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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Is 2010 too good to be true?...What do you say?

As of now, next year seems shaped up to be a very very special year for gamers



Splinter Cell:Conviction

God of War 3

Mass Effect 2

Mario Galaxy 2

Heavy Rain

Alan Wake

Last Guardian


Metroid Other M

New Castlevania (hope still remains for it to be good :/)

Bioshock 2

Zelda Wii????....PLEASE!!!

Lots of others...


Man, when was the last time you saw (again, if everything works out well) God of War, Mario, Metroid, new Team Ico game, Mass Effect, Final Fantasy, and possibly a new Zelda...ALL IN THE SAME YEAR?....IS IT TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE?

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I personally do not expect all of these games + some more you forgot to mention that is also set for early 2010 are going to release days or weeks apart from each other it will destroy each other sales.

I hope so. The last 2 years were excelent and 2010 seems quite good. I´m looking forward to bioshock 2, splinter cell,  god of war 3, heavy rain, the last guardian and bayonetta from your list.

Just the releases in Q1 are insane, let alone all of 2010.

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And another MGS, though it's just a spin-off. Looks like an amazing year.


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Golden Sun :D

Damn fine year. Crackdown 2, Diablo 3, Starcraft 2, and Halo Reach as well.

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I am sure there will be delays and games will be moved...

Last Guardian, Crackdown 2, MGS Rising, God of War III are all excellent candidates to move to 2011...

NeoRatt said:
I am sure there will be delays and games will be moved...

Last Guardian, Crackdown 2, MGS Rising, God of War III are all excellent candidates to move to 2011...



You meant an yet unconfirmed Gears of War 3?