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I personally like him i think he is a great speaker and truly great politician (im talking about his skills) but i think he is a bit of a populist guy who just played on a difficult situation of the country and very unpopular administration, he told people what they wanted to hear, and continues to do so.

I also believe that he promissed a lot to the people, and its going to be hard to deliver all those promises of Change.

Also as a neo-liberal i really dislike his talk about increasing the role of government and raising taxes

Time will tell. He has a chance (majority) and popularity to deliver his promises

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I like him a lot. He is a fucked up president with no business being in in the White-house, but I would party with him :)

P.S. I am American, so I didn't vote

I'm indifferent.

Most Europeans will like him because he's a Socialist Democrat. Something most Americans that voted for him failed to realize until AFTER they put him in office.

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He does a good talk but not so sure if it is all just rhetoric.
But so far he seems OK.





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I like him.

sparkit34 said:

I think you underestimate Europeans and their grasp of international politics. I wouldn't be surprised if Europeans know more about Obama that most Americans do. I think Obama embraces a lot of the political ideas he sees around the world, so a lot of foreigners understand his policies better than most Americans do, having experienced the benefits of their impact.

I honestly also do not know how Obama can mess up the USA more than it has been messed up in the last 8 years. To go from a nation that most people admired, to one most nations mock shows just how much impact one man can have on a whole society.

When all American tourists start saying they are from Canada, then you know something is going wrong. So just the fact that most American tourist no longer deny being from the states means Obama must be doing something right.


except thats not true at all.  most people disliked and still dislike the US.

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Europeans can identify with Obama faster then they could ever with Bush or McCain. I'd say that the majority likes him, and the reactions from the countries he visits seems to support this. I stand behind him at least.

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Bah, us Kiwis should be able to vote.

We're the most European country not in Europe =P

I just voted in the poll, and I'm American.

Broken system?