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Which is a better way to play the most games for the least amount of money, membership with Gamefly or buying/selling used games at Gamestop?

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I'd guess Gamefly.

Though I don't use it. I like building up a games collection. Playing games is the one thing I can keep redoing.

Ones I like, ones i dislike, I always seem to go back to them all.

I'd probably be playing my Balley Astrocade right now if it wasn't back at my parents house.

If i could figure out how to hook the think up to an LCD....

I'm just here for the chick.

Depends on your priorities, I suppose. Do you have to have new games on release day? Do you care at all about keeping some games you really like? Do you care more about quality or quantity?

 Personally, I stick to Amazon. I usually wait until a game I really want is in the $40-$30 range, or even less if it's something I can be patient about. Buying from GameFly sales is also good. A lot of times, if you're quick, you can get a good price by selling back to Amazon. I broke even on Dead Space 2, Gran Turismo 5, and Killzone 3, then actually made money on selling Assassin's Creed 3.

Edit: Oh, and Gamestop usually has horrible prices on used games.  The one and only time I bought a used game from Gamestop, I came home and found it $10 cheaper, brand new, online.  Also, of all threads to necro, why this one?

Wander_ said:
I'm just here for the chick.

Probably gamefly.  

Gamefly is 8.25 for one game out at a time.  

That means it costs $99 a year.  Games that are used sometimes costs $55 depending on how old the game is.  When you sell it back to them you will only get around $25.  That means you paid $30 for the game.  3 games and then you are at 90.  1 game out at a time depending on how long you have the game you could get anywhere from 12-50 games a year for $99