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I'm sure I'm not the only one here who saw the horrible looking screen shots of Ghost Squad, and immediately dismissed it as a quick cash-in by Sega. Kotaku has a trailer up, and it actually look pretty fun, with classic lightgun action, cool unlockables, crazy four player action, and apparently quite a few missions to fool around with.

The graphics don't great by any means, but the game looks a lot better in motion. Has something of a classic image due to looking like the old Time Crisis games. =P

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Nice commercial. Especially the Panda suit and the bikini girls were highlights. The graphics are looking like Time Crisis/Silent Scope indead, but it looks action packed and full with options. The most positive is that the Zapper looks actually fun to play with. Not bad to have around when friends are coming over. 

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The Zapper looks like it's supposed to emulate an MP5 or similar machine pistol type weapon, rather than a hand gun. I'll give it a shot since it comes with RE:UC, but will probably stick with just the remote.

Pretty good and I will probably buy it. The only uncomfortable part of the entire trailer for me was when the four players are all holding up their fists in the air. They had them holding their fists for what seemed like an eternity. Horrible editing!

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Supposedly the game was well rated and received in Japanese arcades. The graphics were not it's strong point but it played great and had unique aspects to that made it stand out. Looks like it's translating well to Wii.

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4 player is nice...but wait, the Zapper comes with RE:UC? I was not aware...

These two games I'd love to play, but not spend $50 each for...they'll probably each get Perhaps I'll buy the better game...RE:UC could shape up well in the end...a well-rounded RE shooter, or a 4 player shooter...can't decide yet.

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I've thrown more than a couple dollars into Ghost Squad at my local arcade. It's pretty fun. There's a broad selection of weapons which you can choose from the start to suit your playstyle (Such as the high-calibre pistol which can shoot through walls or the shotgun which easily hits enemies... and innocents) and branching mission paths.

I enjoyed it much more than Time Crisis 4, which is a rail shooter that desperately wants to be an FPS. It just doesn't work.

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