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i odnt get on the net when im drunk.

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Fake drunk is FAKE (and attenton seeking)


makingmusic476 said:
Who gets trashed on a Sunday night? o_0


Onyxmeth said:

Why does getting drunk make you write "me" when you mean to write "I"? I think people try too hard to seem more trashed than they really are.


Seece said:
Fake drunk is FAKE (and attenton seeking)



Stop it! You're making us real drunks look bad!

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I half expected the OP to type his own drunken sound effects to further illustrate how drunk he was. ie: *hic*/*burp*

mZuzek loves Smeags. 😢

Btw do you see how far "n" is from "t" on keyboard ?
This means that swapping them in "to/no" is very improbable unless done intentionally :D


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Gilgamesh said:

^You guys all don't know how it works at all. You go out get drunk then when you get home (since I'm obseesed with VG Chartz I always have to check it before I go pass out somewhere) and then post. It's simple mathematics.

@Onyxmeth, Maybe he's Irish?

Gilgamesh I expected you to be in here somewhere, but not sober , Im just kidding

@whats his face i cant be bothered to check the one who said who gets drunk on a sunday?

Plenty of people go to the pub on sunday its not uncommon.

Haha very good

I'll do a signature later

makingmusic476 said:
Who gets trashed on a Sunday night? o_0

People who work Tuesday - Saturday? 

why doesn't get drunk on a sunday? they they i dont drink im probably dead

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EDIT: Pressed post without writing first lol.

Being drunk on VGC is hilarious because people take you seriously when 90% of the time you're just fucking with them.