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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Suda 51's Flower, Sun, and Rain, DS


It's a remake of a PS2 game and it's coming to the US this june

Oh and anyone who wants to complain about's a Suda 51 game.


Anyway I look forward to this.

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Actually they're remaking THREE old Suda51 games for the DS and releasing all 3 in the U.S.

The Silver Case (PS1, 1999)
Flower, Sun, and Rain (PS2, 2001)
The Silver Case 25 Ward (i-mode and Yahoo! Keitai, 2005)

All 3 games were only released in Japan before. A PS1 game, a PS2 game, and a Japanese cell-phone game.

I was just reading about all 3 of these on Wikipedia to find out what the hell they are. Good to know that one's coming out in June and already has a trailer though! Woohoo! Suda51 DS overload!!!

3 Suda 51 games coming to the DS? This is aswesome XD

Wait... I got this game.. for the DS.. isn't it released in the US yet? Cause I got it like last december....
and no.. it isn't good...


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Uggly as hell... But color me interested. :)

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