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hatmoza 2.0 said:
Do you know how many muscles it takes to smile?! neither.

about 13-16

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But I think the manwoman in Heavy Rain has a sexy mouth.

Our brains are equipped to recognise faces extremely well. It's the most important social thing we do in terms of biology. Our brain can ignore or substitute other things that look fake, such as video game scenery, but we instantly react to faces which aren't right.

The only way around it (since brute force processing alone can never get a human face lifelike and detailed) is to scan in faces in 3D from real people.

Slimebeast said:
But I think the manwoman in Heavy Rain has a sexy mouth.

"Manwoman"... ha, but it's the teeth that get you.

And again, I am NOT saying that Valve didn't do a good job.  They did a GREAT job - with what they had.  There just isn't enough processing power to do more.... yet.  Remember, I agree that all of the games we are discussing are impressive, just pointing out what strikes me as the biggest issue, and discussing it.

@ Soleron... yes, that makes sense (as we are social creatures) thanks!