the first game and Apollo Justice overall).

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I hated the body language and the magetama. I thought the first game had it right. 3 day cases, 3 day investigations. I really got tired of the Pysch-Lock system. I thought it was unnecessary and slowed down the gameplay.