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Love mine.

It's the build quality that I value the most.

The keyboard on my Vaio (CR41Z/R) is the best I've ever had the good pleasure of typing on. Dreamy tactile response.

Red lid too, so it looks the business. :P

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Ive owned 3 HPs, and I have a Vaio laptop that is 6 years old. PCs are all pretty much the same. Find one that has the processing power you want and then find the cheapest one

I'm using a 24" iMac. The extra money is more than worth the headaches of owning a PC.

i recommend toshiba. just as well built but cheaper.

VAIOs are good, but like others have stated, they're overpriced.

If you're working with a budget, HP or Dell are less costly, quality alternatives.

I have 2 Vaio, both dead. Take this part however as only anecdotal. My friend works as a computer IT. The biggest stack of dead laptops he has is the Viao. By his accounts the stack is 3 times bigger than that miscellaneous stack. Would I suggest a Vaio. No. I however have heard good things from people who own a Vaio less than a year though.

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nofingershaha said:
i recommend toshiba. just as well built but cheaper.

Do not listen to this guy!

i owned 3 toshiba's , and im now using one too (Satellite A-200 ) , its not build as well as a Vaio

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