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I use firefox 3.5. Safari is fastest.

consoles i own ps12 gba ds gc wii

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Firefox with vimperator.

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I'll join that small group that uses IE exclusively. I've heard a lot of people try to tell me that IE is broken, yet I've never had a problem with it, seen a broken page, or anything of the sort since IE3. I'm presently in IE8, and will not use another browser if possible. That said, I do use Opera on the Wii, and also use Safari whenever I need to use a Mac.

But, why, some might ask, won't I use another one? I've tried Opera in the past, and I didn't particularly care for how it organized things. Netscape always felt clunky, and the sheer militaristic attitudes of many Firefox users mean that I refuse to use it in any case. Here's a hint for those Firefox idiots: sell people on the features. Don't tell others that we're wrong for using what we currently use. You don't gain any points that way. (Disclaimer: I am not calling Firefox users idiots. The idiots are the ones who try to shove it down everyone else's throats, without consideration for their needs.)


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Firefox seems to be the most popular as for now.I actually used to be a internet explorer user but it keep on freezing and so I consider Firefox a more reliable browser.

On my mac I use firefox with a bjillion add-ons. On my windows lappy I use Chrome. I think Chrome is winning my heart

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Google Chrome

ie, or firefox


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Opera, though I'm really itching to give chrome a try.

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I'm IE8 all the way... half the problem is FF works like shit in Windows 7... it crashes more than Windows 98(pre SE)