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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Which console do you own? PS3, Wii or Xbox 360?



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I only have a Wii.. and will get an Xbox360 only if I come into a lot of money soon.. which is unlikely.


I also own a DS fwiw.


Wii !!!

Ps3. :)

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Wii and 360




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I own two xbox 360s one is in california with my brother the other is here with me in the philippines. I won't buy a ps3 cause i don't like the games on it and i won't buy a wii cause i pulled a muscle while playing on my cousin's wii.

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Wii, but I'm looking forward to getting a 360 in the near future.

wii only at the moment, when the PS3 has its killer games ill buy one. Doubt ill ever buy a 360, i dont like american games very much and i play FPS on my PC.

Wii + PS3 FTW! Oh and possibly Xbox 360 later on. Btw why aren't you including handhelds? In fact, why is it no one talks about handhelds. It's always consoles this, consoles that.

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