Forums - Microsoft Discussion - I Now Firmly Beleive MGS4 Will Come To 360

yeah 2 years after the release

it will sell like 10k copy ....

Time to Work !

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It would have been announced.

PS3-Xbox360 gap : 1.5 millions and going up in PS3 favor !

PS3-Wii gap : 20 millions and going down !

Announced at TGS

The real question is why did they not announce it along with MGS:Rising if it were true?

The two combined would have been a huge megaton for Microsoft's press conference this year.

So he is making a MGS4 for 360 officially.
What would it take to convert 4 in the process?





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men MGS4 is in the past let it go, be glad that rising is coming to the 360

reask said:

After todays announcement at E3 it is only logical.

I mean why will it not come to 360 now?

Dude.....drop it. MGS4 isn't coming to the 360 for the same reason Dead Rising one was never ported to the PS3. Or why MadWorld won't be on either HD console. Leave it alone