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Forums - Website Topics - New mod - ssj12!?

This isn't appropriate for the forum. If you have a problem take it up with ioi. Warning #1.

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RolStoppable said:
Keep in mind, it could be worse. I could be a mod.

You know what would be worse than that?


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honestly im quite shocked too but I offered to help clean up the game database and post PC and political gaming news. I might also do some PS3 news here and there but mainly PC and political stuff.

I need to post a new thread now on what I want you guys to do to make things easier then going through 100000 games even though I'm going to start.

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I think you give ioi too little credit. I seriously doubt he made ssj12 a mod just because ssj12 wanted to be one.


Meh. Every mod has console preferences. And until every post with "I think the Wii is a good console" is mysteriously censored, there's no reason to raise alarms.

Also, gratz ssj12.

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One of the gems posted by ssj12:

"ever think maybe they are going to have a version with a 65nm RSX and Cell? I'm seriously starting to hate this site..half of you dont even understand how technology works. You probably don't even know a 4 terabyte HDD is going to be released soon. Morons."

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