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What they said. You really only need to edit posts if they're extremely vulgar or obscene.

If they're just being jerks, you may as well leave it up. Or if it's constant spam, delete them, but leave a note saying "post edited by MontanaHatchet."

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Ohh, you guys are no fun.





sorry to say this, but you guys need to seriously have a "moderator rights and responsibilities" handbook. I'm not going to say any names, but some of the things that have been done by mods are really overstepping the purpose of your jobs. since ben has already lad out the rules then I'm sure it will end here, and I hope with time you realise that your job is to ban people who are being vulgar or breaking the rules of the site and not to be jerks with power.

So let's see some proper modding. Warn people by private message, don't edit posts just because someone disagrees with you, and leave a note if you do. No need to show everyone what a big bad boy you are, just because your name is in red.

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This post was edited by MontanaHatchet to make me look like a fool!

fkusumot said:

This post was edited by MontanaHatchet to make me look like a fool!

 sure it was..

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