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Forums - General Discussion - Show your true face!!!

^^ You should still do that, would raise some eyebrows, I look pretty much like the dude myself but I would need a pic of me with my beard more like his and with sunglasses... ok I´m somewhat heavier than the dude I´ll admit that but you faces and minds are very alike.




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gamingdevil said:
Off-topic: Jesus NightStalker you play LocoRoco on the PS3? I couldn't stand the game for more like 2 minutes :|

On topic: I guess there's no need for me to post a pic since i'm an old member! :D:D
Lol. Well I actually haven't played it in a while. I've been focused on RE4. It can be fun, though. Especially, when you're under the influence of something =P 


Should I show who the guy behind the PSP is ... naaaah , I wont , maybe tomorrow ... a little tip : I dont look like the people from my avatar :P

Vote the Mayor for Mayor!

Hey i saw this thread long ago. Here is it

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Also there's picture of a lot of people who used to be here. ioi's posted some pictures

This is fairly close to what I look like-

mine is in my profile

 This is me at Download Festival this year in June Dressed up in a Pilot Jumpsuit (gotta love army surplus tents!) ready to declare war on other campsites in the name of rock!


Shido said:

That was on my trip to Canada.

This is my kick, too bad I closed my eyes.. Now you know why I will kick your ass.


Won't kick mine! I'm miiiiiiiiiles away!! Cool picture though!